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“Mr. Russell’s House” on NBATV tonight

Tonight at 9pm EST, NBATV will air “Mr. Russell’s House”, a one-hour special that chronicle’s Russell’s life and career with the Boston Celtics:

NBA legend Bill Russell chats with Bill Simmons about growing up and playing for the Celtics during the Civil Rights era. Also covered are Russell’s battles with Wilt Chamberlain, and President Obama honoring him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Here’s an excerpt from the special, and you can catch it in it’s entirety at 9pm EST tonight on NBATV. Russell also had a great sit down with C-Webb this past weekend. It’s worth a look if you missed it.


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  • Celtic Pride in Oz

    Was “honored” to discover basketball… and Celtics basketball in the early 60’s, watching Russ and the Jones boys, Havlicek, Satch, Heinsohn and the Cooz, while growing up in Boston. My brothers both were Bruins fans, my uncle always got us tickets for the long-time bridesmaid Red Sox, and the Pats just stunk at that time. Russell became my hero, and I always asked for no. 6 on my jersey for all the teams I’d play for at the time – summer leagues, CYO teams, youth clubs, whatever. Bill Russell was my “hero” then, and still now, and I’ve followed the Celtics ever since, the highs and the lows, even now after 25 years of living in Australia. Thank you for all the memories, Russ; you and the Celtics, with all the pride and tradition. You’ve given me and many, many other Celtic fans over the years, the honor of following a class tradition. Another well deserved recognition of your contributions to the Celtics organization, to the NBA, and to your own ability to stand up for what you believed in, no matter the opposition or how it may have “bucked the system”. Always loved how you used to be the thorn in Wilt’s side… Thanks for a lifetime of great memories!

  • RedsLoveChild

    This would have been excellent had Bill Simmons been replaced with a skilled, talented, experienced interviewer.

    One who was actually alive, and old enough to have personal memories of Russell`s career. Someone like Bob Costas.


    What a fantastic hour this was last night..really enjoyed it.