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Report: C’s reject Nets offer for Pierce

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 20, 2013 Celtics News 8 Comments on Report: C’s reject Nets offer for Pierce


From Woj (who else?)

The Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets have discussed a trade for Celtics star Paul Pierce, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The Nets’ offer centered on forward Kris Humphries, guard MarShon Brooks and a first-round draft pick, but the Celtics want a more substantial package to consider moving Pierce, league sources said. “The Celtics still highly value Pierce and it wouldn’t make sense to trade him for that kind of a package if they’re keeping Kevin Garnett,” one league source said.

Sorry Brooklyn, Humph and Brooks plus a pick won’t do it no matter what the situation as far as I’m concerned. Humphries is a good rebounder, but Brooks’ “promise” isn’t as promising as it was before.

And here’s the issue that has ALWAYS been the issue. The Celtics value Pierce more highly than other teams. Sure, Brooklyn would love to have a veteran scorer and stabilizing force on a team that’s trying like hell to be taken seriously. But they’re not going to give up what the Celtics want to sell their team, and the fans, on letting a career Celtic go.

The C’s apparently asked for Teletovic and a second 1st round pick…. which is too much for the Nets blood. I think this is probably the last year we’ll see Pierce and Garnett in Boston… but the Celtics won’t just give either guy away.

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  • Jimmy from Northborough

    I don’t think that this is the last year we see KG and PP in green. Is there a chance they retire? Certainly. But at this point (also depending on how this team does come playoff time) it looks like a 70/30 chance that they’ll stay vs retiring.

  • If that’s all the Captain’s worth- might as well keep him and see what happens. I’d rather go down fighting than have that tool Hump in green.

  • nyceltic

    That sounds like the best deal we can get. If thats not good enough for Danny we will probably see no changes.

  • P Funk

    Isn’t this the same deal that Atlanta was looking for, in return for Josh Smith? Maybe a 3-way trade is in the works…

    I doubt it though. I REALLY can’t see DA trading the Captain to a division rival.

  • john

    kobe and howard might come to blows before the season`s over ,yet blobe keeps posting crap on here

  • Quest

    No way are Pierce and KG coming back to Boston next year no matter how this year ends. Pierce gets moved on to another team in summer trading and KG retires. Danny has been gunning to move PP for awhile and KG not hanging on as the lone ‘elder’ player even if its on the Clippers. KG has made his millions.

  • NateB

    I’d like to see Pierce finish the season with the Cs but I fear that he’ll get traded today, which might mean that KG will get traded as well, presumably to the Clippers. While it could be best for the team, I really don’t want to see Pierce’s Cs career end with an unceremonious mid-season shipment to Atlanta.