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Wyc: The deadline offers were terrible

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 26, 2013 Celtics News, Current Roster 10 Comments on Wyc: The deadline offers were terrible

Celtics CEO and face of the ownership group Wyc Grousbeck was on WEEI this morning covering a variety of topics.  Among the major bullet points from the interview were the comments regarding the trade deadline.

Danny has been skewered by some for not taking what he could get for an aging core that may well retire in the coming years.  Grousbeck acknowledged that the Celtics got more calls about Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in the days before the trade deadline than anyone else.  But just because the Celtics got calls about these guys doesn’t mean they got offers that made them want to pull the trigger.

Playing into things was Grousbeck’s insistence on maintaining their playoff possibilities.  He said quite plainly that he doesn’t want to blow up a team if it has a chance to make the postseason, adding “we’ve got a chance this year to do something important.”  The playoffs, he said, were a place to teach the younger guys on the team what winning Celtics basketball was about.   He also added “this team is tough, I wouldn’t want to play us in the playoffs.”

Another thing you’ve heard over the past few days is the “it takes two to tango” explanation for the lack of deadline deals.  Wyc brought that up today as well, noting the Celtics have been aggressive and, once they make a decision, they stick to it.  He made it seem other teams backed out of deals they seemed ready to make.   He did say that the new CBA made things difficult, but he expects June and July to be very active as teams get more used to what deals can and can’t be done.

Other notes from the interview:

Paul Pierce’s number is definitely being retired no matter what (which is not a shock).  While he didn’t specifically say Garnett’s would… he hinted very strongly at it (he also mentioned that he should put Danny’s 44 up there for putting the 17th banner team together).

He envisions Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, and Jared Sullinger on this roster in 5 years.  When asked if this team was better off without Rondo, he gave a swift and disdainful “no.”

There’s more.  Once the audio is posted, I’ll update this post with a link.

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  • dk

    not a surprise to hear ownership wants this team to goto the playoffs over blowing it up (more playoff revenue and season ticket renewals come out in february).

    all in favor for PP and KG to go in the rafters…not sure about Ainge, its not like he was Red here. grateful for 2008 but its still only 1 title.

    by that logic where’s bill fitch’s honor?

    • Jim

      Only one title. Tell that to the loyal fans who endured twenty barren years,I’d say most of them had given up hope that the Celtics would ever be relevant again never mind winning titles.That was one very sweet moment and with a little luck there could have been a second.

  • RedsLoveChild

    First tell us what the deadline offers were…then, we`ll let you know if we would`ve taken them.

    • ShawnCVD

      You know that’s a cop out statement. If executives leaked shot down trade offers it would tick off other franchises then they would be less likely to do business in the future with them. Ainge is not afraid to pull the trigger. If the offers made sense a trade would have happened.

      Keeping PP and KG was not the worse thing to happen here.

      • RedsLoveChild

        That Clipper offer {if true} didn`t sound so terrible to me.

        No-trade contracts have been waived at the right price.

  • Cam

    Its actually a pretty fair point about younger guys learning in the playoffs especially if you think you can at least win a round.

    Im sure gaining that experience is pretty valuable tonthose guys moving forward and turns them into vets quicker than on a rebuilding team. It certainly helped Perk and Rondos swagger

  • Tim

    I’m so sick of these casual fans that are griping about trades and saying that we should trade KG/Pierce…please get off the bandwagon and go away. Those are guys that need to retire here in Boston and shouldn’t be traded away. I know the argument about “getting value in return” before they leave the game but that to me just tells every player out there that they have no loyalty to their players because if you trade away 2 guys that have bought into the organization and had supreme loyalty and all you do is ship them off before they have a chance to retire wearing green, that would be a very tough pill to swallow as a lifetime fan.

    • Big Al

      Ok so lets be a lottery team for the rest of the decade, you’re the casual fan, only care about the name on the back not the front. You’ve been a celtics fan, what 5 years? Loser.

    • Jim

      Well said ,all the fantasy basketball players are living in cloud cuckoo land.They don’t seem to realize that there are real human beings involved here. This isn’t some Playstation game where if you get it wrong you can start all over again.

  • Vince

    Not a good excuse for not getting some bigger bodies in the line-up unless the Celtics are more or less throwing in the towel for 2013.