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Random video: Bill Russell jumps over a guy on the fast break

I have never seen this video of Bill Russell… which someone randomly posted in a Facebook group.

Check out Bill in college grabbing the rebound, going coast-to-coast, and flat out jumping OVER a guy for the finish.

If LeBron did this last night, ESPN would change the name of the show to “LeBron Center”, and First Take would have debated whether this was the greatest play in history.

Bill Russell was bad ass.  This play is just sick.

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  • Curt

    If Bill Russell had been in any of the Conan the Barbarian movies…he’d have been the guy that killed Conan.

    What a bad ass.

    • Rick

      This is one more proof of the ability of the old NBA. These kids now are not that great, I do not think any player in the last 10 years could have played against any of the old players and looked good at it.

    • Esteban Verde

      And Russell was a center. Not many centers could run the floor and do that…ever. Dwight could probably do it, but he’d probably miss the bucket.

  • Astarot

    What’s sad today in college or in NBA that woud be a foul. So you can see how the whole game has changed, what a shame.

  • Chulinho

    ESPN did lose their minds when LeBron jumped over John Lucas III to finish an alley-oop.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Not only is he leaping over the guy…he`s airborne for roughly 16 feet, and ducking as he descends to keep from smashing his head against the backboard.

  • zippittyay

    OK, I’m impressed.

  • BRADinLA

    Also, notice how he DOESN’T travel. Two steps then the layup. Lebron woulda taken four steps and gotten away with it.

  • P Funk

    Awesome video!

  • sev

    good look on the video. Makes you believe that he could still dominate or at least be a star in today’s league. I knew he used to be a long jumper but how about those dribbling skills at that speed….nice video

    • sev

      I meant to say high jumper

      • Gill

        If he played today he would be sitting on the bench in the D league if he could even make it there that’s how much better players are today.

        • Dutchgreen

          Sure – but if the internet had existed in Bill Russell’s day, you’d still be in your mama’s basement trolling on a Celtics site.

        • p funk

          Lol. Get that weak sauce outta here buddy. Thats laughable man

        • Chief

          Yeah right Jason Collins would give up his left nut to be able to do that and he’s an nba player, not to mention the strides in training and nutrition these days he would be at worst a serviceable bench player.

        • Michael

          Yeah, right. 3 pointer-lay-up is nothing to Lebron. He obviously won’t take 6steps to do it. And jump over 3 guys for sure

        • mike Hester

          Thanks Gill, you just confirmed yourself,as being one who doesn’t know poop from apple butter–much less the FIRST thing about basketball!

  • Michael

    “Player in the past are least athletic, therefore can’t be better than what we have now”
    what a punch in the face

  • Dutchgreen

    Like Russ said in that NBA TV interview with Simmons, on being the greatest defensive player of all time: ” Some guys found me pretty offensive”. I guess this is the kind of stuff he was talking about 🙂

  • I.m glad someone dug this up…everybody’s always talking Jordan “the greatest”…Russell has 11 rings and could shut down any center in the league on defense…..the older players get lost in the conversation when people compare players….hopefully this video will circulate and people will stop and think before they speak.

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  • Dan caterino

    Have respect for the guys that paved the way way for the Jordan’s and lebrons, Russell the champion.

  • Tom Zimmerman

    My fondest memory of Russell…as player-coach of the Celtics during a championship game he watched Havlicek go down from a jab in the eye. As John sat on his rump in agony holding his eye, Russell came up from behind and cradled him, John’s ears between Bill’s knees, and rocked him like a baby. Wonderful moment, wonderful team, wonderful era

  • steve in Tx

    Wow! 5 dribbles to go the whole length of the court in perfect control of the ball. He was an awesome athlete! I think basketball players have always been the best athletes.