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Mickael Pietrus’ hilarious dance routine on live TV

That’s old friend Mickael Pietrus having a lot of fun during a live broadcast on NBA TV in Canada.

It’s hard to tell he hasn’t seen the court in nearly two months.

He’s not shy about dancing. You may remember this clip of him impersonating the Celtics Dancers:

Boston Celtics Pietrus dances

Is there anyone who doesn’t miss MP?

(Courtesy SI.com)

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  • ChrisCastig

    Man, I loved him when he was here. One of my favorites.

  • Matt W

    That guy is made of gold.

  • adam

    I miss a healthy MP

  • CelticsKid34

    if only he didnt shoot so many damn threes here in Boston he would probably still be a Celtic. he was horrible from the line but still kept chucking them up

    • terlo

      he had some good clutch shots tho

  • Oui, I dont miss him. he is a clown. a great defensive clown. but a clown. a clown in love with shoothing 3s also.

  • Jessh Shuttleworth

    We should have re signed this guy…hopefully the Celtics learn from there mistakes, you can never have enough good players. If Rondo was healthy, he would have kicked out a lot of 3’s to this dude, next year maybe he will come back to the team, always a fan favorite too. And a decent 2guard with 3 pt shooting and some sneaky, crafty defense.

    • 12-54 = 22% 3pt shooting during playoffs with the Celts.
      Mike is NOT a shooter.