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Jeff Green & Chris Wilcox Have Heart

The Cleveland Clinic, where both Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox had their cardiac surgery performed, released a short video yesterday. In it, Jeff and Chris catch-up with the clinic while in Cleveland last month to play the Cavaliers. It’s a shame this video is so short, as it gives a detailed description of the procedures both players had and is quite informative.

Dr Lars Svensson, a world renowned cardiac surgeon, performed both Green & Wilcox’ surgeries. What I found interesting was that he said their height actually was a contributing factor to their heart ailments. That, and them both being “super athletes that put a lot of strain on their hearts.”  A great reminder of just how much these two guys have been through. I wish them both nothing but the best in their continued recovery.

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  • eddysamson

    That was cool! The other night against the Bobcats (or Nuggets?) I remember Jeff got hit and was clutching his chest on the bench and Mike or Tommy commented on it saying it didnt look good. I originally thought it may have been from taking a hit right in the scar but then the doc said their chest was actually strengthened by the procedure? Interesting.

    • KWAPT

      Yes-that really caught my attention too. It’s kind of hard to catch because of the doctor’s accent, but he says: “his breast bone is actually stronger than before the procedure..” and “I told Jeff he could drop his shoulder and take a shot from Shaquille O’Neal”

      • eddysamson

        You know it may just be his scar itself that was hurting. I messed up my knuckle rock climbing last May by scraping all the skin off it pretty much. Even though I was back climbing a week later at 95%, 6 months later if I touched the scar the right way with my fingernail it would shoot pain through my whole knuckle.

        A massive scar like his I’m sure is still pretty damn sore. Maybe his chest itself is stronger, but the scar tissue is still painful.

        • KWAPT

          Yes-that makes sense..

  • Roy

    yeah that always worries me when he takes a charge or gets hit on the chest. glad to know he is doing great

  • Curt

    Part of it is hopefully psychosomatic. I clutch my reapired shoulder when it gets hit…even when it doesn’t hurt.

    If it was my heart…I’d go nuts.

  • JR99

    I believe the relationship to tallness is through the fact that Marfan Syndrome makes people tall and is also associated with aortic enlargement. I don’t think normally tall people are more likely to have enlarged aortas than anyone else.

    Scary that JG’s aorta was “paper thin.” He really could have dropped dead at any moment. Lucky man. Lucky to have come to the Celtics and lucky that they tested him for that.

  • cass

    It’s just hitting me now how ridiculous the Celtics injuries have been over the past two years. This year we lose three players in just over three weeks. Last year we lose not one but two players to season ending heart surgery (not to mention Avery Bradley because of his shoulders during the playoffs).


    Breaks my heart every time I see Jeff walk up to the free throw line and I can see the top of his scar peeking out from his uniform. For some reason I’ve never noticed Wilcox’s scar during a game but it’s amazing that they’re both playing this year.