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Rumor: Josh Smith’s primary destination is Boston

I don’t know much about Gery Woelfel, except that he’s a columnist/report for the Journal Times in Racine, Wisconsin.

What does he mean by primary destination? That Smith wants to come to Boston?

I don’t see how the Celtics can make a deal for Josh Smith. Atlanta isn’t taking back Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee. Would they take a Jeff Green combo?

I just don’t see how it works.

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  • Matt W

    This only happens if he makes free agency.

    • CelticsKid34

      and if he doesnt plan on getting a max contract… he shoulda done it when pierce and KG werent so close to retirement. woulda been awesome and we would at least have a repeat

  • Ron

    It could only mean that he and his agent want him in Boston. But it would have to be a 3-team deal, and we’d have to send out Avery, a 1st-rounder…and what 3rd team wants Green or Bass?

    • LAF

      Avery + Green > JSmoove. Avery plays hard & Jeff can shoot.

      No thanks.

      • Frank A

        I agree LAF but I would give up Bass and Lee but then the guard situation sucks. Barbosa injury hurts more then people think.

        • LA Flake

          Bass & Lee for JSmith? In a heartbeat. I agree about our guard situation, so perhaps Bass, Lee and a first or Melo for something like JS, D. Stevenson or Teague would be a dreamy deal for me. But would ATL do it?

          • atlantahawks fans

            what are these celtics fans keep saying?
            bass and lee for smith hahaha
            so funny
            we don’t want a max contract for smith because of salary cap etc etc;
            then why are we taking huge contract of bass and lee, hahaha
            these is like lakers fans take everything you want, this is not nba2k13

            bucks has a way more good offers
            jennings and illysova
            even dallas
            and suns
            have way more good offers than your players,

      • Myself

        why Bradley? must be crazy. The deal wouldn’t even work it has to be Bass’ salary, bout 6mil and Green’s salary for it to work or Green + Lee+ fab melo or Green + Terry + someone else. But Green must be involved. Green’s started to improve and be consistent, so I don’t know about that but if he can come to Boston for much less and help destroy the Heat come playoffs then that’d be good.

        • atlantahawks fans

          do you think smith is your savior? 1 on 1 vs lebron, smith will win? hahaha

  • eddysamson

    Josh Smith is exactly what we dont need right now >> We need what we’ve needed all year – a big (now more than ever) and now we have yet another need in that of a guard. We’d be in exactly the same place, or a worse one, with him.

    What I think this means is that perhaps Pierce retires this year and we get Smith in over the summer to play with Rondo next year? I dunno, this is weird.

    • LAF

      Rondo + JSmith might’ve worked in high school but in the NBA, that’s a very bad combo because neither can shoot. If we keep Rondo, we need shooters and a legitimate BIG or two. If we trade Rondo to get Smith though…

      • Myself

        Josh smith is a scorer, he might not be the best shooter (BTW, he is way better than Rondo in shooting, it’s just your ignorance talking), but he can score nonethless

        • atlantahawks fans

          as a hawks fans you are so funny,, this is not high school this is nba at its best, rondo keeps hogging the ball he can;’t shoot
          yah yah yah smith can shoot but hits too many bad shots,
          you know what we love smith but he is becoming dwight howard primadona drama king part 2
          if smith is really good we should have won, but to tell you the truth he hits too many jumpshots
          he deserve a better team not your team
          because we don’t need a crap of bass and lee that are useless for us

  • Mark Wahlberg

    I would not give up Jeff Green for Josh Smith.

    • Agree a million times. Kid’s got heart. Green is meant to wear green.

      • Sheets


    • Myself

      I would

  • Ron

    Eddy is right. It feels weird…and Josh doesn’t have the CELTIC attitude. That said, if we’re exploring this, I want him under the tutelage of our vets before they punch out. A lot of reprogramming must occur with Smith if he’s ever going to be anything more than a highlight producer.

  • KY Celts fan

    Not a total surprise as Rondo and Smith BFF. I wouldn’t want to give up Green after the way he’s been playing this month. If KG retires at the end of this season, would that give us the cap space to sign him?

    • rico celtics fan

      think before posting bro…
      we gonna be stuck at 94 million max contract
      no way in hell i give him that
      i’d rather sign someone who can produce better than smith

  • celtics4life

    Clippers already willing to trade bleadsoe and butler to Celtics for kg. How bout kg to clippers, jason terry and butler to atl and josh smith and bleadsoe to boston.

    • LAF

      Jesus Christ, man, we’re NOT trading KG. WTF?

    • KY Celts fan

      KG has a no trade clause. He says he wants to retire a Celtic. Simple logic shows that he won’t be going to the Clippers.

      • rico celtics fan

        then as a celtics fans there is no need for josh smith to come here
        whats wrong these people so obsessed with this guy

        i’d rather have kg he got the veteran leadership
        smith got nothing but a crap of bad shooting
        he wants money go somewhere not here

  • Ron

    The Clippers deal was created by a blogger, never actually discussed, although I’m sure the Clippers would do it. But you know what, KG would block it. Duh.
    NO, we likely cannot sign Smith to a max deal if KG retires, not with these albatross contracts of Green, Bass on the books.
    Besides, as previously discussed, Smith needs KG as a mentor, at least for some time.

  • Mr. Curet

    I’d say: No, Thank You! Smith’s a horrible shooter from outside the paint & I wouldn’t trade Green, Lee or Bradley to get him. Now, if Pierce retires in the summer & they can use that to sign him then that’s a different story. Still, I don’t see a trade happening since the Hawks want expiring contracts & we don’t have any, unless they’re willing to take Collins, Wilcox & Barbosa which I don’t see it happening either.

  • Spike

    Josh Smith for JGreen and BBass somehow? Hell yes.
    I’d drive those two to Atlanta or wherever.

    • Mark Wahlberg

      So you’re willing to give up two key rotation players on a winning team, who can rebound and shoot well from mid-range and deep, for a guy with attitude issues and no jump shot whatsoever who can occasionally dunk but makes poor decisions?

      Here, I have a bridge to sell you, cheap.

      • LA Flake

        If we can somehow obtain Smith for Bass, Lee and fillers, we absolutely have to do it but need to get a guard back in return somehow. Smith addresses our rebounding issues somewhat. And he’s a solid defender. Our frontcourt rotation of KG, Green, Smith, Pierce, Collins and Wilcox would be outrageous. One can only dream.

        • eddysamson

          We need a guard now with 3…why would we trade 1 away for a position we dont need? Even if we get one back that puts us in literally the same situation…

      • Spike

        ATL has a better “winning” record than Boston. Not to worry though, maybe they’d give bass $40mil over there too, and there’s room in my car for you too, so you can go and do your bridge selling there as well.

        • Mark Wahlberg

          Atlanta is 29-22
          Boston is 28-24

          Whoopdeefrickindoo. They ain’t exactly Miami.

    • rico celtics fan

      green is better than smith,
      if smith is better they should have won a ring right now
      what wrong with these obsessed fans

  • Noori

    Woah woah guys, why give up any assets if this is in fact where he wants to come. And its not like bringing him in now would make us a title contender so why bother, and he wants to play with Rondo who is out this season anyways. Let him come via free agency!

    If Paul or KG retire its easy.

    The best bet would be if KG comes back one more year, Paul gets bought out and maybe returns for the minimum for another year. After that we sign Jsmoove and send off a 5 mill contract to make the salaries work. (Ideally Bass…)

    Imagine the defense in a roster that features Rondo, Lee, Bradley, Smith, Pierce, and KG.

    “You may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one…”

    • rico celtics fan

      keep dreaming not happening

  • Ron

    BTW, last night Joshn had 30 points and 10 rebounds. He’s not a great shooter outside the paint, but fortunately, we have some of those. We need somebody who can get shots IN the paint. He would complement Rondo nicely. And if you put him low and KG high, it makes our offense better. Plus, defensively he can be a game-changer with the right coaching.

  • Noori

    KG and Smith would make a hell of a duo! KG better not retire and honor those two years on his contract lol! But on the flip side, going forward we really need to drastically ease up KGs playing and save him stricty for the playoffs.

    • rico celtics fan

      what are you trying to pin point? let pierce retire and let kg stays and smith will replace smith?


      • rico celtics fan

        i mean smith will replace pierce?
        pierce is better than smith
        keep that in mind

  • Frank5

    You’d get no complaints from me…

  • Shawn

    Anyone know if by restructuring pierces deal for an extra year if we could spread his current money out so that say he’s making 9-10 mil the next 2 years instead of 14.5 for one?

  • john rotolo

    Anybody who thinks Smith for Green and Bass is an upgrade is a fantasy fan.

    • paul

      So those guys play pretty well for two weeks and now they are better than Josh Smith in your eyes?

      • rico celtics fan

        lol paul
        green has potential to improved
        smith will never improved
        he sucks
        hits too many bad shots
        and do you think danny ferry will accept bass and green?
        so funny of you
        they got korver
        they got horford at pf

        if im danyy ferry
        i’m take jennings
        and illysova
        much better
        than your crap offers

        again this is not nba2k13

  • Aidan

    There’s no reason to think this would happen in a trade and no need to keep bringing up trade hypotheticals. I don’t think it’s been any secret that Josh Smith admires the Celtics organization – during the playoffs last year he publicly said that the Celtics have the best fanbase in the league and he was jealous of the team.

    I criticize him as much as anyone, but he’s been in a bad situation with bad coaches in Atlanta his entire career. IF he can be cured of doing all his bad Josh Smith things (a huge if), I think Boston would be the likeliest place that could happen. I’m not sold on it and I wouldn’t give up assets for him or give him a max contract, but if the Celtics end up with a ton of cap room in the offseason and Smith is a free agent willing to sign a worse deal than he could get with other teams to play for the organization he wants to play for, it’s worth considering.

  • Art

    Sure. If he gets a buy out of his current contract and signs for the minimum in Boston. None of the current players are going anywhere.

  • I don’t understand why all of sudden everyone is so attached to Jeff Green. Look at his numbers. He’s still a marginal NBA talent and will probably always be that. He’s basically Corey Brewer.

    • LA Flake

      Jeff Green >>> Corey Brewer. Come on now.

    • Spike

      Thank you. I’d take Corey Brewer and the $30mil (yes, that is a THIRTY MILLION DOLLAR DIFFERENCE) cap space over Jeff Green

      • Mark Wahlberg

        Cap space isn’t calculated on the entire length of a player’s contract. It goes year to year. Jeff Green was a starter in OKC until the trade, and may well become a starter here in Boston sooner than you think. Corey Brewer ain’t never done shit, anywhere.

    • mike

      Jeff green’s averaging 15pts 4boards 1.7 blocks and shooting 40%+ 3pt since getting more than 20 minutes a game. He will start next year and his $9mil/yr will be a bargain practically.

      • Mark Wahlberg


    • rico celtics fan

      and corey brewer can’t go SF OR PF and guard lebron as least green tried

      green anytime any day
      give him the minutes
      stop hogging the ball
      as charles barkley a jeff green fan
      i agree this guy has some potential

  • RedsLoveChild

    Josh Smith is overrated.

    Yes, he`s talented, he`s a good player, he`d be a “sexy acquisition” for any team…but, he is also overrated.

    • rico celtics fan

      im not impressed with that guy

  • GreenbirdCro

    Here comes the blasphemy!

    Maybe KG/Doc/DA realize that this season is de facto over and they are figuring out what they want to do after it. So…

    KG wants to retire but wants to help the club so he decides to give up on his NT-clause. DA makes direct trade for JSmoove. Doc takes KG on board as an assistant coach for bigs after this season. Atlanta opens up cap space to land Dwightmare and another star of their choosing. Both teams stil have 2 great players to work with till the end of this season…

    “Ya’ll don’t know what I know.” – maybe that’s that?!

    And as a side-dish – what about this:
    BB+JC=M. Gortat

    Can this work for both sides?

    Finally, let it be noted. I wouldn’t trade KG for no one!
    And still think Cs are dangerous come play off time!

  • mike

    Here it is….

    KG and Pierce are both going to retire or reconstruct their contracts after this yr.

    If they retire…..
    Josh SMith will come over in free agency to run with rondo, green, bradley, Lee, etc.

    If they re-do their contracts….
    Josh SMith still comes over and starts with Green and rondo, bradley, Lee and KG and Pierce sign back on small deals like $5mil/yr or even less and play bench/mentor roles at 20minutes a game.

    • rico celtics fan

      do you think smith will do that?
      hahah so funny

      better go on rockets
      you can get a max contract
      + you are a starter in the team

      i want to develop sully beside KG so no thanks

  • Ron

    Hey, guys. This is not the NFL. You can’t “reconstruct” or “redo” your contract. Once it’s signed, that’s the amount you get. Period.
    As for the Jeff Green/Corey Brewer debate, I’m sorry. Jeff Green has had a handful of good games, but we’re paying him $36M over four years. His production has been so inconsistent, I’m going to have to side with Brewer on this argument. If this is a question between Josh Smith or Jeff Green, there isn’t really a choice at all. You get Smith.
    The only way to address the attitude issue, IMHO, is to get him in here to play with KG and Paul.

    • Shawn

      According to this by Larry Coon it appears you can:

      • Shawn

        A renegotiated contract can be extended simultaneously (see question number 58). If a player’s contract is extended and renegotiated simultaneously in this manner, his salary may not decrease by more than 40% from the last season before the extension (after it is renegotiated) to the first season of the extension. For example, if the salary in the last season of a contract is renegotiated to $10 million and the contract is simultaneously extended, the salary in the first season of the extension cannot be less than $6 million.

        • Ron

          I stand corrected. But that would mean having KG’s contract extended until 2017 or so…this seems unlikely. One thing nobody has really addressed here that much is Smith’s worth. He’s a very good player, but I don’t think he’s worth the $18M he is eligible to earn–and it’s clear he thinks he’s worth.

          • Shawn

            No he’s not max but I would just love pierce taking a pay cut. he’s not worth 15 mil every night anymore. He’ll still have his couple weeks or nights here or there but he cant carry a team single handedly for an entire season.

            I wouldn’t give JS more than 12 mil honestly and thats the high end.

  • Aidan

    It seems unlikely that he would come here unless KG and Pierce retire (it seems like they’re a package deal, right?). If they do, and the Celtics have a TON of cap room, who are the free agents out there who are a) preferable to Josh Smith and b) realistically willing to come to Boston? I’m curious about what people think.

  • Ron

    If they retire, the Celtics WON’T have a ton of cap room. That’s the point. Look at the Cap Questions blog they just posted here. We’re on the hook for Rondo, Green, Bass, Terry, Lee, Avery, Sullinger, and $5M for Pierce next year.

  • paul

    He’ll have to take a pay cut, close to what Rondo is making.

    • Shawn

      which is what he’s worth

  • CaptainObvioud

    What does he mean by primary destination?…. Really?

    That means he wants to play here as his first (primary) choice.

    Glad I could help.

  • Michael

    ·····RR fans ignore me again.
    I really want RR to go to Atlanta, maybe with bass
    so we will Teague and Horford. It’s good for both teams.
    C’s will be a both now and future team

    • eddysamson

      that is intriguing but it wouldnt happen this year

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Bass and Lee, yes please.

    Jeff Green is gonna be HUGE for this team in one year. No thanks.

    • rico celtics fan

      again and again and again this is not nba 2k13

  • Aaron Dushku

    ATL has players I can live with. Teague, Horford would be awesome.
    Would take D Howard in a heartbeat but not without keeping KG here to ‘break him in’.
    I dont see the value of Deandre Jordan and Bledsoe. What am I missing?

    As for ours, send Green if you can get a REAL impact player but not someone young and with potential or ‘big’ but still averages under 10 ppg and less than 80% ft. Shows that they’re undisciplined and inconsistent.
    Don’t forget the Bass of last season and envision him as a solid bench contributer. Keep Avery.

    Lee, Bass, Terry, Melo and Rondo are all still expendable. Don’t bring in toxic player like J Smith without keeping team spirit enforcer and mentor KG.

    Could we get KG and Pierce (and maybe Green ) to restructure final years of their contracts to bring in Howard or smith as FA’s next season. No offense Paul & Rajon. I do love ya but KG is a coach as well as a player at this point. Look at the plus minus numbers too.

  • Joe Dirt

    All I got to say is, I would take JOSH SMITH along with PAUL PIERCE and KEVIN GARNETT THIS YEAR, AND RAJON RONDO NEXT YEAR, over D Jordan and Eric Bledsoe, and a bag of crap, BUILD ON WHAT YOU GOT, ADD TALENT, Josh Smith for Green And Bass, if he will sign a contract extension ok if I was d angie. DEAL. Then get another big maybe AL Jefferson. And if your getting Josh Smith give me Kyle Korver, all these guys along with PP, RR, and KG, for next year, not a bad start of a team of both young and old. But that KG trade with the Clippers is B.S. I quit being a Celtics fan if they trade KG, I’ll route for OKC, Or even NYC to upset Miami. KG , PP bleed green, add Josh Smith *rondo’s bf* and Al Jefferson, you now have young and old stars to build around for the next 3-5 years. D Jordan sucks, and who needs Eric Beldsoe when you got RONDO? Danny Angie is crazy for even thinking about these stupid trades. Get me Josh Smith and lets think about next year with a front line of KG JS PP with RR and a 3pt guy like Kyle Korver in the back court. Or also Get Al Jefferson and have KG be your sixth man, and keep Terry, right there, those guys are all you need plus Avery Bradley, maybe terry, sully, couple other guys and that is a championship style team.

    • rico celtics fan

      ainge is not crazy you are crazy

      do you know the salary of korver
      smith 94million

      hahaha you aint thinking bro
      its not happening