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Report: Celtics and Lakers are talking Rondo for Howard swap

Ken Berger of CBS Sports has this blockbuster report:

However, has learned that the Lakers have engaged in preliminary trade discussions with an unlikely trade partner regarding Howard: their fierce rival, the Boston Celtics. The centerpieces of the possible deal, which hasn’t gained any traction, would be Howard and Rajon Rondo.

The imagination runs rampant with the tantalizing possibilities.

Other significant pieces would have to be involved, since Rondo’s $11 million salary is substantially less than Howard’s $19.5 million. If the Lakers dealt Howard for an All-Star point guard who is out for the rest of the season following ACL surgery, they’d effectively be throwing in the towel on this miserable, underachieving season and looking to next year.

The Celtics would be going all-in for a quick rebuild centered around Howard, with the hopes they could find a point guard in the draft or in free agency to capably run their offense – which they’ve managed to do in Rondo’s absence anyway. Celtics president Danny Ainge has flirted with several trade possibilities for Rondo over the years, and the point guard’s hyper-competitive drive and strong personality have proved difficult for coach Doc Rivers to manage.

There are at least two significant impediments to a Howard-Rondo deal. First, as Howard said Friday, the Lakers continue to insist they won’t trade him, which sources say is the impression the Celtics have gotten, too. Second, Celtics president Danny Ainge would not trade Rondo without an assurance that Howard would re-sign with Boston as a free agent this summer, a league source said. Howard has shown no inclination to commit to anyone, including the Lakers, until the season is over.

The Herald’s Mark Murphy has an update:

“The Lakers like Rondo, and (the Celtics) have looked into getting Howard in the past,” said the source, who termed the likelihood of such a deal now “unlikely.”

Holy crap.

After everything we’ve seen from Dwight Howard – a guy KG calls a clown and refused to join for an interview – do we really want him and his antics in Boston?

My answer is… I don’t know.

There are so many variables; Dwight’s health for the remainder of the season and his reluctance to sign an extensions are two.

If Howard can get healthy this season, the Celtics suddenly become a very real threat to win the championship. He might even be worth the rental, considering that Paul Pierce and KG are nearing the end.

According to the ESPN trade machine, adding Brandon Bass to the mix makes for a successful trade.

Here’s a question from the Lakers perspective… what would they do with Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo?

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  • C’sfan

    Rather ride this season out and hope Rondo has gotten his wake up call and is ready next season than trade him for a player with potential but such a loser attitude

  • simms

    Nash is necessary for the Lakers right now because they don’t know when Rondo will be back (also I heard reports of Nash for Granger).

    But Dwight might not commit to Boston, this is very, very risky. The man is a total indecisive man-child. Half a season might not be enough to get him buying the system I fear.

    • Lakers4Life

      Where exactly did you see the Nash for Granger reports?

      • simms

        It was on a Pacers board, but it could probably be a Pacers fan wishfully thinking. I didn’t check up on it.

        • Lakers4Life

          Oh ok yeah I’d say that’s prob what was then. I appreciate it

  • Mileke

    I hate this rumor absolutely hate it. Howard has no business being anywhere near the Celtics. I do not think he’ll fit in well here. Especially w/o a TRUE point guard which we are lacking right now. Again, I hate this trade!

  • eddysamson

    They would finish the season with Nash and then have a high-minutes PG with a legend of a backup next season. At his age he should be behind someone like Rondo…

    I dont like it because of how KG is with Dwight, though. I think while we need someone like Dwight, it just wouldnt work.

  • JAKE

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! NO!NO NO HELL NO! ” Wheres the Make up Clown”– Kg to Dwight! we don’t need that clown

  • MrFixit

    Lots of risk on this, but I love the idea. Howard with this team this year, wow, very formidable. I think Doc would be the perfect coach for Howard. Plus the future, if Howard resigned, of Howard, Bradley, Green, Lee, and Sully. Thats a hell of defensive team right there. Good rebounding and on ball defense. Im not sure Id pull the trigger on this, but I sure would think about it long and hard.

  • kg215

    I would trade Rondo for Dwight but only if it is guaranteed that Dwight would sign in Boston. There are the injury risks but Rondo has to recover from his too. Doubt the Lakers would do it, even though Kobe likes Rondo.

    • RedsLoveChild


      If Howard commits to Boston…this is the all-time, hands down, ultimate no-brainer!

      • Larry Legend

        Complete horse shit rumor. Howard would never sign long term in Boston. That reason alone makes it a non deal

        • RedsLoveChild

          I don`t see Howard signing long-term here, either.

          Too bad…because if he did commit to Boston and played with intensity, DA would quickly surround him with talent beyond just Sully, Bradley, Green, etc.

  • Noori

    Ok first off name a player not on the Celtics KG has ever liked or not made fun of.

    Second Dwight clearly knows defense, you can tell when he pisses and moans about the Lakers lack of help defense, so I can only imagine the damage him and KG can do together coupled with Avery and Courtney.

    Ultimately however Dwight isn’t the brightest bulb and I have a feeling he’s gonna want the team he wants(ie the Brooklyns of the world) which means he wouldnt extend his contract in Boston so that’s that.

    • mike

      ^^^^ also a good scenario ^^^^

  • simms

    What about a three team trade? LAL gets Rondo/Bass, BKN gets Howard, BOS gets Lopez. Lopez is doing better than Dwight this season and can’t leave for free agency. It’s a safer bet.

    • Noori

      Rondo has also gotten pretty popular around the league, I think he’s a good tool for bringing stars to a city that has trouble acquiring them. I think we gotta keep him.

      • simms

        Good point. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

    • eddysamson

      Yeah I’m down with that, I like it.

  • tim

    this would be the best possible trade of all time for the cletics. Rondo is a detriment o the team. Getting howard would solve all this team woes on defense and rebounding. Then even if howard leaves which its our job as a fan base to make him love the city we can basically sign whoever we want because we will have almost no money on the books. EITHER WAY A WIN WIN LETS GET IT DONE DANNY ANY CENTER ADDED TO THIS TEAM EQUALS A CHAMPIONCHIP

    • mike

      ^^^^^^ agreed ^^^^

    • simms

      Team is already good defensively. Dwight is wishy washy and would leave for BKN (if it was possible) or for Houston (which is possible). He is not

  • Tim

    It’s a BS rumour that is old.

  • mike

    Ainge must not like players once they hurt their knees. First Perk and letting T Allen go and now trying to get rid of Rondo.

    As far as getting rid of rondo this year, I think its genius. You get players who can actually play this yr and next(doesnt necessarily have to be D HOward) which gives you a better chance at a ring than waiting for Rondo to get healthy next year sometime.

    • simms

      Besides LAL, I haven’t heard that many teams would take an injured Rondo. LAL already looking at next year. Rondo wouldn’t fit on most teams right now.

  • Dwight Howards game has been exposed since he left orlando, Dwight would be good with Rondo getting him the ball, If Dwight can’t handle Kobe being hard on him he surely can’t handle Doc. Dwight is too much of a baby, I still would rather take my chances with Rondo, at least with Rondo you are getting someone you know will go above and beyond the call of duty. A real beast.

  • mike

    I like the earlier idea of involving a 3rd team and flipping D HOward to BKN for Lopez or to Atlanta for J SMoove???

  • Lakers4Life

    I honestly just don’t see this trade happening

  • $tephanie95

    This is not the Orlando Dwight plus mental toughness and grit doesn’t go in the same sentence with deadline HURRY

  • Lakers4Life

    Chris Broussard and David Aldridge just shot this rumor down on Twitter..

    • Doons

      This has not been shot down. It could actually happen. Celts don’t want Rondo, period

      • wakoko

        how did you know that the Cs does not want rondo?

      • Lakers4Life

        It can, but it won’t. “Period” lol

  • If this is true, DA has the best poker-face of all time.

    Is it possible that deep down the brass thinks Rondo is too stat-driven & hard-headed? Get Howard now and then sign his best friend JSmooth later? I would be shocked if this happens…..

    • simms

      how would they gets smoove. kg and pierce would have to retire? no?

  • Noori

    I don’t think Jsmoove would even look twice at Boston if Rondo isn’t here. Him and Rondo are tighter than him and Dwight I believe

  • tyler

    Is it true that if the Celtics traded for Howard, They could still sign him to a significantly richer contract? Similar to Deron Williams. He chose to stay with Brooklyn because they could offer more money.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Just seeing a photo of Dwight on here made me feel ill. In a C’s jersey? Ewww.

    It’s unfortunate that he’s such a boneheaded fool, has a bung shoulder and is softer than the finest triple cream brie. Otherwise you might consider this deal.

    On paper we could obviously use someone like Dwight, but in reality there’s going to definitely be a clash of personalities. Look what happened in LA with Kobe. Same thing would happen here with KG and PP. Dwight’s a soft doofus, with zero mental toughness, that is completely incapable of taking anything seriously.


    • KGino

      Best post so far

      • KGino

        +1000000000000000000000000000000 x 100000000

  • CelticsKid34 no they arent its fake just like every other rumor that gets over hyped

  • Ty

    This idea sucks. I’d rather keep Rondo and get rid of Danny. I hate that they dangle Rondo out all the time- I understand it’s a business, but I think Rondo deserves more respect than that. Rondo is in the top 2 (or 3, if you’re a hater) point guards in the league. This winning streak has been fun and I love that there is no quit in this team- but going forward, this team should be built around him, hands down, no and ifs or buts. Dwight Howard has tremendous potential, but he doesn’t care enough about the game or about being a professional to be all he could be. If it was at all physically possible, Rondo would be out there playing right now on one leg and crutches and the same can absolutely NOT be said for Dwight. The guy is a clown and a poor teammate. The type of dedication Rondo has is immeasurable. Franchise player.

    • Astarot

      Agree. How fast people forgot last year and Rondo’s play, and that he played with torn ACL (do you think Clown woud do that?)

    • Reggie35RIP


  • ZabJudah

    Holy Moly i get on the internet and find these rumors i also hear the kg for bledsoe and deandre

  • ZabJudah

    ohh noo dwight is cancer hes sucks dwight howard this dwight howards that..shutup! all yall know when you see huge blocks and muscular slams wich we havent probbaly ever seen here in boston all of us goin be on his nuts

    • KGino

      Dwight’s a bitch, I would never cheer for him.

  • ZabJudah

    NBA Championships are won in the paint.

    • ZabJudah


      • Ed

        Old NBA adages never die, even when the game changes.

  • Frank A

    I don’t want that clown being a Celtic but seeing Rondo is out for this season I would do it and have a somewhat healthy Howard. Add Delonte west and suddenly we win a title. It’s worth it to see KG and PP Win one more. Then we sign and trade Howard in the summer and start over

  • boston2343

    Sam Amico reports that Celtics wants KG traded to the Clippers, I don’t know where is he getting this

  • Greg

    Rondo & Bass for Dwight Howard? I will do this trade in a heartbeat! I would even throw in our 2013 first & 2nd round picks!

  • tyler

    Rondo WOULD be a franchise player if he could show up every night and play to win the game instead of padding his assist stats or chasing the stupid assist record. The ball never moved cause Rondo was o busy handling the ball thinking about how to get an assist instead of the best play to win the game. After he left he ball started moving beautifully. Unless every Celtic game is on prime time the Celtics will mostly get half interested Rondo.

  • GreenbirdCro

    Plain & simple – no. I mean…

    H E L L N O!!!

    Elbow for Shoulder? Seriously?

    And who are those never-seen-before-wise-guys-nicks now hijacking this site and calling for this horse-shit rumour to happen?!

    Yeah, and while we are at it, lets trade EVERYONE for this starting line-up:
    Delonte, JSmoove, Cousins & Dwightmare.
    And DA/Doc would play the point cause they wouldn’t have a cash for neither a PG nor for the bench. And would be able to “control” the squad…

    And rename Celtics in the Nuts (maybe DW wouldn’t notice the difference and would extend ager summer)… Jesus Almighty, smh…

  • The KG

    Howard’s defense is horrible, so are his free throws. I would not want to get a player who has talent but has no heart.

  • A damn

    My girl says no!
    so i’m with it

  • boston2343

    how about Rondo for Kobe, with a clause that Kobe can only shoot 10 shots per game

  • Astarot

    If it will happen (let’s hope not) I hope it’s gonna be the end of Ainge as s GM (yes I’ll go that far with the statement). It’d be so Ainge -like move though, crazy move that nobody knows what it’s for. But even not mentioning Ainge’s madness and Howard’s adventages/disadventages. It’s enough if we’ll look only at Rondo as a player. Yes hard to coach, yes has an injury and nobody knows when he’s gonna come back and how good he’ll be after all he’s going through right now. But he’s a key player for the future he’s a pass – first, the best PG in the NBA and he’s capable to get tripple-double night in and night out and well I don’t need to say how hard it is to find that kind of a plyaer. If this rumor is true it’s like Ainge is giving up on Rondo it’s like he knows Rondo won’t be as good as he was before the injury and just preparing to blow everything up. That’s bad.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Both guys are a “little” immature at times. If both are playing to their highest ability, then both are superstars, and I’ll take the big man over the point guard. This won’t happen, but if it did, KG would have to be moved….so bring on Howard, Bledsoe and DeAndre.

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  • KGino

    NO. Dwight Howard can never be a Celtic.. he wouldn’t work in Boston. Trust me. The media would eat him alive, and he’d be giggling after 20 point losses. No no no no no. Red would never sign a guy with his attitude. Most over rated player in the NBA.

  • First, I will say that, as much as I dislike Howard’s personality, he IS still a world-class talent you shouldn’t pass on for cheap money. But, for me, Dwight Howard to Boston would only work WITH Rondo, not FOR Rondo. Rondo is the perfect point guard for Howard. And, why trade Rondo now for a guy who’s going to be a free agent this Summer, anyhow? If reports can be believed, Howard’s not committing to anyone and will be a free agent. There’s a chance that, if we really wanted to get him, we could convince him to come here and play WITH Rondo. No deal for me. My preference is ultimately to have Rondo stay with the Celtics long-term, but if you’re dead set on trading him, you should try to get the most you possibly can for him and not settle for a half-year rental who “maybe” will re-sign in the summer.

  • Zach

    100% yes. The only thing keeping Howard from being an all-time great is his attitude, and I’m willing to bet on KG, Doc, and Paul being the ones to fix it. Howard won three straight Defensive Player of the Year awards, not even KG or Russell did that.

    • CoachBo

      You trade a 1 for a 5 every day of the week.

      Especially one who stops the ball in the halfcourt and won’t defend.

      LA isn’t dumb enough to do this. But if they were … I’d ship Rondo out in a nanosecond for Howard.

  • nyceltic

    Rondo is damaged goods. No one is going to trade for hom.

  • Boogie

    Dwight is an EXTREME ego-maniacal, wanna-be. I know, I know…. tons of these guys have huge egos. Not to the extent of this guy though. What he has put Orlando AND L.A. through is totally B.S. KG is absolutely right. Dwight is a clown and he takes his circus where ever he goes. I understand Rondo isn’t the ideal Leader he’s trying to become for this team. But he’s clearly the lesser of the 2 evils in my mind. Besides, I’ve seen no indication that Howard is going to overcome his health issue to get back to his old self. He could be forever more… damaged goods. I don’t want Howard even looking at a Celtics uniform, unless it’s Jeff Green, PP, or KG driving the ball down his throat! This guy does not have what it takes to respect that uniform or our tradition people.

    • SSJ6Celts

      Get off your high horses celts fans! Attitude or not Dwight is the best big in the game BAR NONE! It will much easier to replace rondo with another quality point guard then it is to aquire a good big. We all love rondo but Dwight is just a good mentor away from greatness. Rondo’s had a great mentor or mentors for 6 seasons now. We’ve seen his peak! And sadly it’s his attitude that holds him back too!

      • Boogie

        Rondos’ attitude isn’t franchise crippling like Howard has proven his to be. Not for 1, but two different teams. Now, if i saw Howards explosiveness come back to his game, I’ld consider changing my tune. But, until that time, he’s not the best big in the game. Plus, there would have to be a commitment to Beantown, PERIOD!!!

        • Wait, let me get this straight… Rondo has an attitude, and Dwight not………Dwight is a big baby, who can’t even make up his mind, who is ONLY effective if he stays directly under the basket, who’s shot is worse than Rondo’s, and his free throws are worse than Rondo’s., he does not want to commit to a team because then all the attention won’t be on him anymore, this rumor is a joke, or should I say a CLOWN!!!