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Enemy Chatter: Paul Pierce is a nobody to Alec Burks

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Utah.

(Alec) Burks, asked what it’s like to be playing against a star (Paul Pierce) having a great night:

He’s nobody to me, you know? He made some shots. Everybody make shots, you know? It’s just he got a bigger name than everybody else.

Living and Dying by the Jazz

You’d think Burks (#10) would be a bit more complimentary, considering he had a such a great view of Paul Pierce’s clutchness.

Maybe we are overreacting. All Pierce managed to do was score 13 pts on 5-9 shooting in the 4th quarter and OT.

I love the headline to the blog post:

You gotta love Celtics fans. Loud and proud in Utah!

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  • GreenbirdCro

    The last sentence is the best!

    • Wes pellerin

      Haha burks is garbage he has no room to say anything about pierce!!! Burks is a below average NBA player he would struggle in the D league for Christ sake

    • rrconnect4


  • Wes

    There’s a roster spot in the NBDL just waiting for Burks.

  • Robadona

    yea, what does he mean, like his name has a bigger Font size or something than the rest? HA

  • Roy

    Just another young, dumb nobody in Alec Burks. If I got my ass busted and destroyed the way Pierce did Utah, I would be upset too.

  • Roy

    Burks, comments reminds me of Reggie Evans running his mouth about Lebron and Miami’s championship run not being authentic, because they won it during a lockout season. Lebron and company showed up to the Brooklyn and destroyed the Nets. It’s always the nobodies like Burk and Evans that’s yapping.

    • Eddie Allen Powe

      Ivan Johnson is a yapping nobody too

  • RedsLoveChild

    He`s now within 23,000 career points of Pierce…so, he must know what he`s talking about.

  • Mikel Taylor

    You see me, Hi Hater… Hi Hater… Hi Hater, Hi Alec, LOL…Burk just showed his age and immaturity.


    I sent Mr. Burks a little message on behalf of all of us:

    • Myself

      HA! nice

  • Ray

    Why would anyone ask Linda Burke a question

  • $tephanie95

    I get that he doesn’t want to seem like he’s in awe or intimidated, but even Lebron gives respect when it’s due.

  • Adithya Ramanathan

    I forgot that Burke was a finals mvp. My bad.

  • I never heard of him until now ha

  • JG

    This is actually pretty embarrassing that he said that. If I were the Jazz organization I would say something to him. It’s a punk thing to say and all it does is show that he likes to talk, which is not what a winner does. They play, and they win.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Alec who? Baldwin?

  • david

    Alec Burks: “He’s nobody to me, you know? He made some shots. Everybody make shots, you know? It’s just he got a bigger name than everybody else.”

    Gordon Haywood: “The good thing about this league is, there’s a lot of great players and guys you can learn things from. And I thought for me especially, Paul Pierce, the way he controlled the end of the game, is something that I can really, you know, improve my game on and watch and learn from.”

    Who do you suppose will have the more successful NBA career.

    • WillowGreen

      i like Gordon Haywood, he plays really hard. you can see he is doing what he can to win, he plays defense too lol i hope we can get him haha

      • zippittyay

        I want Big Al back next year.

      • Caterpillar from Italy

        I like Haywood as well. And whenever he plays the Celtics he always has freakin’ good games.

  • Myself

    Dear Mr, in your words Pierce is “nobody” to you? he just has a “big name”? well, Mr, picture yourself 10yrs later in the league? wait, my bad, you probably wouldn’t BE in the league 10yrs from now, heck 5 yrs from now. Mr, you are the real nobody….and I still can’t remember your name, guess your name must be mighty small.

  • Chris H

    I never understand these guys and these taunts.

    So basically, your saying, if I’m reading you correctly, that you got your ass served by a nobody?

    So why is anybody paying you to play basketball if any damn nobody can walk on the court and school you?

  • Jim

    The Celtics seem to have a lot of fans outside Boston. Do other teams have a fan base like this?

    • Mike M

      Jim, unfortunately I watched a Jazz game last year in SLC vs the Lakers…by far my most depressing live sporting event I’ve witnessed. Obviously most of the fans there are from the area but there were more Lakers fans than Jazz fans!! At least a 60-40 ratio and probably more. They were cheering MVP for Kobe. All my Boston friends (9 of us) wore Celts gear had to stand up for the friggin Jazz and chant Beat LA. I don’t understand it…they have a local team which for the most part has been successful for the past 2 decades with Malone and Stockton followed by a couple good years of Deron Williams. While they didn’t win a championship, they’re a winning franchise. Why would a fan base cheer for a rival team?? All bandwagoners? I thought maybe they’re from LA but when I said “at least we have a football team”…a dig at LA’s non-existent team, a guy said “we have the Utah Blaze arena football team”. That’s when I realized these are locals but cheer for the opposing team. Sad

  • Lewis35

    Burks ???? Ellis??

  • rrconnect4

    gordon looked pretty nasty not gonna lie.

  • OlSkool1972

    Alec Burks=Another young guy that needs to stop wearing those tight skiny jeans because they are cutting off the flow of blood to his brain.