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Doc Rivers says Celtics looking at China leagues for help

Here’s my loose transcription of Doc Rivers appearance this morning on WEEI. 

On the timing of the All-Star break:

We can go both ways with the break. We’re playing well now. But with the body count we have, I couldn’t have found a better time.

You just kinda coach em… and they kinda play.

You have to coach the guys that are playing. You have to get the guys that you expect to win still. There will be changes in the way we play. We can’t replace Rondo, Sully and Barbosa… even the way he plays. You have to find another way.

What is the priority? Guards or big?

I’m golfing over the break. Danny is doing all the work, which is terrific as far as I’m concerned.

With the Barbosa injury, we can’t look at one position anymore. Now we are looking at players. We need players as soon as we can get them. But we don’t want to do anything so quick. Because if something else develops, we’re at the cap without room.

(We need) a ball handling guard. No longer just a point guard. A perfect guard for this group is a guard that can play multiple positions, can shoot and play with toughness. (We need) a 4 that can stretch the floor, can shoot or a 4 that can rebound.

Where/how do you fulfill these needs:

The China leagues end in a week. Some Americans that play over there will be coming back. The D-League, and then through a trade, but we don’t have a lot of assets.

On Fab Melo:

I don’t think he’s ready yet. He’s really working on it, but he’s not ready yet.

On Delonte West:

That’s something we’re looking at. I don’t know where we are going to go. We have to be careful. I love his toughness, but he does get injured a lot, besides the other stuff.

On KG’s comment about this being last All-Star game:

We don’t know what he knows. With Kevin… every year he’ll be year-to-year. He’s playing too well to walk away. But like a lot of coaches, at times, he’s thinking about it, because it’s such a grind. I wouldn’t put too much into that.

Some of the former NBA players currently playing in China include; Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas, Von Wafer and Stephon Marbury.

Call me crazy, but I’d take McGrady and Arenas on the Celtics. We’re that desperate.

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  • LA Flake

    I ran into Gilbert Arenas at my neighborhood grocery store a few months ago and he took the time to chat with my boy for about five minutes, signed, took pix, etc. My kid asked him, “What are you doing here, Gilbert?” And he was like, “Uhh..I live here.” lol

    Very likable guy.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Gelson`s….Ventura & Hayvenhurst?

      • LA Flake

        Pavilions in WeHo.

        • RedsLoveChild

          From what I hear, Pavilions has been so remodeled I wouldn`t recognize it today.

          Gilbert`s daily routine on Santa Monica Blvd. should be…weights/cardio at 24 Hour Fitness, hang out at Starbucks across the street, dinner at Dan Tana`s!

          • LA Flake

            Dan Tana’s any good? Never been.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I was only there once…had something Italian {veal or chicken}, it was tasty, but overpriced in relation to the portion size.

            Phil Spector ate there a few hours before committing murder.

          • LA Flake

            Thanks for the heads up.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Any restaurant that`s been around as long as they have, must be doing something right.

            There`s plenty of competition out there.

  • brian

    Jonny flynn kenyon martin would work. Guys are tripping about rondo and fab abd picks for cousins and gortat. Oh well should be interesting.

  • KY Celts fan

    I’d take a flyer on Gilbert Arenas. At least he’s been playing and is in game shape. As for a big, there’s just nobody out there.

  • Mike

    I’d like to see Tracy mcgrady back up pierce and Jeff green play PF. Mcgrady played well last year with Detroit I thought. A least I think it was last year right?

    • LA Flake

      he played well against us. don’t know about anyone else.

  • Mike

    JIANLIAN YI just had a 28 pt game for his team in china. He’s a 7 footer ….. Another good possibility for the bench

    • LA Flake

      oh come on…really?

      • Mike

        Better idea? I don’t see him playing but as a big man insurance I don’t see why not? When it comes down to it, we need 5 more bodies, but in reality… The 9 guys who are playing and on the roster now are the only ones that will get playing time in the playoffs so these 5 extra spots are just bench warmers ( unless there was a trade for better players or a waiver pick up that is better)

        • LA Flake

          I just can’t see Yi cracking Doc’s rotation unless he’s become a rebounding machine, so I’m not sure if that’s a sensible pickup for us. I think Arenas or TMac makes more sense for this particular ball club. We sure could use a big though.

  • Arenas is done- he couldn’t cut it last year, why is another year gonna help?

    Just sign Mack and get it over with.

  • JETson

    Thoughts on Ben Gordon?

    • KY Celts fan

      The Nets are offering Kris Humpries for him, whose better than anyone we can offer. Plus, his contract is terrible.

    • LA Flake

      Terrible, terrible contract but he would be wonderful on our team. I was actually thinking how good he’d look in green the other night until I remembered his contract.

  • Brad

    I went to Clemson University for undergrad and a player the C’s should look at in the D-League is PF James Mays. 26 years old, 6’9″ 230lbs, pretty athletic, one of the better rebounders and defenders in the D-League. Only reason he didn’t make the league out of college was a torn Achilles’ tendon.

  • MJBarbosa

    Trade Bass for a bag of nachos and then we can win the tittle

  • celticsPR

    Totally agree! T Mac and Arenas….think they’ll do the job off the bench!

  • Hudson

    Dikembe is lookin like fuggin BAWCE in that commercial…sign that fuddamucka up! smells like winning!

    • KY Celts fan

      that commercial is hilarious. my wife laughs her ass off every time he smacks that kid’s cereal.

  • Victory18

    Yeah I wouldn’t mind McGrady and Arenas…McGrady was ballin somewhat on the C’s last year in the first round of playoffs when he wasn’t tired lol

  • timofey mozgov

    timofey mozgov

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