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Your Morning Dump… Where Rick Pitino is vouching for Terrence Williams

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“You know, I had a great experience with him,” Pitino told the Herald in a phone interview. “He spent four years with me, and I had a really wonderful experience. He was the type of young man that whatever I asked him to do, he did.

“He was really low maintenance for me to coach. And I was surprised that I heard different in New Jersey. You know, if I asked him to not shoot and go out and get me 15 rebounds create eight or nine assists, whatever I asked him to do, he did. And it was that way for four years. He was a pleasure to coach.”

“He’s not going to give anybody any trouble; I know that,” Pitino said. “I mean, he’s learned from going to China. He’s matured. And like a lot of these guys, he’s had a tough background. He never had a whole lot of hugs growing up in his life. But I really do think it’ll work out this time, and somebody’s going to get a real good basketball player who’s all about winning, and that’s what really the Celtics are all about, so I think he’ll fit in great.”

Herald – Pitino: Terrence Williams a good fit for Celtics

Rick Pitino hasn’t been right about much regarding NBA basketball, so we should take his words about Terrence Williams with a grain of salt.

Williams has cooled off since his effective performance (9 points, 4 assists, 4 rebounds) vs Phoenix. He logged 7 quiet minutes against Portland and didn’t play at all in Utah.

It appears Doc Rivers is going with Jordan Crawford as the 4th guard, but I’m confident we’ll see more of Williams.

As for Pitino’s feelings for the organization he destroyed:

“I don’t follow it as much anymore, but I root for the Celtics,” Pitino said. “Celtics fans might not believe that, but I do. Any time I see them in the playoffs, I’m rooting for them.”

Thanks for nothing, Rick. Yes, I’m still bitter.

ESPN Boston’s Chris Forsberg sheds light on Courtney Lee’s great play in February:

Lee’s February averages of 28.2 minutes, 10.3 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.6 assists were all higher than those of any other month this season, as were his overall field goal percentage (47.2) and 3-point field goal percentage (41.4 — the first time he’s eclipsed the 40 percent mark for an entire month).

Lee also finished February with his second-highest monthly usage rate of the season (16.5), but didn’t settle for simply scoring points on his own. According to, he finished the month with an assist percentage (the percentage of teammates’ field goals a player assists on when he’s on the floor) of 14.5 percent, good for his second-highest monthly figure of the season. By comparison, Lee’s season-long assist percentage is 11.2 percent.

Lee is one of many Celtics who stepped up their game this month. The C’s went 8-4 despite a grueling 5 game in 7 night West coast road trip.

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  • Raoul

    Try this line-up coming into the 4th with the C’s trailing. 1. T-Will, 2. Crawford, 3. Lee, 4. Pierce, 5. KG. I figure we get 5 Assists, 15 Points, 5 Rebounds, and 2 Steals in a 4-min stretch, holding the opposing team with a 15-0 run to start the quarter.

    • Mr. Peach

      You are a complete idiot!

      • Raoul

        Very enlightening comment, Princess Peach

  • CoachBo

    Rick Pitino commenting on the state of the Celtics is a little like John Dillinger commenting on the FDIC.

  • Brett Szabo

    I like T-Wills game better than Crawfords, Crawford is sporadic. I think with a little more experience and leadership and coaching from Doc, Terry, Pierce, and Garnett he can be our number 1 backup next year. Its hard to find a player with his court vision, strength, ability to shoot and defend.

    I was dissapointed not seeing him in the Jazz game. I don’t trust Pitino…. obviously, im speaking purely on skill set

  • Curt

    The best line up for the 4th quarter would be TWill, Bradley, Lee, Green, Pierce, and Garnett.

    They’d be unstoppable.

    • Frank A

      Because that’s 6 guys you put on the floor. They should be unstoppable

      • Bball jenky

        6 guys is a great strategy. Fire doc and let this guy run the show. Or put 7 guys out there.

    • Celtics ny

      Lmao idiot

      • Frank A

        Lol it’s too funny. He is an idiot.

    • heirplain

      Understand what you meant…Williams won’t crack late game minutes yet