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Your Morning Dump..Where The Celtics Are Faced With Adversity Again

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Welp, I really didn’t want to start this day off with doom and gloom for C’s fans, but obviously, the Barbosa injury is the big story, and only real “news”.  He’ll undergo an MRI this morning in Boston:

Celtics faced with more adversity-CSNNE:

Regardless of whether Leandro Barbosa’s left knee injury ends his season, the Boston Celtics find themselves once again having to deal with adversity.

A slow start led to cat calls for Danny Ainge to “blow” the team up, whatever that means.

A six-game winning streak quieted things momentarily, only to be followed by a six game losing skid.

Rajon Rondo went down for the season with a torn right ACL injury that was diagnosed on Jan. 27. Just three days later, Jared Sullinger had back surgery and he too was lost for the season.

Boston ran off seven straight wins, so all was good … until Monday’s 94-91 loss to Charlotte which saw the end of their streak and yet another Celtic player go down.

So now, once again, the 2012-13 Boston Celtics are faced with adversity.  How will this squad respond? Avery Bradley, who’s nickname for Leandro is “Instant Buckets”, was one of the upbeat ones after last night’s loss:

“We always go through stuff,” said Celtics guard Avery Bradley. “We’re able to overcome it because we’re so close as a team. We just stick together. We’ll be fine.”

That’s a fantastic attitude to have, but unfortunately, Barbosa will not be that easy to replace. Since Rondo went down, Leandro had averaged 8 points, 2 assists and 2 boards in the 21 minutes per game he played since we lost Rajon.

All we really can do is watch and wait. Word out of the C’s locker room last night was that Barbosa was done for the year. The way he writhed in pain and needed to be carried off the floor obviously says a lot. So this means that once again, the “AingeWatch” will be on. Will he make a trade to get another ball-handler or aggressive scorer? Or will he dip into the D-League pool or grab a free-agent? Either way, this has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for devoted Celtics fans this year.

The rest of the links:

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  • JG

    It’s not the loss last night whatsoever that has me worried. Losing barbosa would be, in my opinion, as bad as losing sullinger. They REALLY need his energy, scoring, and ball handling. Without him, chances of a playoff upset go down considerably in my mind. I’m not saying its over, but this is really, really tough.

    • LAF

      I totally agree with this. LB was a spark plug. I was quietly expecting him to win us some games in the playoffs. He will be sorely missed.

      BTW…WHAT THE XXXX IS UP w/ Doc and Bass? Are they sleeping together or something???

      • GreenbirdCro

        If it’s gonna raise BB’s value (PT and stats) then it got some sense. Hell, I would through DA in da mix (3-some), if that would help… LOL 🙂

        • GreenbirdCro

          I was thinking of a trade value, of course…

  • JG

    He got them the easy baskets that this teams sometimes seems to lack. I also thought his defense really came along this year.

    • Larry Legend

      Best energy guy on the team. Crushing loss. This team snake bitten by injuries since 09…hope LB can make a full recovery. Feel badly for him.

  • Derek

    I love this team, even more than the 08 team. not because of our winning chances, but because of how attached I have become to the personnel. we just need to make a move for a fastbreak, pass first PG, not sure anything is available on the waiver wire, but I’m crossing my fingers

    I love Lee, and Green is playing much better, really hoping Danny doesn’t trade either of them.

  • piecz

    Get Gortat and Telfair.

    • I’ve been pushing for Gortat for a while. This team needs SOMEONE who can play with their back to the basket besides Garnett. We’ll never survive as a jump-shooting team.

      • piecz

        He’s all the Celtics need.Strong rebounder, shoot blocker, also good defender in P&R. Runs the floor great and had some moves. Telfair’s nice on ball player who developed a lot in Phoenix.

  • Brad

    Delonte West!!!

    • Dutchgreen

      Really, don’t you all think there’s a reason this guy is out of a job? Don’t get me wrong, I loved his game while he was here (twice), but I’m not so sure he would bring anything at this point – much less be the savior some of you seem to make him out to be.

      • Curt

        He isn’t out of a job. The Mavs put him back in the D League. Obviously they want him around. He’s more valuable than Collison.

    • JG

      If they don’t sign him, I’ll be forced to believe that he has some serious illness that is extremely contagious. There would be absolutely no reason to not sign him if barbosa is down for the season.

    • Matt W

      I want Delonte back, too. I wonder though how difficult that will be given that he allegedly is signed with the Legends.

    • LAF

      if anything this forces doc to play lee more which isn’t the worst thing in the world. but knowing doc, he’ll probably play bass @ pg. ugh!

  • Time to call up AI ! 😉

    What’s up with Delonte ???

    • eddysamson

      seriously, though, how funny would it be if we did grab AI and he somehow helps us make a deep playoff run

      • WORD !

        • GreenbirdCro

          Crazy shit
          just for the laughs… DA just do it!

          • eddysamson

            I think I’d take AI over Delonte in all seriousness. Or…maybe thats the 13 year old me playing with his shoes on talking.

  • Beantownfanatic2012

    Dejuan Blair and JJ Redick

  • Ty

    I say bring back Delonte. Yes, there’s a reason he’s out of a job- it’s no secret he’s not the most emotionally stable guy around. But couldn’t it be a low risk signing with potentially high reward? Why not try out a 10 day deal, see how it goes in the locker room and on the court, and take it from there? One of the most valuable things about Barbosa is his energy- Delonte is not a replica of that by any means- but he could come off the bench and be a spark plug and play solid defense. When Delonte was here before, everyone lauded him for all his “Celtic-like” traits, right? The toughness, the tenacity, the grit- we need those things right now.

  • piecz

    What about Marshon Brooks? He’s natural born scorer.

    • LAF

      i am all for getting marshon brooks. and guys like delonte and will bynum if they are available.

  • CoachAJ

    ‎”Adversity often produces the unexpected result. Look for it. Appreciate and utilize it. This is difficult to do if you’re feeling sorry for yourself because you’re faced with the adversity.” – Coach Wooden

    That said I want to see what Shelvin Mack has in this league, seeing as how ownership seems to really not want to go over the tax threshold. Danny said earlier that 2 bodies will be brought in, could they be Mack, permanent Melo, and a wild card. Still don’t think we have enough to trade for Gortat/Telfair so I can’t even think about them.

    • RedsLoveChild

      “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.”–Coach Wooden

      Telfair? Arguably, the saddest excuse for an NBA player the league has ever seen!

      Wyc`s all-time least favorite Celtic…he personally ordered that Telfair`s nameplate to be removed from the locker room in 2007.

      • piecz

        I think he’s different Telfair than he was 6 years ago. You can see it on the floor.

  • illegalblues

    bringing in a legit point guard like mack isn’t the worst idea. really going to miss barbosa, though. guy was incredibly fun to watch.

  • Jose

    Hey man I’ve heard Philly is listening to possible offers for Evan Turner. I thik we could get him he is a Pierce kind of player(althought not in a million years we will develop to PP34 level of play) he is young a great defender and can fill out 1, 2 and 3 spots (I remember him guarding KG in the ECSF for a stretch). Maybe we have some pieces Philly need such as Bass(since Andrew Bynum isn’t close to a comeback and T. Young is also injured) or even Jet since they’ve lost J-Rich for the season and need some veteran leadership and maybe some picks to sweeten the ot. What do y’all think?