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How we see it goin’ down: Celtics vs Lakers

Tip: 10:30PM     Court: Staples Center     Watch it:  CSNNE    Hear it: WEEI

Referees:  Scott Foster, Mark Ayotte and Gary Zielinski

Spread: LAL – 7.0

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The Matchup

Record: 28-25 Record: 25-29
On road: 8-16 At home: 16-11
Streak: Lost 1 Streak: Lost 1
Leaders Leaders
Buckets: Pierce (18.3 ppg) Buckets: Kobe Bryant (26.8 ppg)
Boards: Garnett (7.7 rpg) Boards: Dwight Howard (11.8 rpg)
Dimes: Pierce (4.4 apg) Dimes: Steve Nash (7.4 apg)
For the Stat Geeks: For the Stat Geeks:
Offensive Rating: 102.1 (25th NBA) Offensive Rating: 107.2 (8th NBA)
Defensive Rating: 102.2 (7th NBA) Defensive Rating: 106.5 (17th NBA)
Pace: 91.2 (19th NBA) Pace: 94.6 (3rd NBA)

Last time

The Celtics throttled the defenseless Lakers, 116-95, a few weeks ago in Boston. You may remember Jeff Green’s fabulous dunk and block on Antawn Jamison.

This time

Get it to:  Jeff Green

Green torched the Lakers for 19 high-energy points in the previous game. The Lakers have no one to guard him. Earl Clark is too big, Antawn Jamison is too old and Ron Artest is too slow.

Keep an eye on Paul Pierce. The Truth’s best game this month was the 24 point, 10-17 FG performance vs the Lakers. Who knew Artest had legs heavier than Pierce?

Gotta stop:  Steve Nash

Avery Bradley suffocated Nash in Boston, holding him to 9 points, 5 assists in 28 minutes. If he can do it again, we’ll see the Lakers rely too much on Kobe Bryant.

The Wild Card:  Emotions

Trade rumors are swirling around Dwight Howard, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and just about everyone on the Celtics roster. Who is able to block it out (PP, KG) and who plays with a distracted look in their eye (Howard)? Another factor – this will be the Lakers first game since the passing of owner Jerry Buss. The Celtics better start the game with energy.

How we see it goin’ down

To steal a line from my previous Celtics-Lakers game preview: The Celtics are never good on the second night of back-to-backs, but I don’t see them losing this game. Not against a Lakers squad missing Gasol.

Celtics 101

Lakers  99

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  • $tephanie95

    I think the game is going to be close also. The Lakers, Kobe especially, will play some inspired ball tonight. A win tonight would be like a tribute to Jerry and the fact that it’s the Celtics would make it even more special.

    • Deezy

      I agree, but Kobe and Gasol, and maybe World Peace are the only ones with real ties to Jerry Buss. I don’t think anyone else on that team will play too inspired. Also, I think Chuck is right, and Dwight will be a little distracted, despite the fact that the Lakers GM said Dwight should have a statue in front of the Staples Center. Could go either way tonight, looking forward to it.

      • $tephanie95

        That’s why I think Kobe, more than anyone, is going to try and have an outstanding night.

        • eddysamson

          Which could mean he single-handedly loses the game for them throwing up like 30 shots and only hitting 9

  • paul

    Bradley didn’t suffocucate Nash. Nash couldn’t get it done when his teammates heads weren’t in the game

  • Larry Legend

    Nate any brilliant predictions tough guy? Good call last night in Denver…typical

  • RedsLoveChild

    Boston will not get any breaks from the refs on an emotionally charged night with Jerry Buss at the forefront of every person`s mind.

    Unless the Celtics simply shoot the lights out…LA will win.

    • Larry Legend

      As I said yesterday 2-3 on this trip and I’ll be happy. Celtics-Lakers should never be on a back to back situation. Both times it was the celts on a second night of a back to back. And no the celts will not be getting calls tonight. When do they ever in LA?

      • RedsLoveChild

        Celtics shot 53% against the Lakers, in blowing them out two weeks ago.

        If they shoot 53% again tonight—in LA, on “Jerry Buss Night”—they`ll probably fall short of a win!

        • Larry Legend

          I’d take my chances with the celts shooting 53% tonight…i don’t see that happening tho. But it’s a game they can win. Always a big game when its the lakers.

  • JETson

    Bill Simmons just proposed this trade and I love it: Rondo/Bass for Josh Smith/Zaza/1st round pick….Hawks might be giving up too much but I think this is a good avenue for both teams right now

  • Josh

    2nd game of a back-to-back for the C’s, on the road where they struggle, in Staples where the Lakers are still playing well, in the first game for the Lakers since Buss passed away.

    I mean, I hope you’re right, but man, I dunno.