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Report: Celtics still in the hunt for Oden

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 27, 2013 Rumors 19 Comments on Report: Celtics still in the hunt for Oden

Why do I suddenly feel like I’ve been rushed back to 2007?

The struggling Celtics have been urged to blow it up many times this season, fall into the lottery, and try to rebuild from there.  It’s not unlike the pre-Garnett days, which I’d just as soon like to purge from my memory.

The prize back then?  Greg Oden.  Now, seven years later, some people want the Celtics to tank again… and there are reports that they are in the hunt for Oden.

I know… I know… it’s not the same.  I’m just having a flashback to the old days.  The funny thing is (not so much if you’re Oden, though) is Oden has barely played a season’s worth of games since then.  Hell… he’s almost still a rookie.

Here’s the odd thing about this report.  The Celtics and Heat are capped out.  The Cavs are not.  Greg Oden, as damaged as he has been, is a 25-year-old 7-footer who put up some monster numbers before his last injury.  In the NBA, that’s still worth more than minimum wage.

So… are the Celtics contemplating using their mid-level exception on Oden?  With a few roster tweaks (read: trading someone like Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, or Brandon Bass) the Celtics will be far enough under the tax line to offer Oden at least a portion of the non-tax payer (or full) mid-level deal.

If that’s what Danny Ainge is thinking, then I gotta hand it to him… no matter what Michael Felger tries to say, he’s got brass balls.  I’m more afraid of Greg Oden’s knees than I am of waking up drunk in Vegas married to a Kardashian.

Let’s just wait and see on this…. but just keep that in mind.  If the Celtics are truly in the mix to sign Oden this summer…. You can be damn sure it won’t be for minimum wage.

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  • screaming jay

    I’d love to hear a pro and con debate between some top orthopedic dr’s on the upside/downside of taking on Oden and his knees. I personally don’t know anything about the likelihood of him coming back and playing full time in the NBA. I want to hear the experts opinions…

  • Cam

    I would be shocked if we or anyone would move there roster around to free up money for Oden.

    Its never entered my mind even. Ok maybe the bobcats or cavs or timberwolve team will do something stupid but I cant imagine danny would do this unless he knows something no one else in the league does.

    Even if he went back to what he was he still prob wouldnt be a top 5 center anyway.

    And the fact that, at least Centers are not as meaningful as they used to be. Sorry diffetent league now

  • Rasheed

    Let’s give him a chance and see how he fares in this year’s playoffs for one-year vet minimum.

  • boston2343

    Oden won’t be able to play in the NBA not anymore believe me after a couple of games he’ll be injured again.

    • SSJ6Celts

      Second that! Just saw espn’s doc on Sam Bowie. An infinitely talented 7 footer who never got off the ground cuz of his injuries. Oden is obviously even more injured then Bowie was at this point in their careers. If the celts can do a one year deal, sure, why not? But mostly likely is that oden will get a multi-year offer, maybe not huge but still not worth the gamble for the celts. One year deal or rebuild else where.

  • Quest

    Old and injured or requiring major life surgery apply to the Boston Celtics.

  • LA Flake

    Wow…so you’re saying there’s a chance we could end up with Greg Oden AND Jeff Green from that draft? AMAZING!!!

  • RedsLoveChild

    Whoever does sign him will regret it.

    Regardless of how enticing or low risk this might be…these kind of stories never end happily.

  • CoachAJ

    I would regard our team doctors as the best in the business. If they have little worries about Greg’s knees, then whom are we to doubt what they say. Only thing is they haven’t said a word. For me, if our docs gave him a green light, I think we should take a look. He is still better than Melo. And a center by committee with Oden/Melo and KG, only in the clutch,(if he returns next year) could be pretty good. All of the prospects in the Draft aren’t real centers. Mostly hybrid F/Cs. But Oden is a back to the basket guy. Those players are not going out of style. And the team that has one that can be active is going to do some damage.

    • Frank A

      Just like our doctors saying Sullingers back shouldn’t be an issue. Clear out bass and whoever and get Josh Smith. Rondo Bradley Green Smith KG and PP off the bench. One more run. Better then blowing it up wouldn’t u say?

      • SF Celts Fan

        Exactly, the same doctors who missed Jeff green’s heart condition!

  • RedsLoveChild

    a 10 day contract will suffice

    • RedsLoveChild

      Even after being banned, you still can`t help yourself from using my name?

      You must really love it!

  • TNceltic

    And in other news – how does Rondo get a two-game suspension for pushing Kris Krdashian and Hibbert and Lee only get one game? Hmmm?

  • P Funk

    This kid is going to be a bust. We should go after Durant instead

  • piecz

    Hope Phoenix signs him. Best medical staff in the NBA. Oden is Grant Hill-like case.

    • ShawnCVD

      In that case I hope PHX would let go of Gortat. KG would be limited to even less minutes next year so Gortat could easily get 28 minutes for the C’s

    • p funk

      I used to wonder if that was really true…until i saw jermaine oneil flashback to his indy days with a nice transition dunk against us. Those guys must be miracle workers…

  • art

    A contract based on minutes and games played. That would be the only way. Very strong possibility of $$$ down the toilet.