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Your Morning Dump… Where the KG to Clippers trade rumors are back

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers have been discussing a deal to trade forward Kevin Garnett for guard Eric Bledsoe and center DeAndre Jordan, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

There are differing factions within the Celtics and Clippers on the prudence of the deal, but the two teams have been in regular contact about the possibility, sources said.

Nevertheless, the biggest hurdle could ultimately center on Garnett’s willingness to waive his no-trade clause and accept a deal to the Clippers.

Because of his home in Malibu, and a close relationship with Clippers guard Chauncey Billups, there’s hope that Garnett, a 15-time All-Star, could be coaxed into accepting a trade if an agreement is reached, sources said.

Yahoo! Sports

If Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Spears are collaborating on a trade rumor story, there must be some truth to it.

While the inclusion of the 24-year-old Jordan makes this rumored deal much more appealing than the one that included Caron Butler, I remain reluctant to deal Kevin Garnett. Maybe it’s the 12-year-old fan inside me, but I’d rather see Garnett retire a Celtic than swap him for Jordan and Butler.

A source of Fox Sports’ Sam Amico speculates that if the Celtics unload Garnett, Paul Pierce will be next. Duh.

As for the blockbuster Dwight Howard for Rajon Rondo rumor that exploded on Twitter last night, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak is in full denial mode:

“I haven’t talked to Danny Ainge in weeks,” Kupchak told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard. “I made the statement a week or two ago that we’re not going to trade Dwight Howard and that hasn’t changed.”

When asked if a possible Howard-for-Rondo trade was discussed when he spoke to the Celtics weeks ago, Kupchak again said no. He said at no point this season has a Howard-for-Rondo trade been discussed.

I’m intrigued by this possible swap. Maybe it’s because I think KG and Doc can reach Dwight Howard. Color me naive.

And last but not least, there’s Josh Smith:

I’ve heard for a few weeks now that Boston is salivating over Atlanta forward Josh Smith and would be receptive to unloading Brandon Bass and Jeff Green to obtain him.

Gery Woelfel is the Bucks writer who recently proclaimed Boston is Smith’s primary destination.

Buckle up, people. We’re in for a wild ride until Thursday’s trade deadline.

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  • Hunter

    Do it!!!!

  • Matt W

    I don’t hate that deal. Jordan would be a pretty solid player to acquire longterm, and while it will hurt to see KG go, I’d also have absolutely no problem watching the KG/CP3/Griffin Clippers in the playoffs.

  • Matt W


    “Clippers executives would prefer to send out Willie Green, Ronny Turiaf and Caron Butler for Garnett”

    I’ll bet they would.

    • Michael

      ·····they are brainless for that offer····

    • nate

      Haha LMAO Matt….absolutely horrible deal for us.

      I’m torn on trading KG because I want him to retire a Celtic but I also think Bledsoe and Jordan is a good haul to get back.

      But yeah Green sucks, Turiaf is old and sucks and Butler is old, why the f*** would we do that trade.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    I forgot why I hated the trade deadline so much… 99.99% of this stuff never happens, but it always really freaks me out. Can’t wait until Thursday.

  • CelticNation

    Rumor factory apart…. Think this KG Clipers trade might happen. KG mouth is big these days denoting some negotiation. He deserves his last run for another title. As for the other rumors regatding Rondo Lakers JSmith…. Bullshit!

  • KGino

    At least this is realistic. We could flip Bledsoe for a position player we actually need, and Jordan and rondo would be great together. I love KG too much to pull the trigger, thank god it’s not up to me.

    • Larry Legend

      If they get Bledsoe they ain’t flipping him! Rondo/Pierce would be going next. Bledsoe a hell of a player. Quick, and waaay better shooter than rondo. I couldn’t trade KG or Pierce…that would be hard to swallow. Sad days man…

      • RedsLoveChild

        Unless he gets Jordan in return…Ainge is not trading KG to the Clippers. That`s obvious.

        Celtic fans have an understandable fear that the moment KG is gone…it will become 2006 all over again. It won`t. Unlike 2006, there would be a lot of good young talent on the roster.

        It would hurt to see KG or PP playing in a different uniform. No doubt, but it wouldn`t last long. These guys have an extremely small amount of time left in their careers, no matter what uniform they`re wearing.

        • boston2343

          believe me it will be 2006 again!

  • Sheets

    You have to do it for the future of the team.

  • Nathan

    So hypothetically, Say all these deals happen we have a lineup of Bledsoe, Bradley, smith, Jordan, and Howard. It’s probably just the emotional attachment I have to rondo, kg and pp but I don’t know if I like that lineup

  • Michael

    The most practical deal is the C’s-Clipper one. Given C’s decided to rebuild, and KG will only accept LAC
    KG+Pierce+wilcox——Jordan+Bledsoe+Odom+Butler+1 draft pick
    That will be as low as it can get for C’s

    Clipper’s championship chance( the chance to keep CP3) will will also sky rock
    If they can’t keep CP3, future talent like Jordan and Bledsoe really won’t get them anywhere. Wondering will Clipper fans are crying······

  • jon

    If Kg had no notrade clause..i fear that this deal would have been inked. KG is perhaps waiting on PP.. I hope if both KG and Pp are traded, i really would like it to be to the Clips..if CP3 can stay healthy then i think they win it all.. But waht else do we get from them for PP?

    • Michael

      ····the only reason they are talking about it is because KG will only prefer LAC····
      Kind of want KG and PP both to go there, if they have to leave

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    Screw it. While we’re at it, let’s move Bird for Detlef Schrempf and Chuck Person.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      That would have been a good deal at the time. And if Reggie didn’t have to die, the Celts would’ve been relevant in the 90’s

  • Double P

    I prefer moving Bass and Green for Josh smith, that’s the deal to look at

  • AcieEarl55

    DeAndre Jordan has become vastly overrated. We would be tired of him before April

  • Astarot

    KG “bleeds green and dies green” so I think he’d use no trade after all (hope they’ll never try it Jordan is tempting possibility though), I guess media will never learn, like Rivers said most of those rumors are not true even if that one is from Woj and Spears. The other think – they’re far away from getting Smith as far as I am concerned

  • billrussellthegreatestofthemall

    If Danny Ainge trades/cuts/does anything that prevents KG and/or PP from finishing their careers as Celtics, I will root for the Cs to LOSE EVERY SINGLE GAME until Ainge is fired from the organization. Tread very carefully, Danny-boy!

    • Sheets

      Oh you’re a true celtics fan. You’re a joke, all you care about is the name on the back not the front. Let me guess you only started being a celtics in 2008 right?

      • billrussellthegreatestofthemall

        Yes, let’s all follow your example and blindly root for laundry and reward bad management decisions with unwavering brainless support. You’re not getting equal value for KG or Pierce in a trade. And rare is the superstar that actually wants to stay in one place, much less if that place is Boston in the NBA. Learn to appreciate what you have, you condescending ingrate.

        • Biu

          You said you would root for the celtics to lose every single game? Sheets is right you are a joke. If KG got traded he wouldn’t even want that. Get off the celtics blogs you’re not a fan. You uncultured cretin.

          • Sheets


          • billrussellthegreatestofthemall

            Fine, you’ve convinced me: Danny should trade KG and Pierce as soon as possible. And trade Rondo too while he’s at it. Ship them all out and get Bledsoe, Jordan and Smith in return. Moron.

  • Mr Curet

    This trade rumor doesn’t make sense for the Clippers, especially if they are trying to sign CP3 to a max deal. Yeah, they could win a title with KG this year & maybe the next, but what happens when Garnett retires? They’ll end up with no center or backup PG while Boston will have their future locked. I doubt CP3 would want to compete for just 1 title.

  • KG says it’s not happening. He has reiterated and now is to the point of asking reporters, “Why we even talkin’ about this?” So…taking my cue from KG…

  • Gary

    No cs fan wants to c kg leave, But this is the first deal for kg, that i would actually make. You get a starting caliber pg, and a starting center both under 25 for kg. That is an excellent return. Bledsoe is possibly the best back up pg in the nba and jordan, is an athletic monster. And kg could go to a team that would have a legit chance and where he may actually like to play( since he has home in malibu and bff with chauncey).

    • Mike


  • Sheets

    Hey greatest of the mall, get your trade rumors straight. We arent sending out KG, Pierce and Rondo for Jordan, Bledsoe and smith. It’s KG for Jordan and Bledsoe, two rising stars that haven’t hit their primes yet for a 36 year old who might retire at the end of the season. I thought you were told to get off the celtics blog, now get. You stiff.

  • billrussellthegreatestofthemall

    No thanks, Three Sheets To The Wind. You can blow up the Grit and Balls Squad all you want. Here’s hoping it’s an uneventful trade deadline for the Celtics.

  • Boogie

    Very hard to make this call. My heart keeps getting in the way. I agree that this is the best deal we could hope for in trading KG. I don’t see any return getting as good as Bledsoe and Jordan. But I believe KG spelled it out in big bold letters. NO TRADE!!!

  • Reggie35RIP

    The funniest thing about all the most highly publicised trade rumours is they usually never happen. I’m just waiting for some trade to come out of leftfield that no one saw coming.

  • Reggie35RIP

    To be honest it doesn’t really matter what the Clippers and Celtics are talking about – if they are talking. KG’s got final say and if he wants to stay, he’ll stay. End of story.

  • Joe Dirt

    If you have players like KG *starting center in the ALL STAR GAME* Rondo “Starting PG in the ALL STAR GAME before injury* And Paul Peirce * If it was a 15 man ALL STAR TEAM , He would be on it* That is 3 all stars , almost every year, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU TRADE THEM FOR HALF ASS PLAYERS ? Dwight Howard isn’t walking through that door folks…BUT KEVIN GARNETT “BLEEDS GREEN” ADD TALENT , don’t trade talent away. For next year.

  • Joe Dirt

    Last thing I have to say is IF we have D Jordan and Eric Bledsoe, or any other teams garbage next season and we don’t have KG, PP, or RR, I am not a celtic fan anymore. ADD A JOSH SMITH or AL JEFFERSON type of player, with out trading ANYONE from the new “big 3” and a NEW STAR don’t trade them away. And Dwight Howard is a stupid idea, wait till he bolts to New Jersey for the money and fame and they trade Lopez right to Indy and we are screwed. KEEP PEIRCE, KEEP KG, KEEP RONDO, ADD A GUY LIKE Josh Smith, Al Jefferson, Someone for the future, a core player. Or don’t trade at all. Angie traded Kendrick Perkins and he had a heart attack during the finals and J Green almost had one too. Learn from your mistakes D Angie. Just like the draft ADD TALENT, don’t waste it. If Kevin Garnett wants to ‘bleed green’ let him, he’s the best player we have. If PP wants to be a Celtic for life, let him. He’s our go to guy. Build around these guys, don’t trade them.