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Recap: Celtics survive slopfest with Chicago

This baby loves the slop, eats it up. Eats the slop, born to slop…

How the hell do you capture the true essence of tonight’s victory? The Celtics stunk less?

Screw that, I’m going to channel my inner grit-and-balls and put a positive spin on this mess. The Celtics scratched and clawed their way back from miserable 2nd and 3rd quarters to beat Chicago, 71-69. A 7 point 4th quarter deficit might not seem like much, but it’s quite daunting when you muster 8 measly points in the 3rd quarter.

How about Doc Rivers’ post game quote about his team: “Tremendous heart. We choose to live. We have to have that mind-set. There’s no help coming. This is who we are.”

The Green: Nearly everything in the 4th quarter, where the team shot 68% (11-16 FG). Kevin Garnett scored 8 of his 12 points, including a GIGANTIC 14-footer with 20 seconds remaining.

Brandon Bass (14 points, 9 rebounds in 40 minutes) played his most aggressive game of the season. He wasn’t always pretty, but Bass stepped up big on a night where Doc limited KG to 26 minutes. His 13 shots led the team. Felt like 25 shots.

The Gross: Chicago outscored Boston 13-8 in the 3rd quarter. The Celtics shot 4-21.

The officiating was rather terrible in the final minute:

  • Paul Pierce was mugged on the inbounds play with 49 seconds remaining
  • Avery Bradley played perfect move-your-feet defense on Nate Robinson with 6 seconds remaining but was whistled for a foul
  • Robinson nearly tore off Pierce’s jersey in the final scrum, but no whistle

Greenlights: n/a

The Grid:

  • Pierce shot 2-12
  • Chris Wilcox was a game low -10
  • The Bulls had twice as many turnovers as Boston (20-10)

KG says he’s done with All-Star games. Is this a hint at retirement?

And finally… we learned that Paul Pierce has been playing with a pinched nerve in his neck for about two months.

Box score

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  • Fgyfjj

    I’m mad that when they were interviewing Danny we found out about all these injuries that were never publicized
    I wish the media was more selective tell us when are players are injured we don’t care about the trade rumors

    • $tephanie

      Actually that’s not the best thing to do, Major injuries, yes, but you don’t tell every injury especially when you’re about to play against opposing teams. They should never know everything going on with a player.

      • LA Flake


      • p funk

        2nd that $teph…see the ne pats for how to do this correctly. However, the kg comeback that never was during the playoffs a few years back sucked. I kept waiting for his return and it was frustrating as hell to think “any game now” for so long only to see us eliminated before he returned.

      • Reggie35RIP

        Yeh you don’t want to give up information that opposing teams might try to exploit.

  • zippittyay

    Nate logged into his account at halftime and spent his whole paycheck.

  • eddysamson

    Wilcox got what 0 touches? I dont get that. Like all hes good for is quick pick and rolls and alley oops and stuff like that and yet in the middle of their terrible shooting they run NOTHING with him! Barbosa was running a ton of plays with him, maybe its because hes gone?

    In a game like that you cant have Wilcox out there not touching the ball!

  • If you Google “A win is a win”, this game will pop-up. Gritty 4th quarter by Ticket, Jet and Truth with the clutch FT’s. And kudos to BBass. Great game for him tonight. Now….time for a break.

  • Roy

    Grit and balls

  • LA Flake

    another character-building win. i’ll take it!

  • JG

    Terrific grind-it-out win for this team. I was really upset for the past 2 days thinking about Barbosa, but the heart they showed tonight (although it was probably the ugliest game I’ve seen since the 66-64 win over the pistons in the 2002 playoffs) was quite impressive. Honestly, I think what had a lot to so with the tough scoring stretch was the combination between a tough shooting night for Pierce and Bradley getting in foul trouble. This team plays so much better with Lee and Bradley on the floor. It’s amazing.

    It’s interesting because I was always an offensive-minded player when I played, and thus an offensive minded fan. However, I sometimes think the celtics are better off scoring wise when Bradley and Lee are in than when it’s Terry and one of the other 2. That’s no knock on Terry, he’s been playing much better, but I just think its interesting that you can’t really just say “we need points–put in Terry”, because they actually seem to get far more layups (due to the better defense) with Lee and Bradley. Take a look at the starts they have gotten off to with them two starting.

  • JimmyG

    I have to say this was maybe the ugliest game of Basketball I’ve ever watched. Having said that, a win is definitely a win and Chicago is a solid squad who has (seemingly) had our number in recent years with or without D Rose. Good stuff from a team that continues to endear itself to a fan base that values work rate more than anything else more. Go C’s!

    • p funk

      Absolutely right jimmy. I love this team now. I’m a rondo fan, but the hustle and heart these guys are playing with is absolutely endearing and i’ll be watching them till the bitter (or sweet!) end

  • RedsLoveChild

    The 19 combined points in the 2nd and 3rd quarters “appears” to be an all-time Celtic franchise low, for back-to-back quarters.

    They scored 22 in back-to-back quarters vs. NJ in 1990.

  • I was having heart palpitations watching this game…I need a break just as much as this team does!

    Love the heart and hustle they put in, especially from Bass. How about that 360 turn and dunk?!? Ok, yes, I drank the Brandon Bass Kool-Aid tonight. He was a lifesaver. Definitely the difference in the game.

    I watched the movie “300” again last night and thought about the C’s and their “Us Against the World” mindset. Love it!

  • I usually don’t dis-like too many former C’s…..but Nate is an exception, I can’t stand the guy.

    • eddysamson

      Yeah F Nrob he was flopping all night. Even against AB whom he tried to start shit with, what an asshat.

      • Curt

        Come on now…he struggled to get a guaranteed contract with Chicago before Kirk went down. Now he’s using everything available to keep it.

        Though every time he jacked up an ill advised 3 pointer, I was glad we don’t have him. Sure could use him to replace the Blur.

  • Roy

    KG hinting at retirement… One more year big fella please

  • Reggie35RIP

    It doesn’t matter how much sh!t a “W” has on it. It’s still a “W”.

    Showed character to pull themselves out of this sludge pit of a game. Solid win.

  • I did notice one thing for the critics and that is as the days go on Rondo is going to be missed more and more, that play where Jeff Green was trying to take out the ball and didnt get it in within 5 secs, those are the little/major things that Rondo did for this team, keeping up with the clock, whos on the floor, getting everybody in their spots, bailing them out with a steal or a crazy play or past. This team is starting to realize just how much they relied on Rondo, even Danny was talking about it durin the game., “HURRY BACK FLOOR GENERAL”!

    • JG

      1. Of course they miss having a PG, but that doesn’t mean it has to be Rondo 2. They did nearly the exact same thing at the end of the last game against the bulls and actually lost when Rondo was playing.

      Not sure where the misconception comes from that those of us that like this team without Rondo are saying that this team would be better without any PG at all. I’ve said in every post that they still need another PG

      • My comment was to the media who keeps saying Boston is better off without RONDO, and to say they lost the last time when rondo played is crazy, because if you saw that game Rondo was a beast even Danny Ainge said last night that even thought Boston lost the last game with the Bulls, it was Rondo who worked the hardest in that game, that does not prove anything about rondo, there is always going to be games where they win or lose with or without key players they still does not prove that boston is better off without rondo.

        • JG

          Right. All you can do is look at the wins and losses and the way the play over time. Which so far, has been better.

          • Thats right, “RAJON RONDO ALL DAY BAE BE”!

  • Larry Legend

    Appreciate the way this team grinds, I really do. But this game was mind-Blowingly bad. I really hope these teams don’t meet in poffs. They know each other too well.

  • KGino

    Lets get a petition going for KG to stick around one more year… And get every celtics fan to sign it electronically through redsarmy. Otherwise I’m gonna be one sad dude when he’s gone..

    • Curt

      I’ll sign. I will probably stop watching the NBA when KG leaves Boston.

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  • JETson

    Ben Gordon?