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Report: Celtics acquire Jordan Crawford for Barbosa, Collins

I know, right?? It’s EXACTLY the big splash you’ve been waiting for.

The Celtics are reportedly going to acquire Jordan Crawford from the Washington Wizards, in exchange for Leandro Barbosa

UPDATE:  the deal also includes Jason Collins

So who is Jordan Crawford… in a nutshell, he’s a gunner that loves to shoot but doesn’t do it very well.  He’s a career 40% shooter but he’ll light it up on occasion.  Let’s let the ESPN folks take it from here (Insider link):

Shoot-happy guard who takes terrible shots. Capable passer when mood strikes.
+ Very quick and has a good handle. Can finish, but poor long-range shooter.
+ Abysmal defender. Undersized for 2. Must add strength and dial up effort.

Crawford is the most superficial of basketball talents, a high-scoring gunner who takes terrible shots and barely tries on defense. Last season he averaged an impressive 21.4 points per 40 minutes, but only by dragging the offense to its knees — Washington, the league’s 29th-ranked offense, barely improved with Crawford on the floor.

A shot-happy guy who can’t make shots very well and who doesn’t try very much on D.  I’m sure that’s going to go well.  Here’s his shot chart from this season, just for fun:

He’s ok if he shoots from the right side of the floor.  And getting him for Barbosa, whom the Wiz could just waive or pay minimum wage until the end of the season, then the Celtics at least turned an unusable player into a usable player… and they didn’t give up a tall guy with potential to do it.

So we’re all going to have some fun with this trade because Crawford is, quite honestly, not very good.  He’s an NBA player that the Celtics got for nothing.  So in that sense… it’s not horrible.


The addition of Collins to this deal makes it fairly clear the Celtics are about to add some more bodies somehow.  Though the deadline is currently over, there could be some more work done as deals we haven’t heard yet are finalized.  At the very least, Collins will be replaced by someone, and probably soon.

Here’s a YouTube clip of one of Crawford’s good games.

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  • Shawn

    He is the broke version of Jamal ahaha. Can be useful in the right situation

  • Lakerhater

    a pedestrian player in return for a gimp. Maybe he can rebound at shoot around.

  • eddysamson

    At least we keep Fab?

  • Dirk

    For now and considering there was only one hour left to make any kind of trade, nothing for something sounds good to me.

    I agree with the article’s analysis, only that Crawford’s deal has one more year left, right? Tha would mean we’re stuck with him next season too, unless he’s traded again.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      Right but it’s a rookie contract weighing in only at ~1.5mil.

  • Mike from DC

    I’ll take it – we need guard-depth and bodies and he provides both those things for nothing. Saw him in person during the Wiz’s home opener against the C’s and he can fill it up in bunches. Hopefully being around a veteran core (assuming we still have one at 3:01 PM) will do him some good!

  • Lakerhater

    Crap danny’s talking to the clippers again don’t do it danny!

  • I gotta admit- I havn’t seen much of him- he was starting when they were beating us early in this season, but that “insider” review is brutal… least it cost nothing…

  • KY Celts fan

    he’s a bigger Nate Robinson without the fun personality.

  • OlSkool72

    The NBA trade dealine is the most over hyped day in the league every year. The media throws out all these names and trade scenarios and all you usually get are lower tier or unproven players, future 2nd round picks, and expiring veteran minimum contracts getting moved.

  • $tephanie95

    Fantastic move! We gave up nothing & got a 20 ppg caliber scorer. He instantly becomes the 2nd best scorer on the team after pierce. Danny does it again, kudos!

  • Jp

    I hope I’m proven wrong here, but I don’t see the value here. A volume shooter doesn’t seem to be a good fit for us. The pace we play at, we have to have a premium on our shots. All the talk from Ainge has been looking towards a championship with every move. I’m stuck thinking this a chip move, like the plan is to flip him in a package elsewhere.

    • sev

      you need someone to be able to create shots and all we have is Pierce. With good coaching and good character guys around him, he may limit some of those shots to only good shots.


    This is a no-brainer. You give-up someone who was done for the year and get a young guy who can give us 11-13 points a night. Sorry to see Barbosa go as he is such a good dude, but we need healthy bodies.

  • eddysamson

    Well nice to see its 3:02 and we still have KG and Pierce! (and Rondo I suppose…)

  • Curt



  • Derrick

    Not quite Stephanie. More like what Ky Celts fan said. Taller Nate Robinson without the hops or personality. 20ppg was because he shots too much(nobody else on the team could score so not all his fault).

    At least he is taller though. Can play both the 1 and 2. I just hope he he’s willing to play defense on this defense first team.

    Go C’s. Good trade.

  • Shane

    Tough to fault Ainge on this one, as Barbosa was useless in his current state. Crawford has the potential to become an above-average bench scorer, but whether or not he ever gets their is entirely predicated on his ability to listen to the vets, and stop taking shots that aren’t his to take. He’s quick as hell, so the defensive potential is there as well. Again, if he tries, he could be a very useful player. I think everyone is underestimating the impact he has the potential to make. He has been rotting away in Washington, with no one to keep him in line (KG and PP), and has never played for a winning team. None of this is a given, of course, as his numbers show, but I believe that he will surprise a few people and give us a spark.

    If all else fails, his contract next year is a team option, so the C’s can cut him, losing no money or players in the process. Solid move by Ainge to shore up the guard rotation. RIsk is involved, obviously, but isn’t that how this season has gone so far?

  • Gggho

    See this is rebuilding on the fly. Now we have Terrence Williams Bradley Crawford lee rondo green and fab with sully coming back next season. T-will Crawford sully rondo and green all have great potentiol. Twill rondo and green have star potential. And if rondo learns to shoot and not dominate the ball than he has superstar potentiol. Twill is a gr8 ISo scorer and defender. He also has superstar potentiol if he gets consistent minutes. If we can get a solid big through free agency then were all set for the next couple years.

    • WallyWorld

      Were all set because we signed a guy that was playing in china last week? Superstar potential? Cmon man, if crawford and williams are our future were gonna need more than just a big to be all set. Even danny knows that

      • Highborn

        The only knock on twill is his shooting. I did done reaserch and found out he scores 1.25 points per isolation play. His d is great and his is a freak athlete. He has yet to dominate in the nba but he got inconsistent minutes in NJ and barley played at all on the other teams. I think he has gr8 potential. Sign him to a long term deal and make him the go to guy and we will see his potential

        • WallyWorld

          Youre both nuts. He averaged 17ppg playing over in china where he probably was the go to guy. This here is the NBA. If terrence williams is our go to guy dont expect more than 15 wins. You really think every team in the league missed on this guy and we just happened to sign a future allstar mid season from a league in china? This teams future just took some major hits by holding onto pp and kg. Their value goes down two fold from now until the offseason. Not a big market for 35 and 36 year old declining players as much as i love them

  • eddysamson

    why the hell would we also trade Collins for this dude when bigs are what we’ve always needed and we didnt make any other moves to get any….

    • Brick James

      he must be signing another big off the scrap heap. only possible explanation

      • eddysamson

        but we needed Collins AND another big off the scrap heap =/

        • LA Flake

          maybe perk gets waived? and we pick him up???

  • Djhhng

    Y is j Collins included? How can he help the wiz? C’mon Danny he is good for us to defend pure centers. He is also gr8 at rotations. Something that Wilcox and fab suck at.

  • Noori

    Umm we need bigs…

    I live in VA, Crawford is Pretty talented He may have knucklehead moments but that’s a product of being on the wizards.

  • SF Celts fan

    Danny Ainge SUCKS! Lets fire him.

  • The Savior

    30 mpg 17 ppg 43% fg 37% 3fg 2.5/2.1 a/to

    26 mpg 13 ppg 42% fg 35% 3fg 3.7/2.3 a/to

    Top guy is considered a steal in FA & instrumental in making his team a contender. Bottom guy considered a chucker w a low bball iq. Fact is being able to create a shot in the nba is a valuable skill & for a team that plays great defense, shares the ball, & is surrounded by perimeter shooters, but has very little in breaking down man to man defense, that skill becomes exponentially more valuable (see: what barbosa was bringing to this team). Top guy is Jamal Crawford, bottom is jordan. Give this guy a chance. If he can assimilate to a more structured team in the celtics vs a dysfnxal organization in the nation’s capital, he has the potential to provide a spark even larger than what barbosa began to display. Let’s add a big ala Kmart, & go to war. We have nothing to lose, & for the record I am glad pp & kg are still on the battlefield for us.

    • boston2343

      you can’t add Kmart Knicks got him already

      • The Savior

        Well I said that before the Knicks announced that. Anyways I’d rather have Amundsen, so hopefully we sign him.

  • eddysamson

    Are we forced into Zone now with Melo being the only defensive backup to KG?

  • KG21

    Collins is traded..extra money to sign a free agent?

  • RedsLoveChild

    KG got what he wanted….he gets to remain on a rapidly sinking ship!

    Enjoy the ocean floor.

    • ShawnCVD

      IDK what your talking about. Boston will settle into a 4th or 5th seed and will be a tough out in the post season.

      This season was already lost when Rondo/Sully/Barbosa went down. That means KG should be jonesing to get outta town? That means the Cs are incapable of putting a quality product on the court? That means that as fans there are not other worthwhile stories to follow this season.

      Your trash talking really makes you sound like a front runner/ fair weather fan.

      I respect Danny for not blowing it up. Jordan/Bledsoe would have been a nice haul…so is keeping Ticket!

      • RedsLoveChild

        Wow…sneaking into the playoffs, then get quickly blown-out. Nothing like setting such lofty goals!

        Can`t wait for next year…when we go to war with a 37 year old KG, and a 36 year old Pierce leading the charge!

        • KY Celts fan

          How about you find another team then, because all you do is bitch about this one.

          • ShawnCVD


          • RedsLoveChild

            Why don`t you just become a fan of the Wizards?

            Seriously, you could watch them run up & down the floor…see the ball go through the pretty net…look at the dancing cheerleaders…clap when they record a rare victory…all the time not even caring about things such as championship banners, rings, etc.

        • R

          Why being so negative all the time…

          • Rhyso

            ^ Ahahahahahha

        • KGino

          I can’t wait for next year with KG and P leading the charge… Except I’m not being sarcastic…you know, because I’m actually a fan..

  • With Collins gone, we’re incredibly thin up front. I hope the plan goes beyond using Fab Melo, who looks lost out there in the few garbage minutes he’s had.

    for all the talk we heard boiled down to a handful of minor deals- shows you how valuable wire reports can be.

  • Matt W

    Guess we’re going to see a lot more of Fab Melo.

  • Deltav

    Was JC the one that dunked on LeBron?
    Just asking.

    • KG21


  • Astarot

    This update’s changing things a little bit, cuz Cs don’t have many bodies and they giving up some more. So how many healthy players they have now 9 am I right?

    • eddysamson

      Starting 5 plus JG, JET, Twills, Fab, Crawford, Wilcox

      so 11.

    • Matt W

      We’ve got 11.

  • Astarot

    Right but only Fab and Wilcox and Green able to play on 4 as back up bigs so it’s far from ideal situation.

  • Ainge announced last week that he’d like to resign Leandro next year, then trades him this week… is that not genius? Let’s the guy know he’s wanted when he gets healthy and meanwhile picks up an asset (however minor). I for one am glad the Captain & KG are still wearing green. Go C’s!

    • art

      Barbosa will be a free agent. No reason he can’t be re-signed for next season. Dumping him was a no-brainer for Danny because of the season-ending injury. Danny has done this before: Marquis Daniels.

  • Shane

    Not really sure why the Wiz did this. Crawford is still on his rookie scale contract, meaning next year is a team option. All the Wiz did was add $0.5 million to their direct payroll this year, while losing a player who had value (albeit none too much). I still think Crawford shocks the naysayers and becomes a solid role player for the Celtics. His shooting percentage will rise because he won’t be allowed to take the terrible shots that have defined his past, and because he has more threats around him, giving him more space to operate. Not really sure why people are dumping on this trade when all we lost was a backup backup center and a guard with a torn ACL. Collins can be replaced easily, and anyone was an upgrade over a guard that was never going to play for the next 6-10 months.

    • eddysamson

      Collins could have been replaced easily with a trade. Now? I don’t see it happening. We now have NOTHING to back up KG defensively. Collins was 100 times the man Wilcox is on defense.

      Name a FA that will play better help D or set better picks than Collins. I bet you cant. And if you say Kmart check the little twitter box over to the right cause hes on the Knicks for 10 days and if they dont want him after that why would we?

      THAT is why this trade isn’t the BEST. Its not horrible, either, but it made WAY more sense when it was just Barbosa for Crawford straight up.

  • zippittyay

    Dang…. I got all excited for a moment thinking we got Jamal Crawford…

  • Dan

    Lottery, here we come.

    • ShawnCVD

      Boston will settle into the 5th or 4th seed. Also they still have a punchers chance to reach the ECF…

  • piecz

    2.Crawford can be useful in late shot clock situations when C’s offense is broken which seems to happen more often recently.

  • boston2343

    can we trade DA? he got one right with KG and Allen, but it all goes down from there. Celtics needs a Center not another guard you blew it again one hit wonder DA

  • There’s only 2 teams that can realistically win it all so none of this really matters. Too bad cuz that Denver team impressed me.

  • john

    The only goal redslovechild has set is reaching his personal onanistic nirvana before mom rents out the basement and tosses him into the street

    • KGino

      Hahahaha this is great. I don’t even have to be the guy to bash him anymore!

  • Nutshell: Danny has done it again. Turned nuthin’ to sumpin’ and added two young, athletic and talented guards who can score and are capable of playing the passing game. These two (T-Will & J-Crawf) are bubbling over with potential and the ability to contribute immediately. Danny pulled off some very sly action after losing three impact players in Rondo, Sully & Barbosa. He couldn’t have done any better and kept the team intact. And by the way…there’s no such thing as a “big man scrap heap.” The C’s have 4 slots still to fill. I’m very confident that we’ll land a couple of bigs that can help. This could also be a great opportunity for Fab. There will be playoffs, haters…get used to the idea.

  • Reggie35RIP

    A “meh” trade that can’t hurt us.

    I loved LB on this team, but a player that can play is better than one that can’t, so I don’t mind having Crawford.

    I like him as a guy that can come in when no one’s hitting shit and he can just jack up a bunch of shots and see what happens. It’s not always going to work, but at least that last resort option is there for us.

    And Collins? Yes he’s big, but really he didn’t do much aside from set hard picks, grab the odd rebound and foul guys. His much talked about low post defense didn’t impress me much. Mostly he just got beaten and hacked guys. He just lacked the athleticism to defend most of the bigs in the league. So I’m not too concerned about losing him. Also gives Wilcox more minutes which I’m all for if he can handle them.

    I’m not too high on Melo at the moment. Yeh he got a dunk and a highlight block against LA’s bench. But on the whole he’s got a loooooooong way to go before he’s ready to handle more than 5+ minutes a game.

    Definitely should grab another FA big though.