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Report: Celtics close to signing Terrence Williams

**UPDATE: Washburn’s source now says the signing is a done deal.**

The Globe’s Gary Washburn has this update on the Celtics search for a warm body:

NBA source tells Globe the #celtics are strongly considering signing former New Jersey Net swingman Terrence Williams to 10-day contract.

Williams has played with three NBA teams and most recently China, considered a head case in past but has talent.

Williams left his Chinese team last week due to a death in his family. The Nets drafted him with the 11th pick in the 2009 draft but he didn’t stick around long. Williams has since played for Houston and Sacramento. He bolted for China after getting cut by the Pistons in training camp.

Here’s a blip from his college scouting report:

The Good: Top level athlete. Extraordinary strength and leaping ability. Perfect NBA specimen. Good ball-handler with excellent court vision. Has played PG at times for Louisville. Looks pass before shot. Can create shots for himself and others. Jump shoot looks fine aesthetically with proper elbow lift and great elevation. Excellent rebounder and instant fast break. Disruptive defender and defensive playmaker.

Williams had tardiness issues with the Nets. He seemed have put those issues behind him while playing for Sacramento, but he was not resigned.

You can follow him on Twitter.

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  • mike

    he has good height, 6’6″. thats all I know about him

  • brian
  • Astarot

    I’m kind of a surprised about what was happening with him throughout his career. He’s got talent no doubt but we can see now that he was one of those players drafted to high. I think he can be a good fit for C’s though.

  • OV Wright

    he’s always played decent against the C’s…i like the versatility of this signing if we do end up getting him…he can handle the ball and he’s athletically capable of playing good team defense..think of him as a middle class man’s TA …wouldnt mind seeing him in green

  • Andy

    My favorite non-superstar NBA player is about to sign with my favorite team? AWESOME!

    • Sheets


  • CelticsKid34

    I guess hes good friends with courtney lee too. So it might be some quick chemistry

  • LA Flake

    Definitely not the name I was expecting. Time to find his Youtube clips, I guess.

  • Frank A

    Anyone know how he did in china?

  • celticpride17

    I read that he was averiging 17.9 points 3 rebounds and 4 assit per game.

  • NateB

    This guy was a huge underachiever for some reason – given the low expectations that we’ll have he has the ability to be a solid contributor.

  • Brick James

    Plays with swag, and we need that. But will he buy into the team concept and understand the defense?

  • Celticai

    My DariusMiles sense is tingling

  • eddysamson

    I am surprised to see it hasnt been reported on here that its a done deal…or at least according to Gary Washburn’s twitter.

    • Brick James

      Um, it has. The update to the OP was made around 3 hours before you commented.

  • Romeo

    It’s a done deal

  • Shiv

    Terrence played on the same team as me in China. He’s a pretty good ball player, but he’s a better World of Warcraft player. Warcraft is important to be good at IRL too! One time I was in jail and this 6’9″ black guy wanted to buttseks me. I told him I was exalted with Stormwind so he buttseks’d some Korean guy instead!

    • eddysamson

      well this is the strangest comment I’ve seen on this site

    • boston2343

      lol, please give me some of that you are smoking

    • Brick James

      Starbury is that you?

  • brandon

    I agree eddy WTF? haha

  • Hhgmj

    He is like the poor mans version of Andre iggudalla

  • Reggie35RIP

    TWill better change his Twitter background soon…

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