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Recap: Truth, KG and company end trip with gutsy win

The young guns, specifically Avery Bradley, kept the C’s in this one, and the vets finished it off. Despite weary legs and some lapses in defense, Boston gets a gutsy 110-107 win in OT in Utah.  Paul Pierce took the game over late, hitting clutch shot after clutch shot in the 4th and the OT.  Pierce was 3 of 3 in overtime, and 5 of 9 for 55% in the 4th & OT. His partner in crime, KG, was 2 of 2 in the extra frame. Pierce finished with 26 points, 20 of those in the 2nd half.  KG scored 13 pts, Bass 15 & Avery Bradley had 18. Bradley’s defense and overall spark kept Boston’s spirits up throughout, despite Utah bouncing-back after every Boston run. Gordon Hayward led Utah with 26 and Big Al had 15. Celtics finish their road trip 2-3. It was obvious Doc really wanted this one tonight. Jordan Crawford played 4 mins & TWill did not play at all. PP, KG & Bradley all played 39+ mins.

The Green:

  • Avery Bradley may as well have been shot out of a canon tonight. He had 12 pts, 2 steals, 2 asts & 2 rebs in the 1st half. AB finished with 18, 5 rebs, 4 asts & 2 steals.
  • KG. Doc tried to rest him to start the OT. KG told Doc: “No, no-I’m good.” Garnett had 3 rebs & 2 big hoops in overtime.
  • The Truth. 26 points, 20 of them in the 2nd half, and 55% shooting in the all important 4th Q and OT period. Pierce also pulled down 7 rebounds and had 8 assists.
  • Courtney Lee got off to a slow start, but then turned it on in the 2nd half. 11 of his 14 points came in the 3rd and 4th Q’s.

The Gross:

I’ve got no complaints.


Crawford lay-in

Bradley slam

Green slam

The Grid: (quick stats)

  • Celtics went 18 of 20 from the FT line, Bass going 7 of 7 himself
  • Jazz had 44 points in the paint
  • Celtics defense had 8 steals and 5 blocks

Celts now get a much needed 3 days off until they face GSW on Friday in Boston. Tip-off at TD Garden is at 7:30pm.


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  • Eddie Allen Powe

    Had to watch on nbaTV
    Matt Harpring said the words “tired” and “old” waaay too many times. Didn’t he have a short career?

    • KWAPT

      He’s just jelly.

    • Josh

      Ugh, I also couldn’t take how he kept saying that Jazz need to run b/c the C’s hate to run b/c they’re old. Um, actually the C’s try to run and tend to play much better when they do. They ran a lot vs. the Suns, and very little vs. the Blazers.

      It was like he assumed that zero had changed since Rondo was starting with Ray Allen at the 2.

  • boston2343

    no complaints? what about when Bass shot 1 foot away from the basket and clanked it? what about Paul Pierce turnover machine? What about the offensive rebounds of the Jazz?

    Cs really need a rebounder at 5

    • KWAPT

      5th game in 7 nights, C’s on their last legs and we win on the road in OT? Yep-I’ve got no complaints, not with this game.

  • LA Flake

    Man…who the hell does Paul Pierce think he is, Marshon Brooks???

    • p funk

      Haha, nice

    • DD

      Now that was funny.

  • NateB

    Pierce deserved a much better grade than the C-plus he got here in the All-Star break evaluations; Back-to-back outstanding games and he’s been their best player as they’ve gone 10-4 since Rondo’s injury. KG anchors the defense and provides reliable (if limited) offense; but Pierce is still their most important player.

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      What grade would you have given him?

      I thought the C+ was fair. His shooting percentage was awful. And he may be the best player, but the Celtics woefully underperformed in the first half.

  • boston2343

    DJ White is coming, I just hope Doc comes into his senses and bench Bass, Bass is awful! is Bass his long lost son?

  • Danny

    I wouldn’t have it any other way. As infuriating as he can be at times. (You haven’t learned not to throw cross court passes and spin into double teams after 15 years Paul) when u need him nobody steps up more than PIerce. Can’t say enough of the fact that the man is a reptile when it comes to cold blooded was and got balls of steel. He fears no man or moment and that’s what I’ve enjoyed most about him since the late 90s when I first started really watching basketball and the Cs. Hope the ride continues just a little bit longer.

  • TampaCs

    Jordan Crawford is terrible.

  • john

    The Bass-bashers need to give it a rest.He missed a bunny.So what?Played a decent game over all.

    • Kendra

      yes. because 3 rebounds for a guy that plays PF and some C is decent.

    • 1nsomn1ak

      I agree, at least for last night. It would be really nice to see a couple mediocre (at best) guys like Bass and Wilcox step it up for the rest of the season. I don’t know what Doc said to Wilcox after the Barbosa/Collins trade but he’s playing with a completely different level of motivation ever since. He doesn’t fix our problem at the 5 singlehandedly, but it’s much more inspired play..

    • Curt

      Bass CANNOT

    • Curt

      Bass CANNOT play defense. He is the single biggest weakness Boston has had since Larry Bird’s bad back. And Bass is worse than that.

      He is a fine player, but if you can’t play your defensive roll…get out of Boston.

  • john

    If all you`ve got to say, after watching a game like thatone, is that Jordan Crawford is terrible, you need to take a mood enhancer or run for Congress.

  • $tephanie95

    I’m so satellite decided to lose reception the last 40 secs of OT so I missed the action..good win though.

    • zippittyay

      with better execution, this game would have never gotten to overtime. The PP iso vs the the opposition’s best defender is not as good of an option as it used to be and honestly is not going to be getting better.

  • JETson

    I’m tired of Bass

  • BleedGreen

    I love this site, and have never commented before….
    But to say Pierce was the reason we won is garbage. Watching this game shows the decline of PP. He has always had those 2-12+ nights where we get aweful shooting… but he has had 5 games this month under 35%, and 6 in Jan. It is getting hard to see how often he is shooting poorly compared to past years. The end stats dont paint the true picture. He missed 4 threes in a 2 min sequence in the 3rd, wasting offensive board opportunities (lucky to get it up to 3/10). The last minute of the 4th was also garbage. He performed a perfect rondo – sat around until 5 sec left on clock, poor spin move, hoist up shot at buzzer. We need to push the ball into the paint, this game should never have gone to OT and eaten up minutes for KG etc.
    PP is one of the greatest in green EVER. But we will lose in the playoffs waiting for his buzzer beaters and settling for the 20 footers. Its like watching Carmelo isos.

    • Curt

      Can’t disagree. Pierce has made some good shots.

      KG is better. Doc doesn’t utilize KG enough.

    • KWAPT

      You definitely have some valid points, and I’m always a guy who’d prefer a drive to the hoop over a jumper, but..there’s also no one I’d rather have with the ball in crunch time than Paul, but I agree-he’s def not the finisher he once was. And please keep commenting whether you agree/disagree with what we post-it’s what makes this site so good. We have lots of different opinions and our readers know the game and the Celtics inside-out.

      • BleedGreen

        Thanks for the feedback, i will start chiming in more frequently. Didnt know it was this easy (i hate signing up for things)

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  • MJBarbosa

    42 minutes and 3 boards. C’ mon BB

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  • Reggie35RIP

    BOOM! The Truth delivers again. Clutch all the way.