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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc will watch the minutes tonight

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

If Celtics coach Doc Rivers elected to give Pierce and Garnett a night off when the team travels to Charlotte for the tail end of a back-to-back on Monday, he could be forgiven (heck, with no national TV broadcast, the league might not even make the team pay for it). As Boston prepped to board its midnight flight, Rivers was noncommittal about how he’ll proceed.

“I’ll let you know after the game [Monday],” Rivers said. “I mean Paul played 54 minutes, and he’s the guy that I’m most concerned with to be honest. And they just played so hard. … If we have to rest guys, play them shorter minutes tomorrow — the only way I can do it is by my eyes. You’ll never know how guys feel until [Monday].”

ESPN Boston:  Eyes on the clock

(What Would Gregg Popovich Do?)

I’m willing to take my chances against the Bobcats with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett taking a break.  Go ahead and start Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox, leave Pierce and KG on the bench… or in a box that reads “break glass in case of emergency or foul trouble.”

I’d say just leave them home, but that would give the C’s just 11 guys, and one of them would be Fab Melo.   So Pierce and KG have to make the trip.  But I wouldn’t play them unless they absolutely had to.

Knowing Doc, though, they’ll probably both play, but he’ll pull them after just a few minutes.  It’ll probably be more of a modified pre-season type of thing.  Personally, I’m not even too concerned about tonight’s result.  Last night was enough of a win to get me through to Wednesday’s Bulls game.

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  • $tephanie95

    I’d much rather them rest tonight and be saved for the Bulls on Wed..if he had to use them it should be like preseason.

    But you never know, this teams never ceases to amaze me even after all these yrs.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    This will be a big game for Jeff Green if PP’s rested. I’ve been a fan of his for forever, but if he wows tonight, we might be seeing him take over the starting PF spot from Bass some time soon.

  • illegalblues

    isn’t this the reason why we signed jeff green? time for him to get a start and show what he can do.

    • LA Flake

      I think he’s already shown and continues to show what he can do. He’s a freak and……………….CLUTCH! How many times have seen him come through in a pressure situation? Quite s lot already.

      Last night’s win was a very good character-building victory. I’m SO proud of these guys. Now we just need to shed Bass somehow and get a rebounder in return and we’ll be all set.

      Brandon Bass does not play hard and it pisses me off! But…great TEAM victory.

  • eddysamson

    I’ve been wanting to see how JG does as a starter for awhile now, I hope they do that tonight (although I am 99% sure they wont start him)

  • ty

    I doubt JG starts- Doc has always been more of the type to start the usual 5 and then rest them more quickly than he usually would. I don’t just worry about the minutes catching up to KG and PP, but also people like Avery- even though he’s young, he plays so physically and exerts so much. Difficult to manage. I hope Barbosa gets significant minutes tonight.

  • RedsLoveChild

    54 minutes for Pierce + 47 minutes for KG = Ridiculous!

    Who told Rivers that last night was Game 7 of the NBA Finals…and why did he fall for such a lie?

    • SSJ6Celts

      KG and PP would’ve mutinied again Doc if he pulled them out if that game! They’re competitors! It’s what they do! And why we respect them soo much!

  • iamsaws

    Loss in the 3 OT’s and PP huge, but how about the big shots JG hit?

  • TommyPoints

    Jason Terry, “KG is 50 years old.”

    That was a riot….HOF’rs really showed they’ve been drinking from the fountain of youth after last night. These are the days I will always remember when KG and PP finally hit the wall. Legends never die.

  • Roy

    They shouldn’t play more than 15-17 minutes tonight. With the All Star break coming up though they will be able to rest up. Hopefully KG doesn’t play much sunday besides beginning of each half.

  • LA Flake

    That photo PP and KG is really something. *wipes tears*

  • Larry Legend

    The Boston Celtics, and I’m really talking Doc, Pierce, and KG, simply do not know how to die. When all is said and done with this era that will be my lasting memory. They simply did not know how to die. Competitive SOB’s…my hat off to KG and Pierce…truly feel privileged to be able to watch these guys compete. Pierce’s contested 3 was classic Paul Pierce: stone bleepin cold. And KG hitting first three shots of the 3rd OT was huge. Hope Celtics fans appreciate these two, cuz I’m gonna f-ing cry like a baby when they retire.

  • Art

    If Danny can pick up one rebounder, that would be big. But….a win is a win. If Charlotte is a loss, it definitely takes a lot away from a good Denver win. They really need to defeat Charlotte. Just think – a lot of rest starting Thursday.

  • OV Wright

    in light of the squads recent success, i think we need to shift our focus back to what danny might do before the trade deadline…ive been trying my hand at espn’s trade machine…and given that philly is shopping turner (who killed us in the playoffs last year)..i came up with this scenario…

    what do you guys think

  • Mark

    I would hate to give up Lee but I like this trade a lot. Just not sure the other teams would.