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Video: Steph Curry drops 54 on the Knicks

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 28, 2013 Around the NBA 3 Comments on Video: Steph Curry drops 54 on the Knicks

If you missed Steph Curry last night, you missed one of the NBA’s all-time great shooting exhibitions.  Curry shot 18 of 28 from the field, including in insane 11 of 13 from 3.

That “Phantom” video from the NBA gives you a nice look at the prettiest jumper in the NBA.  It’s absolutely perfect form.   And last, there was almost nothing the Knicks could do to stop it… which had Doc Rivers in awe. 

“That was special to watch,” Rivers said, adding: “Some of the shots he was making were spectacular. … The way he shot the ball and the shots he got — he’s just a great shooter. He’s the best shooter in our league.”

Of course, Curry’s huge night comes with a huge “BUT…” because the Warriors lost.  I’d gladly argue that Tyson Chandler’s 28 rebounds were just as impressive, especially since 10 of those were offensive rebounds.  He also had many more un-counted tap-backs that essentially won the game for the Knicks.

I know damn well that watching someone drill 11 of 13 threes is a shitload of fun and watching some big dude grab missed shots really isn’t.  And Curry in town tomorrow night.  

So we hope Steph had some fun… because the pit bulls have a message for him.

Chances are he wasn’t going to score 54 anyway.  But he HAS scored 92 points over his past 2 games.  So the C’s D has its work cut out for them.

Personally…. I can’t wait for the Bradley/Curry match up.  You know both guys are going to be amped up for this one.  Should be fun.

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