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Rumors update: Jordan Crawford, Tyreke Evans and Clippers pursuit of KG

Trade deadline day started with a small tremor… a report from Chris Broussard that the Celtics are interested in Wizards shooting guard Jordan Crawford:

The scale moved from small to mild when Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reminded us of the Celtics interest in the Hawks Josh Smith:

“Darkhorse” doesn’t sound too promising, but it appears some sort of Celtics offer remains on the table.

ESPN’s Marc Stein threw a new (for this trade deadline cycle) name into the mix – the Kings Tyreke Evans:

And then the Herald’s Steve Bulpett cranked the scale from mild to major with:

No surprises here, anyone with a brain knew that reports yesterday of the Clippers closing the door on Garnett were a negotiating tactic.

And since we’re talking KG, why not include this update on Paul Pierce:

Stay tuned.

And please discuss.

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  • Eddie Allen Powe

    I would never say this, but blow it up. The out rebounding nightmare won’t end. I can’t stomach a first round loss to Lebron or Carmelo

    • Christopher

      Although I agree with you on addressing the rebounding and not being able to “stomach” a first round loss to the Heat or Knicks, I disagree on blowing the team up.

      Blowing the team up means we will suck (I mean Charlotte, Sacramento, New Orleans, Toronto suck!) and we won’t even make it to the playoffs. Rebuilding could take YEARS, and since Boston isn’t the #1 option for most free agents to go to, signing an impact player to pair with a roster of young, inexperienced, players is unlikely to happen.

      Remember how this team was from 1992-2007? We will barely be competitive enough to qualify for the playoffs, and our chances of getting multiple lottery picks won’t be as high as other teams (you can thank the NBA for that). Going through that drought is MUCH worse (in my opinion) than getting to the playoffs and at least having a CHANCE to pull off a deep run.

      My personal opinion, let this team run it’s course this year and the next. Rebuild on the fly and maybe in 1-3 years, we will be solid title contenders. Blowing it up and not being contenders for 5-15 years hurts WAY more.

      Just my opinion though.

      • WallyWorld

        They had decent years in the early 2000’s. ECF’s in 2002. They werent bottom feeders for those 15 years. That being said explain how this team will rebuild on the fly? What happens when pp and kg decide to retire? Thats the uquivalent of blowing it up but getting nothing in return. Give some examples of teams that have rebuilt on the fly….its never happened. Teams rise and fall. Unless we have a legit shot to make the finals its time to let go of those guys that can get you something in return to start the rebuilding process. Otherwise youre screwed when they retire.

        • Christopher

          Please explain to me, how this team is going to rebuild? The goal here is to win a championship or at least have a legitimate chance to do so, either this year, next year, or the year after. The Celtics are in “win-now” mode, and if you believe they don’t have a chance at all this season (or within the next couple years for that matter), then how are they going to rebuild? I am actually very curious to know. If the plan sounds good, then great! Let’s blow it up and be abysmal for the next 10 years. I’ll just renew my season tickets for $4000 and be courtside!

          • WallyWorld

            Haha well christopher, like i said before, you trade pp and kg for the best value you can get in return. Whether its young pieces, draft picks or a good vet to run with rondo. If you just hang on to them with the hopes that they make another deep run like last year, then you will get nothing in return when they retire. Either way, the rebuilding process will happen within the next two years. You can move them now while they still have value or get nothing for them. The chance that they actually “win now” is very slim. Moving them is the better business decision and will help the future of the franchise.

      • fitzy

        remember how len bias and reggie miller passed away. we weren’t supposed to suck, we just had a real bad stroke of luck for a while and that devastated us in the early 90s

        • P Funk

          Reggie Lewis?

  • Mike

    I’m with Eddie. It sucks, but something needs to be done now. Next year will be too late. Blow it up 🙁

  • KG21

    Bobcats is only asking for a first rd pick for Gerald Henderson..Same as the Blazers for JJ Hickson! Thats a steal! Please DA do something about this. JJ Hickson is a good rebounder and a good offensive player..

  • LM33

    Pull the trigger Danny! Do it now!!

  • Roy

    Danny’s legacy will depend on what he does after KG and Truth are gone.. He will really earn his money then

  • KGino

    JJ Hickson for Bass + 1st Round pick!!

    • KY Celts fan

      I’d go for that.

    • Portland only wants a 1st rounder for Hickson and can’t get that….

      Tyreke Evans has been assured he wont be dealt (like Rondo)

      1 hour left in one of the more boring trade deadlines……

  • Larry Legend

    You don’t need to throw in Bass! 1st round pick enough. Prob is hickson a FA this summer. Would have to agree to deal before you’d do it

    • Larry Legend

      Let me re-phrase that, you’d have to match salary, but I’d hate to give up any big, bass included

  • Djfsjh

    Hate to say this but we NEED to deal garnett. Weather it’s now or over the summer or even next year. Lets be honest he is gonna retire before the end of his contract. And we’re gonna be cap-strapped for the next 3 years its damn hardc to rebuild with a 14 million dollar deficit each year. I say pull the trigger and deal garnett to the highest bidder and send peirce to the hawks for j smoove I would love to let peirce play out his contract but kg won’t go if we don’t deal peirce.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      Why do so many people think that the C’s could get Smith for Pierce?

      That wasn’t what they meant by Pierce being the key to a Smith deal.

      The Hawks want Pierce AND Green AND a pick or two AND they also want to dump salary on the Celtics.

      So it won’t happen. Really, the Hawks want to avoid giving the Celtics Smith at all. They don’t want him on a conference rival.

  • RealGM is reporting the C’s got Jordan Crawford- just what we need- another 2-guard.

    • $tephanie95

      Welcome Jordan Crawford

  • $tephanie95

    Any way we can get an upgrade at pf? Bass & lee for someone?

  • KY Celts fan

    Celticsblog is saying Barbosa for Crawford.

    • Can’t complain about that. Well done DA. 40 minutes left-

  • boston2343

    Jordan Crawford? just call him Jamal and he might play good

  • boston2343

    Ainge is too scared to pull the trigger

  • celtics33

    All the rumors and hype winds up with the Celtics getting Jordan Crawford.

    For those who don’t know he is a shooting guard who is a scorer not a good shooter. He shoots an awful% from the floor overall and from 3pt range for his career although is slightly better this season. Is not a good defender and has had conflicts with the Washington coaching staff.

    Excited yet??? Well at least he is young and potentially improve unlike the ancient stiffs Danny likes to bring in late in the season.

    Danny is famous for saying Red kept the core of the old Celtics intact for too long and now he is doing the same thing.

    If the Celtics don’t make a return trip to at least the ECF then today will turn out to be a colossal mistake and just delayed the inevitable rebuilding of this team.