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Celtics reportedly looking at D.J. White

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 22, 2013 Celtics News, Rumors 39 Comments on Celtics reportedly looking at D.J. White

White’s yet another under-sized big (6’9″)… but at this point, under-sized bigs are better than no bigs.

White has had success at every level besides the NBA, really.  His last D-League stint a few years ago was 10 games long, and he averaged 20 and 11.  He’s coming off a 32 game run in China where he averaged 21.6 points and 9.7 boards.

But his NBA numbers are lacking, obviously.  If they weren’t, he wouldn’t have been in China at 26 years old.  He’ll grab some rebounds (career 18.2 DRB%) and he can block some shots.  If we’re lucky, he’ll score a point or two in the post.   Most importantly, he’s a big body and the Celtics need one.

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  • BCmarley

    German media: celtics looking at tim ohlbrecht (d-league)

  • eddysamson

    Is this guy better or worse than Varnado?

    • Celtics4life

      Way better

      • eddysamson

        Well thats good!

  • Shane T.

    I remember a game a few years ago in which he flashed a fairly consistent jump shot, if I’m not mistaken. Call me an optimist, but I think DJ could easily replace Collins, and space the floor better on offense as well. With Dwight gone from the East, Collins didn’t matter nearly as much, so bringing in someone who is more athletic and who can run seems like a no-brainer to me. Then again, he was playing in China for a reason…

    • Roy

      Collins wasn’t needed period. He looked horrible against Dwight

  • G4L

    If he can play 10 Minutes a game, grab 3-4 rebounds & knock people on their asses then sign him up.

  • Curt

    Can we sign him, and then give his back to Jared Sullinger? Then we can just have Sullinger.

    • Shane

      First ever successful spinal transplant

      • KY Celts fan

        I hear those things heal within days as well.

  • C’s#1Fan

    I don’t understand why Danny didn’t sign Kenyon Martin. He would have been a solid defensive big man. D.J. White sucks, i’m glad its only a 10 days contract. There’s got to be a better big man out there than D.J. White.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      If K-mart was going to play for anybody, it was going to be the Knicks. They have a bunch of his former team mates.

  • $tephanie95

    These pick ups are a joke, if we have no chance at a championship Danny should have dealt Pierce and that would have gotten KG to ok the trade to the clippers. Now we are stuck in nba purgatory.

    • SF Celts Fan

      Nice! You’re finally getting it! It only took you all season.

    • How, may I ask, would Danny have accomplished this? Would Humphries, Brooks & Brooklyn’s pick gotten us any further out of purgatory? And if KG’s friends on the Clippers couldn’t convince KG to waive his no-trade, how do you propose Danny would have done it?

      Pierce’s contract ends after next season. KG is retiring soon. And as I explained this morning, it’s a new financial landscape. If you just rush these guys out just in an effort to get something… you risk handcuffing yourself in the future.

      I’m sorry to inform you this… but every team goes through a down period. The Celtics are going to go through one. The key is to make it a short one… and trading KG and/or Pierce for the wrong pieces could actually prolong the process.

      • Larry Legend

        John, Danny ainge made a huge mistake in granting KG a no trade clause. That’s where he bears responsibility. I love KG, will be sad when he’s gone, but by giving him a no trade clause he killed the celts. Jordan/Bledsoe value is not coming back in the summer. So that’s how Danny coulda done it. Pretty simple really

        • It’s revisionist history to blame Danny for the no-trade. I never heard ONE complaint anywhere until today. Not from anyone on this site.. not from anyone in the media… not from anyone anywhere… about the KG no-trade clause.

          So pardon me if I find this to be a bit of an oversimplified, new excuse to complain about something that didn’t happen. If people thought the no-trade would have been a hindrance to the future, I wish everyone would have piped up in July

        • LA Flake

          KG was by the far the best center in the East last year and yet was contemplating retirement. To a ridiculously loyal guy like KG, Ainge had to, and rightfully so, give him that no trade clause to get him to agree to a deal. He also offered one to Ray but other things led to his departure unfortunately. Anyway, I’m all for never trading KG even if he does stay here for all 3 years. His PRESENCE alone is worth it because he and PP keep all the youngins in line.

      • Mr Curet

        How’s that handcuffing your future when they were supposedly getting young & proven talent in Smith & Jordan in return (Jordan not so much but it would’ve been like having Perkins back) to pair up with Rondo, Green, Sullinger, etc.? Plus you still have Terry & Bass that could be used as trade baits in the summer. If I remember correctly Atl was willing to trade Smith for Pierce’s contract, and I also remember KG saying that he’d waive his NTC only if Pierce got traded. IMO the Celtics missed a huge opportunity to reload for the future instead of going for a rebuild.

        • you realize that while there were discussions… there was never a trade on the table for KG to nix. He said he wouldn’t, but the Clippers never said “you know, go officially ask him”. We’re arguing over a trade that was never even actually offered

          • $tephanie95

            I would have traded pierce for draft pics, at least there’s a future with draft pics there’s no future with pierce.

          • (A) That’s not financially possible. You need players to match salary per the collective bargaining agreement. (B) as noted in the Morning Dump, the new CBA has GM’s hoarding draft picks. Orlando couldn’t get a #1 pick for JJ Redick.

            I understand your frustration. But you have to understand the rules, and the constraints.

          • Larry Legend

            How do you know that? You dont, so don’t state that as fact. Ainge has publically stated he didn’t want to hang onto the big 3 too long. Yet he offers ray 2yrs 12 million and gives a 36 yr old KG a no trade clause!! I get your a mouthpiece for the celts, but I didn’t know you were on the payroll…be objective. Revisionist history? No. Just a statement of fact that ainge may have hurt the Celts chances of remainIng relevant post big 3. KG for Jordan and Bledsoe trade value ain’t coming around again.

          • “mouthpiece for the Celts”… that’s a good one. All I’m saying is where were you when the deal was signed? Between July and yesterday, there wasn’t a peep out there about the no-trade clause. Suddenly it’s an issue??

            And let’s stop making Jordan & Bledsoe out to be some amazing deal. (a) they never even got to a point where it was an actual offered deal and (b) Bledsoe’s running of the Clippers offense in CP3’s absence led to a big losing streak while Jordan is averaging a whopping 9 points and 7 rebounds… not to mention he has no offensive game beyond dunks. They’re nice, young players, but suddenly I feel like people are making them out to be Stockton & Malone

          • Larry Legend

            FYI I’m replying to clippers/KG deal not your response to $tephanie

          • Larry Legend

            Again you dont know there was no deal. And if you read ainge’s comments on espn Boston you’d realize that there absolutely was an offer on table. And Bledsoe/Jordan a lot better than Zero as in when KG retires.

          • Danny also said he never went to KG… which means there was no deal. He’d have to go to KG, and KG would have had to say “no, I’m not being traded.” And even if Danny is bullshitting, someone like Woj, or Berger, or Bulpett, or an LA Times guy would have found out from someone’s agent or someone pissed off in the Clips organization that KG rejected the deal. If there was an offer on the table, KG would have had to rule on it.

            If it comes out later that KG did, in fact, say no to a proposed deal, then I’ll be the first to say I was wrong.

            And as far as players being better than nothing, I again disagree because in this very punitive CBA, cap space and flexibility is important. If the Celtics aren’t sold on Jordan for 2 more years or the Clippers aren’t sold on KG for 2 more years, then they’re not going to take the chances they would have taken 2 years ago. The new CBA has changed the game, and gone are the days were big market teams can just roll the dice on Jordan & Bledsoe taking the strides necessary to justify a deal like this.

            Let’s say they make this deal and Jordan doesn’t progress… but they’re tied to his almost $12 million. They get crushed with $4 to $1 repeater tax. At least KG’s final year is only partially guaranteed, and you also have the possibility of him retiring.

            Once upon a time, the “something is better than nothing” argument carried weight. It doesn’t carry as much nowadays because the lockout changed the rules.

          • Larry Legend

            He didn’t go to KG is the while point John. The whole point. Shouldnt have to go to Kg in first place. And why would they be that much over luxury tax? The trade has to match financially. So they’d be right where they are now. Actually plus a player cuz 2 for 1 deal.

      • Reggie35RIP

        I agree with John.

        From what Danny said in that interview he was being very active in finding out what he could get for a bunch of different players. He obviously didn’t get any offers he liked and didn’t get any bites on his offers. End of story.

        As John said, would you have preferred him to make a deal for the sake of making a deal and potentially screw us for years to come?

        Honestly I’d rather have Pierce’s soon to be expiring contract and KG for a couple more seasons – or potentially retiring – than any combination of players that were being offered for them.

        There’s no use getting younger if that younger talent has no upside or future trade value.

  • Did anybody see there were no big time player move? all the little things that happened were to control the luxury tax. forget about blockbusters.

  • PierceFor3

    LarryLegend, KG signed a reasonable deal in terms of money/years once he hit free agency … It was clear he wanted to take less so Danny could field a competitive team around him, IN BOSTON … Since he took less, Danny enticed him by giving him a no trade clause assuring he’d stay here and compete …. It’s a 2 way street

    • Larry Legend

      Pierce for 3 : I know that. Not questioning why it happened. Stating that did, in fact, kill any chance to make a big move to help transition to the future post KG/PP

  • Justsomeffinguy

    @$tephanie95: Clearly you did not live through the 15 years post Larry Bird.

    • sarahluree

      @Justsomeffinguy – word

    • CoachAJ

      The years with Jon Bagley, and Dana Barros two times were some bad days. Where is Dino Radja at? So those 15 years were some dark days. And let’s not even the evil prince Pitino……oops I did.

  • ShawnCVD

    You know what blows me away? That anyone would want Humphrey for Pierce or for Ferry to be allowed to ship crappy bad contracts to Boston for the right to acquire a bone head like Smith. And Ferry wanted some Cs draft picks. That’s not over valuing PP, It’s analysing two bad offers.

    Don’t forget that Clippers first offer sucked (the Butler one) , then the Jordan one was withdrawn by LAC days earlier.
    Meanwhile the Spurs are outstanding with their aging stars and just this past Summer Ainge decided to try to replicate that model. Sometimes all you can ask for is your chosen franchise to put a quality team on the court. Don’t forget that there was NO significant movement this year. This deadline was indicative of the new climate the CBA has created. So Ainge should force square pegs into round holes? Armchair GMing sure sounds easy around here…

  • Paul

    Is Hakim Warrick that bad of an option that we’re looking at this kid from China? Warrick was just released by the Magic and I would feel much more confident with him than White.

  • Bball jenky

    White has some size on warrick, who is really more of a tweener forward. With kg, bass and green none of whom are bangers we need a bigger body down low. With that said warrick just became available while we have been eyeballing white for a minute.
    On the subject of deandre jordan he is limited on offense, and so terrible at the free throw line that he rides the bench in any close 4th quarter. To top it all off he is grossly overpaid due to the clippers matching a desperate offer from the size depleted 2012 gs warriors.

  • john

    Trading KG for table scraps was never a good idea, LarryLegends persistent whining notwithstanding.You don`t win withh a bunch of “young” mediocre players in the NBA.The Celtics tried that.How many remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth when we gave up Al Jefferson et al for KG?