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Celtkicks: Antoine Walker and Avery Bradley are the Real Deal

This evening I attended the Adidas Real Deal Release Event held at Concepts in Cambridge. The Real Deal were Employee #8’s signature shoe from his second season in the league. Adidas celebrated the re-release of the shoe with an autograph signing/sneaker release party. To make the event even more special, Adidas invited Celtics stopper Avery Bradley, who has been wearing the Real Deal retro this season. Retail on the Real Deal retro’s was $110. The shoes came with a limited edition Real Deal tee shirt. The shoes were extremely limited. Concepts only had 2 of each men’s size. I grabbed both 10.5’s and had them autographed.

Both Antoine and Avery were extremely accommodating to fans throughout the event. They signed shoes, jerseys, pictures, basketballs, you name it. You did not have to purchase anything to receive an autograph. Bradley took time to interact with each fan. Walker was in great spirits. They took pictures with everyone that asked. Keep an eye out for pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Overall the event was great fun. I want to give thanks to Adidas and Concepts for holding the event. I look forward to Concepts next event.

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  • Jesse

    This is awesome. I love those shoes so much.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Jan Volk was the Celtic GM in 1996, who drafted Antoine Walker instead of Kobe.

    Hard to believe this genius no longer works in the NBA!

    • Jon with no H

      yes, hard to believe a GM would draft the best player from that year’s NCAA championship team over a high school kid.

      Antoine also made the All Star team in his second year in the league, what a bust!

      • RedsLoveChild

        Meanwhile, on draft night, Jerry West sees so much promise in that high school kid he trades his starting center {Divac} to obtain him.

        Five rings later, the Lakers still can`t contain their glee!

        You`re right…Walker is a “bust” {and broke}.

    • Celtkicks

      At the time, Kobe was less NBA ready. Walker was a bigger impact during his first 3 years than Kobe. Toine was a 20+ and 10 guy through his first 6 years. Yes Kobe went on to greatness, but it by no means was a bad pick.

      • KWAPT

        Fantastic looking shoe! Thanks again for doing such a great job covering the event.

  • Seriously guys, this hate for Antoine is disgusting. A good player, by all accounts a good dude, whose generosity led him financially astray. We should wish nothing but the best for employee #8 instead of bad mouthing him. Save that shit for ESPN or YouTube comments sections where the low-lifes dwell.

    • Old Blue Eyes said it best: “Misery loves company!”

  • Frank5

    Anybody been listening to Cedric Maxwell this season? He’s clearly of the opinion that Avery Bradley’s shoes suck for playing basketball, and he’s not talking about their mediocre appearance either. Adidas should stick with what it does best, the Superstar II.

    • Celtkicks

      Toine averaged 20 and 10 for the season in these. They are fine.

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