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Your Morning Dump… Where this will be KG’s last All-Star dance

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Kevin Garnett said last night that his 14th All-Star Game appearance on Sunday in Houston will also be his last, though the Celtics forward stopped short of saying he was retiring at the end of the season.

Garnett, realizing he had just set off an alarm, then turned cryptic. He has two years remaining on his contract.

“This is definitely my last All-Star Game,” he said. “Ya’ll don’t know what I know. I’m more than grateful, and I’m not going to act like I have more All-Star Games in me. I’ll enjoy this one with friends and family. That’s what I meant.”


Watch the video and tell me KG isn’t retiring after the season. The initial reference to this being his last All-Star game is done so casually, as if the words slipped out of his mouth.

How clutch was the big fella last night? 8 points in the 4th. The huge jumper with 20 seconds left in the game. Throwing his exhausted body on the floor and out-hustling guys 10 years his junior. His refusal to sit out games vs Charlotte or Chicago.

I ♥ KG.

In other news, Paul Pierce revealed that he’s been playing with a pinched nerve in his neck for two months:

“It’s something that’s been bothering me probably for like the last two months,” said Pierce. “It’s getting better, though. The last couple weeks, it’s been better than it has been.”

Pierce is averaging 18.7 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 7.5 assists in February, while producing two triple-doubles over the past nine games.

Those February numbers are ridiculous. If his name was LeBron or Kobe, the national media would be all over this story.

At 28-24, the Celtics are a season high 4 games over .500. Following All-Star weekend, they begin a brutal 5-game road trip through Denver, Los Angeles (Lakers), Phoenix, Portland and Utah.

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  • Noori

    Do we have to pay the remaining years of his contract if he retires? If so he totally screwed us! But I love you KG, you deserve it, it had to end sometime. :((((

    • Biu

      Is that serious question?

    • mike

      Yes, if someone retires you still pay the contract but I believe it does not go against your cap. Also alot of teams will settle at a certain amount I think instead of paying the full amount. Anyone else know?

    • mike

      Got this off the NBA site:

      How do retired players count against the cap?
      Any money paid to a player is included in team salary, even if the player has retired. For example, James Worthy retired in 1994, two years before his contract ended. He continued to receive his salary for the 94-95 and 95-96 seasons, so his salary was included in the Lakers’ team salary in those seasons. It is at the team’s discretion (or as the result of an agreement between the team and player) whether to continue to pay the player after he has retired.

      There is also something called the “over 36 Rule”. But yea, if KG retires its up to the team if they wanna pay the player for his remaining yrs.

    • AFF

      KG doesn’t seem to be the type to “screw” anyone. I’ve read and heard he gives “too much.” He took care of Sealy’s widow after the funeral and according to Sam Mitchell, KG gives to people that don’t even know he’s doing it. Just my humble opinion, he doesn’t screw us.

      KG didn’t seem his usual post game self. Anyone else feel this way? I think he’s completely exhausted, I mean how is losing 3 guys in 3 wks for the entire season not devastating to this guy, to Paul, to all of Celtic Nation? Yet, KG & the Truth go balls out and prove the critics wrong again. KG’s little bro is Rondo and the team rallied. Heart.

      I hope he plays his entire contract. His leadership is crucial for the locker room besides everything he does on the court. He hasn’t finished with Sully either imo.

  • Fgyfjj

    This makes me sadder than all 3 of the rondo sully and barbosa injuries combined
    It’s I’d rather miss the playoffs if we could have kg for a few more years its j

  • Astarot

    I’d say it’s hard to say at least from that video. There something in it or there might be something in it when he says: “Ya’ll don’t know what I know.” I guess hope it’s the only think we can have now that he won’t retire after this season but maybe he’s thinking about it maybe he talked to Rivers or even Ainge about it who knows. KG will to what he think we’ll the best we know who he is and on what level he wants to play but as we all can see he can still play big and I’m sure he knows what he means to this team on and off the court.

  • terlo

    it might be just an emotional reaction he is having nowadays. all that happens in the locker room, we dont know. frustration and everything.. at least that is what i hope.
    maybe a little daunting towards danny? because of blowing up rumours?
    and i am glad that he held himself back.

  • Maybe its all a conspiracy. And KG and other top tier players and members of management know that there will be a new Commissioner next year who will horribly warp the game of professional basket forever so KG wants to get out while he can to protect his family…. But will he have enough time….

    • Think about it…”y’all don’t know what I know” its for sure.

    • Dan

      Yup KG who made 300 million over his career and other top tier players are going to quit and give up millions to protect their families from this awful new commissioner who’s going to warp the nba forever. Where do you people get this stuff from?

      • Hello my name is humor, I don’t believe we have ever met.

        • Dan

          Ethan, if you want to write something funny run it by someone else before pressing the post comment button, you’re really not that funny sorry to say

          • It doesn’t matter if I’m not funny (because humor is objective apparently) the real hilarity came when you replied with that serious dissection of my joke, bad or not lol it was dripping with fiction.

  • G4L

    KG retiring ummm… I’m freaking out right now.. wth!

  • LA Flake

    i suppose it’s too much to ask kg & pp to stick around a few more years to help mentor our young’ins?

    damn this is depressing.

  • Noori

    I say KG comes back for one more year, buy out Pierce’s contract for 5 mil next year, maybe resign him at the minimum. And then sign Josh Smith who has been linked to having Boston be his primary destination. Also ship off Bass to make the salaries work.

  • RedsLoveChild

    KG is not retiring this year…nor did he say he was.

    He`s tired…he`s played an awful lot of minutes this week, and in his career…he`s frustrated…injuries have decimated the team…it`s been a rough season, etc.

    His attitude will be completely different next Sept., after the off-season recharges him…he`s a competitor…his tank is not yet empty…nobody walks away from $24M remaining on a contract, no matter how wealthy they are.

    • Curt

      I agree. He’s not retiring based on this video. He needs the time off, and I think he looks at the ASG as a joke anyway.

      • RedsLoveChild

        100% chance he plays ball next year…not even an issue!

  • Art

    The upcoming road trip doesn’t seem so brutal. Every game is very winnable. But….between the injuries and the Jekyll and Hyde nature of this team, you just don’t know. We hope something good happens between now and 2/21 personnel-wise. It’s looking like a worldwide search.

  • Quest

    Still Grinding it out every night this was not the plan.. the young were suppose to carry this team rest KG for the playoffs. After 17 yrs if the Celtics don’t have a chance at ring next season why would he stick around to ground it again after 17 yrs.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    When’s the trade deadline? If we’re not blowing the team up, than lets beef it up and help KG get one more ring. We can’t lose an All-star and 2 key role players and expect to win this year unless we get some help.

    Josh Smith would be great, Gortat would be OK? Something though, just to give us hope, Miami is playing championship ball, and we need more size and scoring to keep up. Bass would be nice to move, and Jeff Green and Lee are really our only other chips (Bradley needs to stay). In DA we trust.

  • GreenbirdCro

    Sorry for double-posting. But this relates to two stories!

    Here comes the blasphemy!

    Maybe KG/Doc/DA realize that this season is de facto over and they are figuring out what they want to do after it. So…

    KG wants to retire but wants to help the club so he decides to give up on his NT-clause. DA makes direct trade for JSmoove. Doc takes KG on board as an assistant coach for bigs after this season. Atlanta opens up cap space to land Dwightmare and another star of their choosing. Both teams still have 2 great players to work with till the end of this season…

    “Ya’ll don’t know what I know.” – maybe that’s that?!

    And as a side-dish – what about this:
    BB+JC=M. Gortat

    Can this work for both sides?

    Finally, let it be noted. I wouldn’t trade KG for no one!
    And still think Cs are dangerous come play off time!

  • Roy

    if this is kg’s last ride, it’s been amazing and I will continue to root for him till the clock hits zero every game. I think he was referencing more towards the fact that it’s become such a young game, and there was so much talk about how he didn’t deserve it and so forth, so that’s why he is saying it’s his last. He still deserves it every year, but you know how politics are and fan voting and all that crap

  • I officially love this Celtics team just as much as any in the past, including 2008. I know the results haven’t been optimal thus far, but my god… these guys won’t die. It’s like Die Hard 9 or whatever coming out today, in 2013. Really, John Mclaine is still alive? Despite all the terrorists and fighter jets and “advanced age” relentlessly trying to stop him? That’s how these Celtics are, and they’re the only team like it in today’s NBA… or at least the most extreme example. They’ll still walk across the broken glass covered floor (barefoot, mind you) deep into the supposed twilight of their careers, to save us from the tyranny of the LBJ’s and Black Mambas out there. I mean the adversity they’ve already overcome thus far would be staggering to any other franchise. But at this point, a completely season altering injury is just Tuesday in Boston. They circle the wagons and get on with what they have to do. Sure, they’re perplexing at times with their inconsistent play. But when the chips are on the table, I’ve still got my money on these guys. Celtic Pride is alive and well in Beantown right now.

    I <3 KG too

  • JoshSmithHater


    • alfred

      agree on this one