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Where we stand with all the trade rumors

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 20, 2013 Celtics News 8 Comments on Where we stand with all the trade rumors

We’re less than 24 hours from the NBA trade deadline, and the Celtics are in middle of just about every trade rumor out there.  So here’s a quick reset of where we stand with everyone on the roster.  We’ll run it down by order of roster number:

Teams are asking about him, but he’s not being actively shopped.  The Timberwolves have interest, but Danny isn’t giving him away, allegedly asking for Derrick Williams AND a first round pick.

Buzz factor:  

Terry was mentioned as a possible tax casualty if the Celtics couldn’t swing anything ground breaking.

Short of a full-blown purge of the Big Three era, rival execs believe the Celtics would consider moving a contract (such as Jason Terry‘s $5 million) to get under the luxury tax in what essentially is a lost season due to injuries.

Buzz factor: 

The Clippers want him bador do they?  The latest reported deal involves Eric Bledsoe for DeAndre Jordan.  Jordan seems to be the upgraded version of an earlier deal that included Caron Butler.  This is the only rumor out there with KG right now, who does hold veto-power with a no-trade clause.  He proclaimed to the world over the All Star break he’d be buried in green, but I believe KG would back down from that an play the “they obviously don’t want me here, so I’m not going to stay where I’m not wanted” card if Danny went to him with an offer.

Buzz factor: 

Teams didn’t seem all that interested in him prior to the back surgery, and no one seems willing to risk a deal for Sullinger post-surgery.

Buzz factor: 

There hasn’t been much outside interest from teams hoping to acquire Jeff Green, but a random report from a Wisconsin beat writer did mention a willingness to trade Green and Brandon Bass in a deal for Josh Smith.  That never really went anywhere, and the buzz around Green is almost non-existent.

Buzz factor: 

Chris Broussard tweeted the C’s were willing to listen to the right offer for Rondo.  But as we learned, the “right offer” is damn near impossible, and his agent says Rondo is staying put.  Still, that’ll never stop the Rondo rumors.  Someone will always say they heard something.

Buzz factor: 

He’s also mentioned in that Wolves story, but they’re not entirely interested in paying him for the next three years.  He was also mentioned with the Grizzlies, and just generally mentioned as a guy who could move.  There’s nothing specific about Lee going anywhere at the moment, though, and I wonder if the C’s are looking to part with a young player who is a big part of their defense.  Still, he’s got that type of “filler” contract that’s going to keep his name afloat for one more day.

Buzz factor: 

He’s on a minimum deal and he’s got a torn ACL.  Aside from maybe being a filler, there’s nothing going on with Blur.

Buzz factor: 

Danny just made Melo available, though I don’t know how many takers there’ll be for a project like Fab.  Still, he’s a young big.  So you never know what kind of interest he’ll draw.

 Buzz factor: 

Aside from the mention with Green in a long-gone Josh Smith rumor, there doesn’t appear to be much interest in Bass.  His disappointing season seems to make him unattractive on the market.

Buzz factor: 

It sure seems like Pierce has been mentioned a lot in trade rumors, but aside from the declaration that it would take Paul Pierce to get Josh Smith, there haven’t been any specific rumors involving The Truth.  Still, there’s little doubt out there…. if the C’s find a deal for Kevin Garnett, the next domino to fall will be Pierce.  Either both go, or neither goes.

Buzz factor: 

I’m lumping them together because there’s nothing involving them out there.  The only caveat is the ever-present “filler” possibility.

Buzz factor: 

There it is.  Everything in a nutshell.  Everything centers around our remaining stars.  The Celtics are a limping lion in the African savanna, and the buzzards are circling.  They’ve either got to find a way to get healthy and survive… or get picked clean.

So what will they do?  Let’s ask Chad Ford:

I don’t know what to believe. Multiple GMs say the Celtics are as active as any team in the league. Danny Ainge keeps saying it’s unlikely they do anything big. I’ve heard Ainge is pushing KG, Pierce and Rondo. Reports say they’re all being told they won’t be moved. It’s pretty clear to me that the Celtics have to do something … and they have the assets to do it — either breaking things up or adding to their core. The idea that Ainge is going to sit on his hands just don’t seem right. Welcome to another Danny Ainge trade deadline drama.

Ahhh… a resounding “I don’t know.”  Great.

Stay tuned, I guess.

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  • eddysamson

    Considering the sheer amount of trade talk and the whole CSN trade-day special I assume something is going to happen.

    I hope whatever happens surprises me because everything I’ve heard about I’m not a big fan of.

    • KWAPT

      They actually do the trade deadline special every year on the last day of the deadline. And I’m not thrilled with what i hear either. Just hope nothing drastic/stupid happens like Perk that year-what a kick in the b@lls that was…

  • Chulinho

    Ahaha…the Honey Nut Cheerios mascot, Buzz, for KG. Well played, John.

    I don’t believe the C’s will do anything. They don’t have much leverage to work with.

  • Deezy

    buzz lightyear, the bee guy from the simpsons, honey nut cheerios, dead bee for sullinger, all gold haha

    • Brick James

      How about the Google Buzz logo?

      All are great but HNC bee is priceless

  • Quest

    When has Danny not being active. Everybody is a trade chip with Danny.


    Love the “Buzz Factor” and bees-especially KG’s Honey Nut. Great touch John.

  • CoachBo

    It’s Blakely, but Bass and Melo for Gortat is one of those deals that make me wish he knew what the hell he’s talking about

    I’d love that one.