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Enemy (trade) Chatter: The Celtics gave up nothing for a cheap, capable scorer

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Washington related to the deal for Jordan Crawford.

BNIE: A. Leandro Barbosa wasn’t giving their second unit real punch when on the court, is out anyway and is expiring at the end of the year. Jordan Crawford gives Danny Ainge another rookie who can grease a trade as the Celtics rebuild while giving Doc Rivers a situational player his veteran heavy roster can handle without difficulty and perhaps groom in the Nate Robinson mold. This is all upside for the Celtics. They get younger, a trade asset, and have no reason to expect a drop-off in the on-court product, though losing a bit of crucial front-line depth. Ernie, you just got Ainge’d.

JKhan15: A. Hey, free player! The Celtics need offense, and Crawford can potentially help with that. And they didn’t have to trade away anything of substance to get him. Now the Celtics have a young player on his rookie contract. If he develops, great; if not, let him go. There’s no real downside for Boston here.

Jeff: A, because they essentially gave up nothing for a cheap, capable scorer. He can either help out the Celtics or be packaged in a trade next season. Either way, the Celtics traded two non-assets for one decent asset. Danny Ainge should apologize to Ernie Grunfeld, kind of like how Sollozzo apologized to Michael for having his father shot.

Mike: B+ for me. They get something for nothing, though I do wonder how Crawford will handle playing in that environment. At worst, he can provide what Leandro Barbosa did before he got dealt.

SB Nation – Bullets Forever

Upon the passing of the trade deadline, the consensus reaction from most Celtics fans was, “Jordan Crawford was the best we could do? WTF Danny?”

But, as you can tell from the Bullets bloggers on SB Nation, there’s an entirely different perspective in Washington. They believe the Celtics got something for nothing, that Crawford will help the Celtics and Danny Ainge fleeced Bullets GM Ernie Grunfeld.

It’s not all roses. Read this Washington Post article and you’ll realize that Crawford had worn out his welcome in DC. There’s a lot of disdain for Crawford, but those emotions are lost because of the lopsided nature of the deal.

And we’re just learning about an incident KG had with Crawford during those lockout workouts in the fall of 2011. Garnett allegedly smacked the youngster upside the head. This should be fun.

Jordan Crawford… welcome to Boston. Follow him on Twitter. 

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  • Although I will say I was extremely disappointed we couldn’t bring in a Big, this deal will prove to be a huge pick-up over time.

    He’s a cheap, instant-scorer who is only 24. The fact that we picked him up was a good move.

    The fact that we got him for close to nothing is pure robbery (I only consider Collins a piece to this deal, as Barbosa’s time in Boston was done anyways).

    Crawford can basically become one of three things: a low-risk experiment who is a average-role player for the next season and a-half, our future Sixth-man (with major success throughout the next year and a-half), or a valuable trade asset this offseason.

    This move makes it much easier in any sign-and-trade for Jefferson, Millsap, Smith, etc.

    Great move, Danny. You could have done a little more (or a lot more), but I won’t complain.

    Now make up for it and sign DJ White. I won’t expect much, but 21 and 8 a game in China can’t be thaaaat easy.

  • NateB

    Have any of the Cs’ post-deadline free agent big men signings added anything at all since PJ Brown? If they sign White and he’s better than Collins was it will exceed expectations.

    • kg215

      lol +1, ugh memories of Mikki Moore.