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KG once refused to be interviewed alongside Dwight Howard

We learned this summer that Kevin Garnett views Dwight Howard as a clown and politely encourages him to paint his face during games. But now, we’re finding out that KG’s disdain for Howard runs a bit deeper than on-the-court quips.

TNT’s Craig Sager shared this story during an appearance this morning on 98.5’s Toucher and Rich.

Here’s my (loose) transcription:

We had one (All-Star weekend interview) scheduled two years ago, Kevin Garnett with Dwight Howard. And it was set up through the NBA and I’m sitting there with Dwight Howard but no KG.

I go back in the locker room and KG’s just sitting in his chair.

Doc Rivers (who was coaching the team at the time) said, “KG, are you supposed to do an interview with Craig Sager?”

KG said, “Yeah, but I’m not doing it with Dwight Howard standing there.”

Then he obviously threw out some profanity and said there’s no way he’s going to stand there next to Dwight Howard to do an interview.

I guess this means Garnett and Carmelo Anthony won’t be palling around this weekend in Houston.

Listen here for Sager’s story. Scroll ahead to the 5:30 mark.

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  • Curt

    That’s our man.

  • JasonG

    KG probably sees a guy with twice his physical gifts being half the player he could be, and it probably offends him. And Dwight’s not even his teammate. He’s pissed an *opponent* isn’t better! I love it. Add he’s not faking a friendship either, which I love as well.

    • LA Flake

      I don’t care what anyone says. KG was drafted by the C’s right out of high school. He is a career Celtic. He was Red’s secret love child. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      • CelticsKid34

        i dont know where you have been but KG was with the Timberwolves for 12 years… so your story is a little wrong. you can say that about Pierce but he went to college at Kansas State so then again that would be wrong too

        • Jon with no H

          good detective work, you tore his obvious joke to shreds

          and Kansas State, you say? another fine job getting the facts straight

        • Wow. Really?

        • LA Flake

          ok, i was wrong. kg is bill russell’s love child. i mean, i should’ve known, right? red was obviously a white man……..or was he?

    • Larry Legend

      Whoa…easy buddy. Dwight Howard is NOT twice as talented as KG. KG in his prime would torch Howard! Torch him. KG reinvented the 4 position. Guy was a goddamn freak! Howard would never and will never approach Kevin Garnett status. Never.

      • JasonG

        Did I say twice as talented?

        • Larry Legend

          Twice as physically gifted…did I take it the wrong way? Pretty much same thing no?

          • JasonG

            No. Not the same thing at all.

          • Larry Legend

            Actually it is. Talent in athletics refers directly to physical gifts and abilities…and regardless Howard is not twice as physically gifted as KG was. So your wrong no matter how you wanna twist words.

          • Rhyso

            What are you on about? Dwight Howard currently has more physical ability than KG does now, and he can see the ‘talent (size, athleticism)’ Dwight has but has not done anything special with it. It’s easy understand what JasonG ment, you just can’t seem to comprehend it.

          • Larry Legend

            KG is in his 18th year!!! Get your head outta your ass…I promise you KG ‘s dislike has nothing to do with him thinking Howard is more talented than him, because KG in his prime was 10 times the player howard is. It’s because Howard has no balls, no competitiveness, and just wants everyone to like him. KG has no respect for him. Dwight Howard a paper tiger to KG

          • kg215

            I agree with you Larry Legend. KG in his prime had insane athleticism/raw talent. Yes Dwight has more size/strength than KG did/does, but not more overall talent. Skill is part of talent too imo, and KG had a lot more in his younger days than Dwight ever will (passing, post moves, shooting, defense, everything really). Of course what matters most is how you use your talent, KG takes full advantage of his. Dwight is like a 500hp fwd car with skinny tires, can’t fully use his power.

  • dwayne wagner

    I’m from Minnesota and been here all my life and will always be a kg fan no matter what I miss him being in Minnesota but I knew deserved to win a championship and he couldn’t do that here with the garbage players we kept getting him smh lol so ever sense he left I haven’t liked the Timberwolves no more he will always be a Wolve and a Celtic for life

  • Rondo To KG

    Paint your face, clown!

  • Mo

    DW12 did say a couple of years ago in an interview that he lost his respect to KG (after KG allegedly went under someone to hurt his ankle) not sure which incedint was first but I guess KG got pissed off by that.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Is it just Dwight Howard that KG has a beef with…or does it extend to Moe and Curley Howard as well?

  • Dwight Howard

    He hates me … Everybody hates me.

  • zippittyay

    I love digging these out….

    zippittyay August 10, 2012 at 11:09 am
    Dwight Howard is the most overrated player in the NBA. Puffed up stats on teams with poor rebounders and defenders. Offensively challenged and couldn’t recognize an assist if it bit him on the ass.

  • Heather

    I think KG feels that Dwight doesn’t take basketball seriously and is giving other players around him a bad name. At this stage in life Dwight should be more mature and not relying on daddy to bail him out of every bump in the road.

  • Boogie

    Dwight would be so much better if he would stop trying to be something he’s not. He wants to score more points and get more touches, but he’s not talented in that area. If he would just stick to doing what he does best (rebounding, defending the rim, shotblocking). he’d be fine. Yo Dipshit….. I mean Dwight…. You can still be a superstar in this league without being a scorer.

    • kg215

      You definitely can be a superstar without scoring but Dwight wants the endorsements and the popularity. Sadly scorers are the most popular, even if that is all they can do. Some people actually think Carmelo Anthony is a superstar (which is a complete joke), but they do because he scores a lot taking a lot of shots. Aside from all his stupid behavior and his poor post injury play this season, Dwight’s defense/rebounding is underrated.

  • Noori

    I love KG and his behavior as much as the next Celtic fan, but come on man. Dwight Howard may be a goofy player but he’s still a person and its freaking all-star weekend. Just do the damn interview and have a good time.


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