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As Kevin Garnett prepares to play in his 15th all-star game this Sunday, let’s look back at his most memorable all-star appearance. It was in 2003 at Phillips Arena in Atlanta. In what was Michael Jordan’s last all-star game, MJ dropped 20 points on 9 of 27 shooting. Mariah Carey’s halftime performance of “Hero” brought His Airness to tears and he gave a brief speech as he was saluted by his colleagues.

The game went into double-overtime after Kobe Bryant made 2 of 3 free-throws with 1 second remaining in the first OT. Allen Iverson had an impressive 35, 7 & 5 for the East, but it was KG and the West who went on to win 155-145. Kevin Garnett was awarded MVP honors as his 37 points led all scorers. Ticket also pulled down 9 rebounds and had 5 steals. Paul Pierce made his 2nd all-star appearance and scored 8 points in 18 minutes.

YouTube user “NBA LegendsHD” has uploaded the entire game in crisp HD. And don’t worry-the sound kicks in once the game starts.


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  • The Savior

    I have figured it out everyone. KG will only waive his no trade for LAC. Danny has repeatedly said he will not repeat Red’s mistake & will trade the big 3 before letting them retire for nothing. This is his last chance to trade pierce & kg. kg & pierce are both from SoCal. The clippers are contenders desperately looking for championship players & especially can be upgraded at the c & sf positions. They have a valuable young prospect in Bledsoe who would be redundant w Bradley but could be a nice return for atl for a soon to be gone josh smith. Josh smith wants to play in Boston & is friends w rondo. Atl states 60% chance he is traded. KG states that “y’all don’t know what I know” which could mean I have agreed to be traded after representing the celtics one last time at the allstar game. If we trade kg, we very likely also trade pierce. With 3 season ending injuries, Bos no longer is a legit contender.

    Adding all this up I’ve come with this

    Summary of trade:
    LAC gets kg & pierce
    Lineup: paul, billups, pierce, griffin, kg

    BOS gets deandre Jordan & josh smith
    L: rondo, bradley, green, smith, jordan
    Bench: Sully, lee, Melo, bass, terry

    ATL gets Bledsoe & cap space(expirings)

    Danny goes into a full rebuild with his young nucleus of assets who can still be flipped for a superstar at some point. Clippers become favorites for a title w griffin and kg being the best front court & Paul & pierce the best closing combo in the nba. Atl gets Bledsoe & cap space to sign a solid FA for a guy who would otherwise walk. KG & pierce play & win a chip in their hometown & get to still stick it to the lakers and miami. Win win win. Who says no?

    • The Savior

      Trade link doesn’t seem to work. But parts of the trade I didn’t list are players like coron butler to atl, Anthony morrow to bos, etc. which makes the salaries match up & includes expirings

      • RedsLoveChild

        The opportunity to get younger and bigger is what it`s all about.

        No question the Celtics would make that trade…but, they`ll never get that kind of offer.

        • The Savior

          Who says no, atl or lac? I agree w bob, throw Melo in as well to atl. Melo, Bledsoe, & expirings are a good haul for an impending FA likely to be overpaid. Smith simply doesn’t have enough value with 2 months left till he’s an urfa to land much more. If a team is willing to trade for him & give him the max, they could just as easily not trade for him & give him the max in free agency cuz not a lot of teams are lining up for that deal. LAC do it bc they’re close to a chip, & they need to have a deep enough run to even keep cp3. Kg & pierce make them favs in the west & likely the league. That kind of run can keep cp3 in la and the future is griffin & cp3, not jordan or Bledsoe (who has no future behind cp3). What good would it be to hold onto jordan & Bledsoe & get bounced in the 2nd round. Cp3 leaves and ur stuck w a .500 team in Jordan, griffin, & Bledsoe. Plus u still could have kg nxt yr & pierce after a buyout/renegotiation keeping the same possibly defending champions and add more to the squad making u favs to repeat. When u have a superstar like cp3 & are close to a chip, it makes sense to go all in. Or u could be like the cavs & not trade hickson for amare & end up losing lebron after getting bounced.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I hear ya….but, too many things would have to fall perfectly in place for it to happen.

            Lots of moving parts involved, any little thing could upset it… team demands more, someone threatens to retire, etc.

          • The Savior

            Yea I hear ya 2. To predict a trade can be pretty impossible sometimes. I rmr in 2011 I thought we’d trade for Anthony Parker & instead traded perk for green out of nowhere. Tho I did believe we would trade for Nate, sign shaq, and trade for kg before they happened bc they made so much sense. It’s unlikely I suppose this trade goes down but I really think some variation could bc there’s a lot of smoke. I think there’s a great chance josh smith ends up in Boston whether that be via trade or FA. Also I do think this is the last & best opportunity to trade kg. DA always said red made a mistake & I think a part of him will pull the trigger to prove that it’s the right move to break it up before u get nothing. It just so happens that u can accomplish that by doing right by kg & trading him to a contender in his hometown that’s not the lakers. The added bonus would be to pair kg (& maybe pierce) w cp3, which could serve as an opportunity to prove how dominant his vision of cp3 on the C’s would have been (which many doubted). Also could assist in helping an out of conference team take down our arch rivals. Again, nothing is that clear right now, but I will not be shocked if this is the end of the road. I would be grateful to continue to watch kg the rest of the yr & would love to try to convince him to come bk & make another run nxt yr, but I most definitely could see DA determining the time & situation is now. We play the lakers in la the day before the deadline. I could see that as the last time this team is together w/ Danny telling kg to hang tight in la.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Ainge would do it in a heartbeat, and I believe KG and Pierce would quickly agree to go to LA.

            It just seems that Boston would be getting too much in return for guys who are 35 & 36. That`s a big gamble for LA to take if they do not win a quick ring with KG and Pierce.

          • Frank

            Too many new pieces for the Clippers, probably wouldn’t win a title this year and KG probably retires in LA after the season…. If he waived his no trade it probably means he agrees Celtics need to rebuild and he’ll play for a playoff run in LA then call it quits, then what does that do for CP3? No Jordan or KG over the summer. Best hope for LA LA is stay young get in the Western conference finals.

    • Bob

      Has it occurred to anyone that we may have watched the last game kg &/or the captain has played in a celtics uni in that somewhat epic game against chi.

    • GeeZeeCeltics

      Atlanta says no. Smoove for Bledsoe and some trash?

      KG retires a Celtic.

      On the game posted: I realized I miss Stevie Franchise.

      • KWAPT

        Franchise was exciting as hell wasn’t he?

        • GeeZeeCeltics

          Totally. I loved his style of play. Kind of sad he ended up the way he did – kind of just fell off a cliff and disappeared.

      • Bob

        You could throw in fab Melo to atl. What does atl expect for a guy who will walk and is talking about the max. Bledsoe, Melo, & expirings are better than nothing & letting him walk. I can’t imagine any team offering him better that for a 2 month rental. Shoot, harden was just traded for Martin, & harden is a superstar who still had a yr left on his contract.

  • Frank

    You guys are children, the Celtics represent something different…… Loyalty, Ainge will destroy that if he trades a KG or PP. Let’s watch those warriors go out fighting wearing green. Those two guys love being Celtics and will fight every single possession. That means something or at least it used to in Boston, it’s what made the Celtics different, a family.