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Recap: Anyone still awake?

KWAPT (@KWAPT) February 21, 2013 Gametime, Recaps 18 Comments on Recap: Anyone still awake?

You knew that the Lakers and their fans would be emotional tonight, and that L.A. would feed off of it, but the Celtics showed little resistance. Call it “tired legs”, second night of a back-to-back, blah blah. Boston just did not play defense tonight. Period. They fall 113-99 in L.A.

As Doc told his troops at halftime, “they’re getting whatever they want..” Couldn’t have said it better myself. L.A. shot 53% from the field, and had 54 points in the paint. Dwight Howard got hot early, and despite keeping it close through some of the 1st half, the wheels completely fell off the C’s bus in the 3rd & 4th. The lone bright spot? Paul Pierce. P-Double put on an absolute clinic. It’s clear that L.A. is one of his favorite places to play, second only to TD Garden. If this was his last game at Staples as a Celtic, he went out with a bang. Truth had 26 points on 9 of 17 shooting, had 5 assists, 4 rebounds and nailed 4 of 7 from downtown. Courtney Lee had another solid game putting in 18 and holding Kobe to 5 of 15 from the field. KG finished with12 pts. Dwight Howard had his best game as a Laker- “Paint Your Face Clown” had 24 points, a lot of which were uncontested dunks and layups. Lakers also got 16 from Kobe and had 6 guys in double-figures.

The Green:

  • Jeff Green had 15 points, 7 rebounds & 4 assists in 26 mins. off the bench
  • Paul Pierce’s shot chart:

The Gross:

  • Celtics gave up 54 points in the paint
  • Bass and Bradley were a combined 5 of 13 for 12 points in 64 minutes
  • Pick and roll defense was horrible

 The Greenlights:

Sorry-no highlights up at this hour, so I’ve substituted a hot pic of Menounos from tonight’s game.

The Grid: (quick stats)

  • Lakers took 31 FT’s
  • Doc played Chris Wilcox for just 7 minutes & Collins for 5 minutes tonight
  • Terrence Williams had 5 points, 2 rebounds & 2 assists in 12 minutes
  • Despite the win, Lakers are still 3 games under .500 

Celtics now have a day off and head to Phoenix for a Friday night game with the Suns. Be sure to stay with Red’s Army for any trade news leading-up to tomorrow afternoon’s deadline. The guys from CSL will also have a live trade deadline special tomorrow at 5pm! I’m going to pass out now before I fall asleep with my head on the computer again. Zzzzzzzzzz…


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  • LA Flake

    Bad things happen when Bass is on the floor. Bad things happen when Bass is on the floor. BAD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN BASS IS ON THE FLOOR!!!

    • Josh

      Thank you. I was thinking the other day that I couldn’t recall the last time he scored on something other than a dunk or catch-and-shoot.

      Sometimes they pass it to him posted up. He either turns it over or passes it back out.

      Doc putting him on Howard was literally insane. Like did MDA laugh when he saw that? Absolutely baffling. Put Collins or Wilcox in. Neither are good but Bass on Howard is a joke.

  • Willow Green

    Terrence Williams is a good passer tho. I can see potential in this signing. im glad C lee is agressive again.

    But i think we need a trade to make this team a good contender. Nothing major, just get rid of bass who actually can rebound and contest shots in the paint.

    I miss Sully And Rondo bad,

    • LA Flake

      the thing that bothers me about dumbass is that doc has other options in wilcox and even melo. did you see that spectacular block by melo? he’s a 7 footer and doc couldn’t find 10 minutes for melo to check The Clown? seriously, is dumbass dating doc’s daughter or something? what the hell is going on?

      • WillowGreen

        The only thing that can explain this is, Doc has trust issues.

        I think Melo gets lost on D,

        But i do hope we get some new guys in, why do Celtics like guys who cant rebound? lol We shouldve gone after role players that who does nothing but grab rebounds all day

      • So true. That’s why I added it to the recap-why didn’t Doc throw Collins at Howard when he was hot? Let Jason use his 6 fouls & make Howard earn some of those 24 pts at the line.

  • tim

    refs were awful gave kobe every call and dwight moves on every pick but they decide to call it every now and then… celtics made runs but could nver cut it low due to big baskets by lakers or blown calls when celtics attacked the hoop (see jeff greens and dunk and tell me how that wasn’t an and one) celtics need to get more offensive rebounds takign jumpsots with no one at the rim just isnt gonna cut it

  • KG21

    Ive been asking this myself all night! Why is Bass still playing?! Put Wilcox in! Smh! Bass is Ainge worst signee.

  • WillowGreen

    a weird suggestion

    Brandon Bass and Fab Melo for Kris Humphries and Marshon Brooks.

    Line up:
    AB, Lee, PP34, JGreen, KG
    Jet, MB, TWill, Humphries, Wilcox

    i really dont like humphries, but i dont like Bass too. But i like Marshon’s skillset tho.

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  • Spike

    Thanks for the pic!
    <3 Maria!

  • Who lives in Boston???

    Great game. Better outcome. Jerry Buss was smiling down on Staples center, while Red was pouting & sucking his thumb in the corner.

    Fitting tribute.

    • Curt

      No…Red was preparing for the playoffs…because Boston will be in them and LA will not.

  • Celtic Geezer

    This loss had little to do with Brandon Bass; it was a team debacle. Avery was overzealous and kept letting Steve Nash by him to score because of it. Plus, they played the pick-and-roll terribly, as whoever was guarding Dwight Howard was not catching or even slowing Nash on the other end. The referreeing was terrible but it was not really that one-sided. It was over-referreed on both ends. They did give Kobe some undeserved free throws, BUT there were several poor offensive foul calls on everyone on the court, including Kobe and Dwight Howard. The Celtics double-teamed way too much and left their men all alone under the basket, all night long. My God, why double team Steve Nash driving to the basket? What is he going to do that is so dangerous at the basket OTHER than pass to a guy who someone has left open in order to double team Nash. Plus, the Celtics blew every wide open shot and free throw that would have knocked the lead down to 3 or 4. Pierce had a great first half but disappeared in the second half. Doc coached the team poorly. For instance, for a short time span in the 3rd or 4th, the Celtics were making some headway by spreading the floor and allowing Jeff Green to drive to the basket from the wing. So, after a few easy baskets and passes on these drives….they never do it again. Plus, at the very beginning, Courtney Lee was blowing by Steve Nash as if Nash was stapled to the floor. After a few baskets, instead of isolating Lee on Nash, they just stopped doing it. There was no energy. In short, a VERY depressing game for a Celtics’ fan living in Los Angeles. As I was leaving, the gung ho Lakers fans were shouting “Boston sucks” in my face. My only recourse was to shout back at them, in the same cadence, “Lot-ter-y”! I hope this road trip doesn’t turn into another total debacle.

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