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Report: Clippers end talks for KG (wink, wink)

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski brings us up to date on the Celtics and Clippers trade talk:

For now, the Los Angeles Clippers have terminated talks with the Boston Celtics on a Kevin Garnett forEric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan trade, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Celtics have been eager to continue the conversation on the deal, but league sources said the talks will remain dormant unless Clippers star Chris Paul pushes the issue with management.

Several prominent executives and coaches with championship contenders told Yahoo! Sports they believe the Clippers would become more dangerous with Garnett.

Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro is a proponent of the deal, too, sources said.

The Celtics won’t consider moving Garnett to the Clippers for any other combination of players, and won’t revisit the talks unless Bledsoe and Jordan are in the package, sources said.

Boston hasn’t approached Garnett to waive his no-trade clause without an agreement in place, but there’s strong belief he would ultimately agree to it. What’s more, Boston could simply trade Paul Pierceand leave Garnett with even less desire to finish his career with a young, rebuilding roster.

I don’t believe the Clippers for one second. This is Negotiating 101. They are simply trying to get Danny Ainge to lower his asking price.

Here’s the real bomb in Woj’s story:

If the Celtics trade Garnett before the deadline, they would move Pierce, too, sources said. For the Celtics, the chance to get Bledsoe and Jordan could be a prelude to trying to package Pierce in a possible deal to the Atlanta Hawks for Josh Smith, sources said.

The Hawks also have discussed sending Pierce onto a third team in some previous conversations around the league. The Nets are trying to make a deal for Smith, too, and have offered Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, and either a future first-round pick or the draft rights to Croatian Bojan Bogdanovic, sources said.

Whoa. Not sure I can process two blockbuster trades that strip this Celtics team of their heart and soul.


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  • eddysamson

    I am surprised Pierce isn’t killing it tonight to prove his worth. Same goes for KG although he hasn’t been nearly as bad.

  • Brett Szabo

    These refs are GIVING the game to the Nuggets, pierce and the refs are Denver’s best friends tonight… love you Pierce but you look horrible

    I wish tommy was calling this game instead of Scal, he would be so heated

    • eddysamson

      Didnt the Dwade knee to the nuts not get called either but he got fined later? hope that happens here.

  • Trade Deadline

    Those deals would give us Bledsoe, Jordan and Josh Smith while keeping Green, Bradley and Rondo… youth, speed and defense. I’ve seen worse rebuilds…

    • RedsLoveChild

      Don`t forget Sullinger

  • piecz

    Who do you think can be our next great go-to-guy after Pierce and KG? Looking at current roster.

    • Raoul

      No one… that’s why we’d be trading for Smith, Jordan and Bledsoe… considering how inconsistent Bass is and how terrible Pierce has been this season, those players would supplement this season’s stats (I’m putting emphasis on “this season” because Pierce is one of my all-time favorite players). However, even with those additions, I’d still swing the rock to the Jet in the clutch.

  • SSJ6Celts

    Hmm… So The Celtics could look something like Josh Smith, Deandre Jordan, Jeff Green, Eric Bledsoe, Avery Bradley & Rondo(unless traded too) next season. They would instantly become one of the most fun teams in the league watch and you’d finally have 5 mustangs running with the league’s best passing PG in Rondo. Doc would most likely switch to a high octane offense to suit the talents of the team. But they would most likely suffer the same fate as Steve Nash’s Suns did. Entertaining as hell, but can’t win for lack of an elite player down the stretch ala KG or Peirce.

  • Patrick

    Come on Ainge DO IT!!!!!!! Send KG & Pierce to Clippers – let them go out on top against Ray Ray in the Finals … We get Bledsoe, Jordan, Butler’s expiring contract, Odom & their 1st rounder