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Pierce: Neck pain may never go away

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 28, 2013 Celtics News, Injuries, Paul Pierce 10 Comments on Pierce: Neck pain may never go away

We recently learned that Paul Pierce is playing through neck pain, but no one realized how bad it was until today.

“I probably won’t be fully recovered from it until the season is over, if I ever do,” Pierce said. “I probably have a little bit of nerve damage in my back, part of my neck. It’s something that I’ve been playing through over the last several months. I’m about as healthy as I’m probably going to be in the regular season right now.”

Pierce had that issue with stingers a couple of years ago, and it looks like that problem is back… or at least something similar.  If there’s nothing he can do about it… then all he can do is gut it out and deal with it.

That type of injury isn’t comfortable at all, and I’m sure it’s at least a contributing factor to some of his struggles, especially if he gets hit during a shooting motion.  Pierce is a durable guy, though, rarely missing any time over the course of his career due to injury (knock on wood) so he’ll just push through.

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  • Celtic Geezer

    Someone needs to tell Paul to try accupuncture with electric stimulation. It works like a charm on a pinched nerve in the neck.

  • Tyler

    Time to make a trade for young stars and draft picks. time to rebuild for the future. Think ahead, not behind.

    • Mark Wahlberg

      Hey dummy, the trading deadline was a week ago.

    • KGino

      maybe.. maybe not.. maybe **** yourself.

    • Hooshang

      A person we love is in pain and you are talking about trade???? How insesitive can you get?

  • ShawnCVD

    When your a tough out in a 7 game series , like many in the Celtics organization believe them to be , you don’t trade unless proper value is given in return. Giving up this season will not expedite the rebuilding process significantly. So enjoy the ride…

    • RedsLoveChild

      A “tough out” is still an “out”.

      Summer of 2013 will be interesting…that`s when we`ll see plenty of chAINGE.

  • Jessh Shuttleworth

    “a pain in his neck” lol. Seriously ? You know what the “pain in his neck is ?” It’s a pain in the neck playin with just K.G. and a bunch of interchaingalbe parts until Rondo comes back we hopefully can add his buddy Josh Smith who is a free agent next year to take some burden off these two *KG, PP* Rondo, Bradley, Paul, Josh Smith, KG…how is that for a starting 5 next year? Love to see KG and Smith team up on Lebron and Wade 🙂 That 5 would make for a good start and a championship contender, nobody want’s Dwight Howard, I’ll take him, but we need a substitute free throw shooter for him , lmao, I’d take Josh Smith any day over Howard. Go Celtics, like Tom Brady, KG is gonna run this ship for awhile, and possibly to another championship, if we add the right guys (josh smith) next season.

    • boston2343

      Kevin Love is better than Josh, I would love to see the 2 Kevin’s together in Boston

    • Nbr1celticsfan

      I don’t think we have the money to sign him, he wants either a max or close to a Max contract. The celtics would not be able to do that unless both PP, and KG retire and fill out the necessary paperwork to not be paid the remainder of their contracts. I mean u never know that could happen, but if It did u wouldn’t have KG, and j smith playing together with pierce and rondo. It would b rondo, Avery, green, smith, and whoever at C. Then the bench would be something like lee, terry, sullinger, Crawford, fab. Wilcox is only on a one yr deal, so that’s y I didn’t add him. I dunno, but the celtics have a lot of options either way.