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Rondo undergoes successful ACL surgery

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 13, 2013 Celtics News, Injuries, Rajon Rondo 17 Comments on Rondo undergoes successful ACL surgery

I know the mere mention of “Dr. James Andrews” with the name of a player on your team is enough to bring chills, it’s because he’s the best of the best.  And the fact that he only suffered a partial tear and no other damage is the best of a bad situation.  It should significantly reduce his recovery time.

From the Globe: 

Ainge added that Rondo is especially infatuated with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who tore his left ACL in December of 2011, and had Andrews operate Dec. 30 with a patellar tendon graft, then returned to the field less than 10 months later. Peterson finished this past season just nine yards short of the NFL’s single-season rushing record.

“And you know Rondo: He’s going to want to come back faster than anybody who’s ever returned,” Ainge said.

There’s no rush there, Rondo.  If you’re not coming back for the playoffs, then don’t rush it.

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  • eddysamson

    Didnt Ainge say last week (or before) that there was no way Rondo would be back this season at all?

    • Curt

      Either way, he won’t be back. Come on man, don’t rush him!

      • Nbr1celticsfan

        I think ainge meant he’s not going to be back in time for the playoffs so don’t rush it. He doesn’t mean make it back for the playoffs.

  • Bee

    Get better ASAP ‘do!!!

  • Curt

    This good news will make it much easier to do what so many people are calling for…trade Rondo for someone good. Maybe we can get Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or Wilt Chamberlain…or Joba Chamberlain. Trading Rondo isn’t the answer people.

    I can’t wait to see Rondo back on the court in a Celtics Jersey.

  • Get well Rondo, and if i know Rondo, he’s going to do more than rehab, he’s going to add that 3pt shot to his game, and continue to shut people up. People can say what they wont trade him, keep him, with the way Rondo play he does not have to worry about a job for a long time, its not a team in the NBA, that would not have him!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brick James

      Yeah that’s the relatively good thing about this, he won’t have full mobility so he can work on his set shot, 3 pointer, and free throws!

  • Ben

    Please do not spread misinformation. There is no difference in recovery time between a partial tear and a complete tear once you have surgery. In either case the ligament is replaced and the recovery and rehab after surgery is the same.

    I think people need to tame their expectations of ACL surgery recovery after Adrian Peterson. His story is incredible, but basketball is a different beast on the knee; much more East-West movement, cutting, and jumping.

    I’m not so sure Rondo will be ready to play come opening night. Just look at Derrick Rose, who’s now 9 months out from his surgery.

    • $tephanie95

      Didn’t Rose have more extensive damage to his knee? ACL and MCL if I could recall.

      • Ben

        I’m almost positive that it was just an ACL

        • eddysamson

          I could have sworn it was both for him, but wikipedia says just ACL.

          And thats crazy considering the latest word on Rose is he said “I am no where near playing again”

          • Ben

            Yup. The Peterson thing just totally blew everyone’s post-knee surgery expectations out of the water. I don’t understand why people think it is no longer a major surgery. Like I said before, basketball is totally different with the amount of cutting and jumping. I can’t recall any basketball player who has come back early and played at a high level following ACL reconstruction. Even if Rondo is back and ready at the start of the season his playing time will be strictly limited for quite awhile

            Sorry, I don’t mean to be a buzzkill.

  • Richard

    Rondo should wait until he’s 110 % healthy it takes 8 months to a year to come back from an ACL injury don’t rush it !!!!!

  • Larry Legend

    Has a team or doctor ever announced that the surgery performed was NOT a success?…I mean could you imagine Andrews coming out and saying ” I did a horseshit job, hope he can recover regardless of my negligent work”…

  • KY Celts fan

    Maybe it’ll be like “Rookie of the Year” and Rondo will end up with some kinda super-powered knee.

    • Larry Legend

      I’d rather have him get a super powered jump shot.

    • $tephanie95

      Rondo didn’t get rookie of the year!!!