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Your Morning Dump…where KG does Yoga and may agree to a trade

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics won’t consider moving Garnett to the Clippers for any other combination of players, and won’t revisit the talks unless Bledsoe and Jordan are in the package, sources said.

Boston hasn’t approached Garnett to waive his no-trade clause without an agreement in place, but there’s strong belief he would ultimately agree to it. What’s more, Boston could simply trade Paul Pierce and leave Garnett with even less desire to finish his career with a young, rebuilding roster.

Yahoo – NBA trade deadline buzz

A very interesting way to start our pre-trade deadline morning out to say the least. It has been reported to the gills that if the Celtics found a trade which would involve Kevin Garnett, that he would utilize his no trade clause in order to remain in Boston. Garnett is a very loyal person to an organization and if Celtics fans remember the Celtics original pursuit of Garnett, he was very strong headed in not wanting to be traded from his original team. But it is that last line that throws a real wrench into things.

Would Kevin Garnett ultimately agree to a deal if talked into it? Or,  this just a way for Woj to keep people reading his trade deadline rumor section awaiting a big deal that may never come. The only team that makes sense for Garnett to agree going to would be Los Angeles given the proximity to his home, but with the Clippers reluctant to give up both Jordan and Bledsoe and ownership clearly not wanting to make that deal, I see no way this trade happens.

That last line opens up a whole different discussion as well. If Garnett, who has openly admitted to “bleeding green” would be open to a trade and play elsewhere the remainder of this season, what does that say about his future intentions? With his cryptic message about his “final” All-Star game, and that “you don’t know what I know” when asked about that statement; is this Kevin Garnett telling us that he is going to hang it up after this season?

I’d hate to see Garnett leave, but if the Celtics know something that they aren’t letting on to, in regards to Garnett’s future (or even Pierce’s future for that matter, as one without the other constitutes a blow-up) then getting two young good players for a retiring Garnett is a steal, rather than letting him retire and getting nothing but cap space at the end of the year (with a shrinking salary cap and the soft cap/hard cap structure its almost useless). If the Celtics can get a commitment from both Garnett and Pierce to stick around for another season, keep the team together and make a push this year, otherwise it may be time to pull the trigger.

Danny Ainge spent much of yesterday downplaying the possibility of a trade, but the Herald’s Mark Murphy has a source that disagrees:

They’ll be stunned if the Celts don’t make a deal of some sort.

“They’re too active,” said one. “They’ve been putting a lot of different things out there, and you’d have to think at least one of them is going to come through.”

In other news, if asked which NBA players one would think is most likely to participate in Yoga as a calming exercise , we all would totally peg Kevin Garnett at the top of that list right?  You know the guy that would bite the head off an infant if it was defending him, uses language not suitable for biker bars, and would taunt his own mother if he blocked her shot? Ya that guy…Certainly catches you off guard but VERY cool to see the transformation between on court Garnett and real world Garnett.

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  • Noori

    I hope Josh Smith realizes that a Celtics team without KG and Pierce won’t be anything like he fantasizes about over in ATL

    • Nick Sannicandro

      he’s hot on Boston because Rondo is his boy, this is a buddies league now apparently

  • RedsLoveChild

    The key to getting KG to waive his “no-trade”…is to first trade Pierce.

    With Pierce gone, there`s no reason for KG to remain in snowy Boston instead of joining a title contender in sunny Malibu.

    Prediction : Pierce & KG become ex-Celtics tomorrow

    • kobe

      Celtics have traded a player already you’ll be shocked

      • RedsLoveChild

        How “shocked” can I be…when I`m already predicting KG and PP will be traded???

        You don`t have any “inside information” about who has been traded. If you did, you`d reveal who has been traded long before the world finds out…instead of pretending you`re under a “gag order”!

    • Reggie35RIP

      I’d put money on this not happening.

      • RedsLoveChild

        The #1 reason why it may not happen is because there is no market for Pierce.

        Nobody wants him.

  • kobe

    Oh man Cs fans will be sad to see that guy go… well this is a business

  • Kobe

    Have a starting lineup of


    Pierce after buyout

    • Nick Sannicandro

      or a lineup of rondo bradley smith sully jordan

      with a bench of
      bledsoe lee green bass melo?

      • Reggie35RIP

        Wouldn’t it be: Rondo, Bradley, Smith, Green, Jordan? In your lineup Bradley would be the only outside threat.

        • eddysamson

          Green hits that 3 about as often as AB.

    • mike

      30 days until they’d be able to be brought back to there same team after being bought out and that would not happen

  • Armin

    Why do I keep reading these Ronfo trade rumors? I thought injured players couldnt be trades

    • Brad

      They CAN be traded. Just very rarely are.

  • paul

    You can’t put a price on loyalty. Don’t trade Pierce or KG

  • $tephanie95

    I’m already preparing myself for tears (but seriously).

  • Astarot

    Hope it ain’t gonna happen. Where’s that trade deadline? But with one thing I gotta agree if KG’s gonna retire after this season they shoud do the deal,in Perce’s case I’m not sure I’d rather not do that but it’s sort of connected (KG and Pierce trade at least at some point)so it’s tough. Ainge is active andhe said we;ll have a lot to talk about before trade deadline but I’m not sure if we’ll talk about good things.

  • SF Celts fan

    Nothing’s going to happen. Ainge is incompetent.

    • Reggie35RIP

      I’d say Danny’s working it – if we put any stock in what “sources” are supposedly saying.

      It’s more going to come down to teams not wanting to take on veteran players – who may either retire or are on expiring contracts – for young(er) players that are proven or up-and-coming.

      The Clippers would make the most sense because they’ve got a shot at the title this season (although I don’t see them beating OKC or the Heat). KG would be a massive upgrade over Jordan for them, but it’s a lot to give up with Bledsoe for half a season. Who knows what KG will do next season.

  • ay

    Just read on the website of the station I watch the games on that pp and kg left for la last night, wtf

    • Frank5

      So did the rest of the Celtics. They’re playing the Lakers tonight.

      • ay

        I know, its about the only chuckle I can get out of all this foolishness

  • anyd