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Report: C’s want the world in a Rondo trade

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 20, 2013 Celtics News, Rumors 9 Comments on Report: C’s want the world in a Rondo trade

There isn’t a single Celtic that hasn’t been mentioned in some trade rumor somewhere.  Yesterday, Chris Broussard threw an “update” out there that Danny would move Rondo in the “right deal.” Anyone that knows this team, even a little bit, knows Danny Ainge will listen to any offer and move on something that he feels makes sense for the team.  Apparently, what makes sense is a lot

It’s pretty clear that the Celtics hold Rondo in high regard.  That might explain this promise Rondo’s agent allegedly got today.

The fact is that Danny is dealing with damaged goods with Rondo.  They’re not going to get an impact guy for him right now nor are they going to get a Melo-like haul when he’s not even able to walk normally at the moment.  So maybe the Rondo rumors will go away… for a few months at least.

Update:  Here’s Duffy’s quote from Amick’s story:

“He was emphatic that they would not trade Rajon Rondo,” Duffy told USA TODAY Sports. “He said, ‘We love him, and he’s our guy moving forward.’ Everybody is trade-able, and there’s always a bunch of dialogue with every player in the league who doesn’t have a no-trade clause, or LeBron James and a few other guys. In this particular case, Danny Ainge was emphatic that ‘we are not trading Rajon Rondo.'”

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  • JimmyG

    I’m fine with this. I agree we wouldn’t get 75 cents on the dollar so why make a move for him? If I weren’t a sap I would give serious thought to moving PP or maybe KG for the right deal, but I am a sap and I don’t think I could stomach seeing them play somewhere else. This team won’t win the championship this year, but I didn’t think they would in the first place. For me, I would rather route for a team that goes down swinging while connecting with a city than a group of individuals with talent. The rebuilding of this club is about 2 years away at most I’d venture to guess. I’m still not ready to put this old dog down though.

    • Roy

      I feel you on that. Yeah I would want to make a move to see the team pick up young assets, but can’t see two players we love and cherish play somewhere else. Go out swinging!

  • Well this is not any breaking news, Danny Ainge really does view Rondo in very high regard. He even told Rondo last year that the ONLY pg in the league that could replace him is Chris Paul. Danny has already come out and said that 1) He gets calls for Rondo all the time. 2) He is a manager so when other teams GM’s call he has to listen. 3) this is a business, no player is above being traded, or in talks of trade. Everybody knows that this time of the year, teams are trying to get to the playoffs, and every team wants a pg like Rondo, so rondo should be happy because this is proof of how good he is, that he can be in trade talks when he is out with a torn acl. I think a player should not worry until NOBODY is calling trying to pull them to another team. If i were Rondo I would learn that make sure from now own that he is in total control of his destination, since the GM’S like to say this is a business, then he should see it that way as well, now if the day come and rondo wants to leave boston, i want to see whats going to be said, will he be treated like lebron! Rondo should be recovering peacefully, not worrying about being traded, the media sucks!! Boy if I had a quarter for every story that had Rajon Rondo’s name in it, I would be rich.

  • OlSkool1972

    Chris Broussard basically informing us that water is wet. He’s got no new information and will probably be trying to stir up another Dwight Howard trade rumor before the deadline.

  • Mr Curet

    Even though it’d suck to see them go I’d trade Pierce for Josh Smith & KG to the Clippers for Deandre Jordan & Caron Butler so he can have a chance to play for a title. Then in the off season they could trade Bass or Sullinger for a back up center, let’s say Mozgov. But regardless, it’s an opportunity the Celtics can’t pass on, and a team with Rondo, Bradley, Jordan, Smith & Green with Terry, Lee, Butler, Bass or Sully & a decent backup center seems pretty good to me. Besides, it’s better than losing Pierce & KG in retirement & end up empty handed.

    • IanD

      Hear Hear, just replace butler with Bledsoe and I’m all for it!

  • Mike


  • Mike

    What do u think about this trade to win immediately…
    Rondo,lee,bass for dirk,collison…?

    • alex

      That wont happen