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Recap: 4th quarter fade dooms Celtics in Denver

The Celtics put forth a valiant effort tonight in Denver, but ended up losing 97-90. They simply didn’t make enough plays down the stretch. The C’s managed a measly 6 points over the final 5+ minutes of this game. The officiating was horribly one-sided questionable, but it was the Celtics lack of offensive continuity that deserves blame.

The Green: Jeff Green had 20 points on 8-12 FG and a couple of fantastic blocked shots. Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee combined for 33 points on 13-25 shooting.

The Gross: Paul Pierce looked a tad rusty. Okay… he was awful. 2-14 from the field. He had some hideous turnovers and looked two steps behind on every play. Jason Terry managed just two buckets in 27 minutes.

Greenlights: Courtney Lee’s jumper beats the halftime buzzer

Jeff Green block

The Grid:

  • Denver shot 36 FTs to Boston’s 16
  • 7 of Brandon Bass’ 9 rebounds came in 1st quarter
  • Denver is 23-3 at home

Box score

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  • kobe

    Pierce is an old diva! you should have traded him when you had the chance. Celtics ain’t winning anything with diva Pierce hero ball.

    • TNceltic

      Seems to me you should have troubles enough of your own without trolling on a Celics page. Can’t the Mamba and the Clown create enough drama to keep you occupied?

      • kobe

        at least kobe shoots the ball it may or may not go in, but diva Pierce turns it over with his Iso Pierce.

        • p funk

          Kobe, your mother was an astronaut

  • Jester00

    Jeff Green may not Suck

    • Reggie35RIP

      L O L .

      I’ve been waiting for this. ;p

  • No, J-Green does NOT suck. Maybe folks can finally believe that some of the issue with him this year was letting the split bone slabs in his chest heal together enough to feel comfortable out on the floor taking hits. At this point, I don’t even move Green straight up for Josh Smith. What new/better would we be getting back in return? Nope…no trades to see here…move along now…lol!

  • kobe

    Oh man! You wouldn’t believe who got traded! Celtics will never be the same again. I guess Ainge will go the future route

    • KY Celts fan

      You’re just making stuff up now?

      • kobe

        nope I’m not making it up! guess who it is, I’ll give you a hint he stunk in last night game

        • frickenWaaaltaaah

          Durp fake trade alert what a genius you must be.

          I’d make fun of you except guess who is running your team now. The Lakers are going to suck for decades.

  • Swissflix

    Jeff Green: 20 points, great. But 2 rebounds in 33 min??

  • Curt

    We will do something with Green, Bradley, Lee, and Sullinger on the court. Man I can’t wait to see them get it done next season.

  • MrBleedGreen33

    You think Pierce is a Diva you guys have the biggest over rated diva in the league Dwight “Diva” Howard. Can’t wait to hear whats to come…

  • Nora

    3rd quarter is where they lost according to the box score

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