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Wyc Grousbeck on the passing of Lakers owner Jerry Buss

Longtime Lakers owner Jerry Buss has died. The 80-year-old Buss was suffering from an undisclosed form of cancer.

Hate the Lakers all you want, but Buss was a savvy businessman who helped catapult the Lakers back to the top of the NBA hierarchy after several mediocre seasons in the mid to late 70s. He was the real architect of Showtime.

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck on Buss’ passing:

“I had the pleasure of working with Jerry closely for the last 10 years on league matters. He was a wonderful business colleague, brilliant competitor and became a good friend. Although our teams competed in two Finals during that time, the friendship never wavered. He will be greatly missed and the entire Celtics organization offers condolences to the Buss family and Lakers organization.”

RIP Jerry Buss.

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  • Lakers4Life

    Pretty awesome to read rip Jerry Buss

    • Hartz

      Really? Come on man. Laker or not, this is a human being we’re talking about.

      • Lakers4Life

        I’m a lakers fan, it’s pretty awesome to read about how they worked together from a celtics point of view..

        • frickenWaaaltaaah

          That’s why commas were invented.

          Without the comma he thought you meant ‘pretty awesome to read Jerry Buss is dead.’

          • Lakers4Life

            I know that’s why I told him

  • ZabJudah

    jerry buss sucked

    • KY Celts fan

      show some respect.

    • ZabJudah

      at loosing haha

  • Lakers4Life

    There’s always an asswipe in the crowd

  • $tephanie

    Who cares about Buss, let’s talk trade rumors.

    • Who lives in Boston???




  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    Over 30 years in the league and he almost always had a competitor on the floor. That’s not an accident. He had everything it takes; cash sure, but also class, and deft (really underrated) organizational leadership.

    Many thanks and RIP to one of the guys who did the most to make the NBA such a special league to follow in my lifetime.

    • Fist

      He was in a city where every superstar wants to play. You think he could do that in Toronto for 30 years?

      • Who lives in Boston???


  • RedsLoveChild

    Sad day.

    Sorry to see him go….also sorry that his enormous success wasn`t limited to real estate only.

  • zippittyay

    Jerry Buss was always a classy guy. I wish I could say the same about the fans…..

  • Who lives in Boston???

    For those that showed respect at the passing of a rival’s legendary owner, kudos. For those that treat this occasion to attempt to put down a particular team or it’s fans – you only drag your OWN team’s fans down into the gutter with you.

    I remember when Red passed away (no I’m not comparing Buss to Red), my grandpa was really affected by it. And this from a man who oozed PURE “hatred” for The Celtics. He even avoided Boston on business trips! Believe it or not, he went and bought a Celtics banner that day, and flew it outside his home for the week – where there was normally a Lakers one. He never lost his vitriol for the Celtics, but he had the class, balls, and respect to know when to honor someone when they die. Even a Celtic.

    It takes a man to tip your cap at a rivals passing.

    And it takes a dickless chump to cheer it.

    • p funk

      Nicely said

    • ZabJudah

      jerry buss is dickless

    • Winsy

      And a chump, tip your hat to that.

      • Who lives in Boston???

        Who’s got the classless fans now? Not getting laid is no excuse, either of you. Maybe you two could hook up, and rub each others jerseys.

        • ZabJudah

          jerry buss be sucking hella dick

  • Who lives in Boston???

    Ohhhh….clever. Red must be proud. Dickhead.