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Jeff Green’s big night against the Suns

YouTube user “RD6” has uploaded a highlight reel from Jeff Green’s big game vs Phoenix last night. Jeff put in 31 points on 11 of 14 shooting to go with 7 rebs, 4 asts, 2 steals & 5 blocks. Green was also 3 of 5 from downtown and hit 6 of his 7 free throws. Very impressive. Check out the video and JG’s shot chart from last night below:


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  • CoachBo

    What if … the Perkins-Green trade turns out to be the precise deal that incredibly large portions of the fan base were demanding at the deadline with Garnett and Pierce: offloading a fan favorite in clear career decline for a potential building block for the future?

    Me thinks the hypocrisy of Celtics Fan is going to become readily apparent, in its hatred of the Perkins deal regardless of how Green progresses and its demand to offload two Hall of Famers for Vinny Del Negro’s turds, not to mention a bag of flaming dung from the Nets.

    It’s fascinating how Perkins “brings great toughness” to the Thunder, albeit nothing tangible like points or rebounds, save the collection of moving screens he so ably leads the league in.

    And how Green – who played what? About 35 games in green before heart surgery – is a feckless bum who has never amounted to anything in his career.

    LOL. The Perkins dump on Clueless Sam Presti looks better every day.

    And the basketball IQ of Celtics Fan looks lower every day.

    • Eddie Allen Powe

      I stand by my original reaction to the trade. If we acquired Green in the summer of 2011 after letting Perkins walk, that would have been ideal. I like what Green is doing in 2013, but back in 2011 we needed a starting center. And we can sure use one now

      • jon

        Wouldnt have happened because Perk was already free agent and not all free agents new team would agree to a sign and trade…we didnt get anything for Judas and thats why you trade away a player while he has good value..just like Atlanta might lose Smith for nothing.

    • KY Celts fan

      Is this Celtics Fan an actual person, or a generic Celtics fan?

    • Danno

      I’ve been saying this for two years now. Perk sucked. Couldn’t shoot, couldnt jump, constantly got stuffed under the hoop, fouled out way too often, and barely pulled down double digit rebounds. Most overrated Center in the game. That trade was a steal.

      Remember, Jeff green was a lottery pick. #5.

    • lol…. “Clueless” Sam Presti. He’s probably the best GM in the game with one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the league

    • 1nsomn1ak

      Couldn’t agree more..

    • LA Flake

      You have some valid points although I wouldn’t cast that idiot label on ALL Celtic fans. Boston fans are probably the best fans IN THE WORLD as far as I’m concerned. You should see some fans in Los Angeles. Hell, pretty much all LA fans, about 95%, are RETARDS whose first instinct is to go out and steal or burn down other people’s property when they win. And they say shit like, “Duuuude, I’ll take Kobe over Magic, MJ and Bird any day of the week! Those guys were just lucky because they played against nobody! The league is so much better now!” These are actual words from a season ticket holder.

      Some C fans are definitely clueless though. I agree with that. They’re out there. But Perk was popular because he always brought way more than his limited skill set. He hustled. He hit hard. He growled. He intimidated. He happily backed his more talented teammates. And he backed down from nobody. He’s the guy who may not be the best at what he does but you always want to be in the same foxhole with because you know he’s always going to do what nobody else wants to do and shut up and be happy as long as we get the win. Perk never complained about lack of touches or playing time for his limited production *cough* Brandon Bass *ahem*.

      Perk came to us as an out of shape nobody and grew into our best blue collar guy over the years and despite having fought with KG before he got here, he fully embraced KG, immediately started listening to and following KG and became KG’s best buddy/body guard on the team. That’s a guy you love and root for. And he did as much to bring #17 as Rondo if not more. So lots of fans are very fond of him including me who’s been a vocal JGreen supporter since the day he arrived here. Given what happened, Ainge’s timing might have cost us a shot at the title that year but in the long run we did gain that elusive replacement to fill PP’s HUGE shoes. And Danny signed him to a great contract, so it’s turned out pretty ok overall. Now, if Presti would just amnesty Perk and we can get him back in here this year…

      • RedsLoveChild

        I agree almost entirely with your views.

        The exception would be the Laker-Celtic fan base….this is strictly a “generational” issue, not a “geographical” issue.

        I lived in SoCal back when Jack Kent Cooke owned the team, and I witnessed Magic`s entire career there.

        There are countless long-time Laker fans in LA who are extraordinarily knowledgeable and loyal.

        Being a Celtic fan there is horrible. I know. Trust me, `85 & `87 were brutal!

        At the same time, you`ll find Boston fans who think the sport started with Antoine Walker! They couldn`t tell you the difference between Walt Frazier and Joe Frazier.

    • Celticsfanatic

      Always defended the Perk trade. Even for all those saying we would have gone farther had we kept Perk in season, we weren’t going anywhere without a backup for Pierce. I can’t fathom Perk and an exhausted Pierce being better than Green, typical Pierce and Krstic, whose time in Boston was definitely underrated. Ainge took a gamble that Shaq would be healthy, but even if he wasn’t we were headed to the same place or worse with no adequate backup for Pierce. Obviously arguments that the deal made our future better make sense too, but there was certainly some in-season logic there too.

      • RedsLoveChild

        If DA didn’t trade Perk then they should have been champions that season.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I get it.

          But, are you so unimaginative that you cannot think of a “screen name” that hasn`t already been taken?

    • 00dc2

      well said coach

  • Beast

    Fab Melo, I can honestly say is the worst basketball player/ athlete I have ever saw with these eyes

  • Mr Glad

    If this was the Celtics at the beginning of the season they would have lost this lead in the 4th quarter and maybe have won or lost the game. Now we have young players that are hungry and don’t let up even if we have a big lead. And why was this game the first game Green started? That just makes doc look like an awful coach which I’m starting to think he is. He’s too accommodating to old veteran players and never gives the young guys a chance. Now he has no choice. KG and Pierce are starting to lose their legs. If he wasn’t the only reason why players would come to boston I would say fire his ass.

    • chocolate thunder

      Fire him? Why are celtics fans so ignorant? As a fan of a team not coached by doc id be very pleased if he became available. its comical how the two best coaches in this sport (doc and pop) get ribbed for their rotations, yet somehow are always knocking on the championship door regardless of their roster

      • Celticsfanatic

        Lol, exactly. I admit I get frustrated with Doc’s rotations sometimes as well but I think overall it’s for the best. He plays guys when they deserve too, ala slicing Bass’ minutes and giving them to Sullinger. If you want guys that play for they’re ready, go watch any young team whose development seems to be stagnant for some “mysterious” reason.

    • Mannie

      Never gives young guys a chance? Bradley? Sullinger? You earn your minutes.

  • zippittyay

    It was a beautiful thing watching Uncle Jeff catch, elevate and let fly a 3 pointer without a moments hesitation or indecision.

  • $tephanie95

    From what I’m hearing from my source is that KG is refusing to play with Crawford. We’ll see what happens tomorrow night.

    • mike

      ? Explain

    • RedsLoveChild

      I don’t think so, KG would beat up Bobby Brown any day

    • Justsomeffinguy

      Um… your ‘source’ one of your multiple personalities?