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Why Delonte West is NOT an option for the Celtics

Every time a roster spot opens up on the Celtics, we get tweets and emails calling for the team to sign Keynon Martin, Allen Iverson and Delonte West.

While Delonte isn’t physically washed up like AI and K-Mart (accept it people – there’s a reason they’re not in the league), he remains a troubled soul. Case in point; he has yet to report to the D-League team that acquired his rights two weeks ago. His time in Dallas last season didn’t end smoothly:

West was waived after two suspensions for conduct detrimental to the team. He was involved in a pair of locker room incidents during the preseason, and was on his second straight one-year contract for the veteran minimum, which was $1.2 million this season.

The first suspension of West was lifted after just a day after a meeting with Nelson and Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle.

A week later, though, West said he received a text telling him not to come to practice a week before the start of the regular season and was waived a few days later. He said he was blamed for an argument that didn’t involve him in the locker room after a preseason game.

The Globe’s Gary Washburn reports the Celtics have grown tired of Delonte:

An NBA source said the Celtics have not reached out to West and were not pleased with his second stint as a Celtic that ended with him not being re-signed after the 2010-11 season

We’ve seen the “healthy” Delonte. The gritty, tough-as-nails guard with the balls to take big shots. I’d love to have that guy back.

But until Delonte gets a grip on the bipolar disorder that has derailed his career, he’s unlikely to get another chance.

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  • If D West had a choice – play in the NBA (for vet minny) or have a reality show (crispy cremes and KFC), which one do you think he’d choose?

    • ay

      I feel a title referencing NBA players’ moms…

  • Jester00

    A WIRE HANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d sign him hell with it vet min if acts out waive him To good not to gamble on

  • RedsLoveChild

    One true thing about Delonte West :

    He will NOT die from old age.

    • MJBarbosa

      C’mon man what a stupid thing to say

      • RedsLoveChild

        Not necessarily a bad thing…does anyone really want to be 70 or 80 or 90?

        • KY Celts fan

          I swear you must be 14. You have so little perspective of world and what’s in it, that you must be some immature teenager who thinks he’s the smartest person in the room even though he has the smallest life experience. There’s no other explanation.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Memo to Kentucky PC cop :

            We`re not here for a long time…but, we`re here for a good time.

          • frickenWaaaltaaah

            Memo to the worst “Celtics fan” on the internet: this has nothing to do with ‘political correctness’ you POS. You’re just another coward with a keyboard.

            Would you make a joke like that about your brother? Your mother? Somebody in your own family? Are you a flatworm that split off from another flatworm or something?

            You think because DWest plays basketball to entertain people for a living that it’s somehow cool to just casually joke about the guy offing himself or whatever you had in mind? He’s just a guy on TV or whatever so it’s all cool with you?

            Seriously, is there anybody out there reading this who isn’t tired of RedsLoveChild posting the same broken record crap day after day after day here? Seriously, if you’re out there, speak up in his defense and surprise the heck out of me.

            What kind of “Celtics fan” jokes about a guy who bled green into the parquet night after night racking up Tommy point after Tommy point dieing young from doing something dumb because the guy is struggling with being bipolar?

            Seriously, is it not enough for you that it’s wrecking his life? You want him to drop dead so you can make more jokes?

            Did you want him to wreck a motorcycle? Or maybe blow his brains out?

            I wouldn’t want to put words in your mouth, please double down again and tell us what you had in mind, if by chance it hasn’t occurred to you that you were really wrong and should be a man and just admit it for once.

          • RedsLoveChild


            I want Delonte West to drop dead?!?
            I want him to blow his brains out?!?
            I want him to wreck his motorcycle?!?

            Are you insane?

            For someone who doesn`t want to put words in my mouth…you certainly did a good job of doing it!

            Where exactly did I write all of these things?

        • JR99

          When you’re 68, 78, and 88… probably yeah, quite a few

          • john

            +1 @jr99

  • Dave

    I still think you give AI a workout

  • piecz

    Will Bynum anybody?

  • john

    Danny`s looking for guys who are playing somewhere and are in basketball shape.