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Under no circumstances will KG waive his no-trade clause

During his All-Star media availability, Kevin Garnett did not dance around the subject of his no-trade clause. He was extremely clear about his intentions:

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett is once again at the center of trade rumors, but he said Saturday that under no circumstances will he waive his no-trade clause.

“If it’s up to me, I’m going to live and die green,” Garnett said.

When told that it is up to him because of his no-trade clause, Garnett responded, “OK, then. So what are we talking about?”

Garnett said Celtics team president of basketball operations has not approached him recently to discuss any potential trades. He said he has not talked to coach Doc Rivers about any impending trades, either.

“Why would I come back and make the provisions to ride with this team to go further, only to set up to go change?” Garnett asked.

I take Garnett at his word. He ain’t waving the no-trade clause for any team. But… let’s not forget how adament he was about not playing for the Celtics.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Trade Rondo for Howard first and see if he wants to play with Dwight? KG and Dwight is a better fit than two centers in Dwight and DeAndre. He may change his stance when he sees management trade another “big 4” player, and if he really doesn’t like D12, then we get younger with Bledose and DeAndre. See if Pierce retires in the off season and grab J Smith.

    • MJBarbosa

      Then we sing MJ and go to war

    • Sheets

      Finally someone making some sense.

    • JG

      The thought of this team having guys like Dwight Howard and Josh Smith literally makes me want to throw up! Those guys are SUCH jokes in terms of being winners. A team with those guys as your core would just never win a title. I don’t care what their stats say. Have you noticed how bad luck just seems to kind of follow guys around for their entire careers?! There’s usually a reason for that! Having said that, with the RIGHT other players around ONE of them, it is POSSIBLE that team could win. But neither of them could truly be the “go-to” guy on a championship team in my opinion!

      • zippittyay


      • the stuff you’re saying about Howard and Smith- is that what you said when we got KG & #20? Those guys had done more than their share of losing before they got to Boston. Howard has led a team to the finals, which is more than KG or Pierce can say for most of their careers until they were on the same team.

      • Frank A

        I’m with you man. I’m 48 and always been a huge celtics fan. What made the Celtics special was their loyalty. They would never trade a KG or Paul Pierce. Danny was one of my favorite players because he was so scrappy. He’s also a decent GM but he doesn’t understand the Celtic family , sometimes you go down fighting with guys that have everything they have for you. Dwight Howard will keep you decent with the right pieces but that clown is a clown.

        • CoachAJ

          Let’s also remember that Danny was shipped out in part because he asked for it and we needed the frontcourt help, but as much as HE WASNT one of those special players we truly covet to lead the team. Danny was a great complimentary player but not a star. That said I wouldnt trade PP/KG. I would rather drop back down a bit than watch them wear another jersey. Thinking that with RR-AB-JS and hopefully to stay new JG, we will remain relevant.

  • RedsLoveChild

    “Here`s the plan. We get KG to waive his no-trade clause in exchange for….One Hundred Billion Dollars”.—Dr. Evil

  • KG- “I am a Celtic”.

    Hell yes!

  • CoachAJ

    All star break is a good time to talk about the next draft. You do you think we should draft? Seeing as how we will be selecting maybe just outside of the lotto or at the back of it, who would be a good selection? I’ve seen Kelly Olynyk-Gonzaga/Canada on some boards. Thick solid 7ftr. Knowing KG and PP, and maybe even Wilcox, are almost done, but also desperately needing some bigs, maybe? Others that could be available – Isaiah Austin, Rudy Gobert, Alex Poythress, Tony Mitchell, James McAdoo, Jeff Withey, Lucas Nogueira.

    • billrussellthegreatestofthemall

      He’s probably not coming out this year, but keep an eye on New Mexico State University’s Sim Bhullar, a 20-year-old 7’5″, 355 lb Center. Still raw as hell, but huge upside

      • RedsLoveChild

        At best…he has a slight chance to make it someday as a D-League bench-warmer.

        • billrussellthegreatestofthemall

          If Hasheem Thabeet and Absent Bradley could make an NBA roster, so can this kid. You can’t teach height.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Who is Absent Bradley???

            The kid you`re talking about {Bhullar} is not even an athlete.

            He`s a fat, unskilled blob. He`ll be lucky if he can get through this college basketball season without dying from a heart attack.

  • Sam

    I think he’s being absolutely honest when he says he won’t waive his no-clause . . .

    . . . unless Pierce gets traded first.

  • Double P

    In my opinion this is what Danny actually wants to do and honestly who says no to this deal? It works in the trade machine and actually doesn’t hurt any team using “Hollingers analysis” but check it out:


    • Double P

      Well I guess the link isn’t going to work but the trade is between Boston / LAL / LAC

      Boston Gets: Dwight Howard, Eric Bledsoe
      Lakers Get: Rajon Rondo, Deandre Jordan
      Clippers Get: Kevin Garnett

      • Fist

        Why do that when we can get Jordan and Bledsoe for KG and Dwight for Rondo, if the rumors were true.

  • The Savior

    I’ve been talking about how I felt a kg to lac deal was very possibly coming, but hearing kg’s response is beautiful. This is why kg is a warrior I respect so much. He could go to a the lac & try to win a ring to add to his legacy. But he’s too loyal, too competitive, & has too much of an ego to bail. That’s that Jordan spirit; the anti-lebron if u will.

    • Mines

      If he was that loyal he would still be in Minnesota, no one is above the team. Danny won’t make the same mistake Red did.

      • Chief

        KG would still be in minny if they could’ve have built him a competitive team they came close for a while there too if I remember rightly, and as far as NBA players go KG is as loyal as they come.

      • kg215

        He got TRADED to Boston, and they had to convince KG to accept the trade. He did not publicly or privately ask for a trade. He was miserable with the shitty teams they built around him but he was intent on playing out his contract without bitching. Don’t try to question his loyalty.

    • Frank A

      I only wish Danny Ainge was as loyal.

  • KGino

    The anti Lebron, ray Allen… Love that man

    • Boogie

      Me too.

  • boston2343

    hey Ainge trade KG and Paul and no one will watch the Celtics anymore!

    • Joe Dirt

      Boston2343 – you said—-
      “hey Ainge trade KG and Paul and no one will watch the Celtics anymore!”
      I agree 100% , Why trade KG for a PG (we already have one that is better than Bledsoe, and a center that is 1/3 what KG is at almost half his age) Nonsense….I’d trade Jeff Green , Brandon Bass and Fab Melo for Josh Smith (rondo’s best friend who is not a celtic in the nba), and maybe take on Kyle Korver or Lew Williams from ATL and start from there. Next year…Rondo, Korver, PP, J Smith, KG as a starting 5 maybe also trade a guy like Jason Terry for a Deionray Jordan , who with out Blake Griffen is a poor mans Kendrick Perkins, with out KG D Jordan makes no sense for this team. We lost Ray Allen and we are not a better team. Why trade KG , PP, and RONDO ? What is up with these rumors ? I will take Josh Smith for Bass and Green or Terry, I’d ADD “the best available talent” going into next year. And that is it. I don’t want to go back to 1995-2007 again. KEEP THE STAR PLAYERS AND ADD MORE Danny Angie.