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Recap: C’s lose game, streak, and Leandro Barbosa

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 11, 2013 Recaps 37 Comments on Recap: C’s lose game, streak, and Leandro Barbosa

That was a giant shit sandwich.  The Celtics were expectedly fatigued in the first half, but they maintained a level of aggression that got them to the line a bunch, even in sloppy half court possessions.  But they completely went down the toilet for most of the second half.

What kind of game was this?  This was a true statement at one point:

Yeah, it was that kind of game.  Byron Mullins destroyed the Celtics at every turn (until he was basically frozen out in the 4th quarter).  Jeff Green returned the favor for a while.  But the C’s never really had the kind of execution that we’ve seen over the course of this streak.

The result was a 94-91 loss to the lowly Bobcats (you’ll see that phrase a lot.  You’ll think they changed the name of the city to “lowly”).

The Green:

Green carried the team for much of the game.  He had a very efficient night (18 points on 8 shots) and was a game-high +10.

Jason Terry continues his resurgence.  He shot 50% on the night.

KG got another double-double.

The Gross:

Leandro Barbosa’s knee injury, which was a non-contact injury.  And there was no obvious torque to it, which makes it all the scarier.  I don’t want to speculate, but I’ve seen enough of these types of things to fear the worst.

The Celtics last points came with 2:10 left in the game.  Charlotte closed on a 7-0 run.

I’m not going to kill them for it since this was a road back-to-back after a triple OT home game… but the C’ really never did any of the stuff they were doing well during the streak.   If nothing else, it gives Doc something to point to to say “hey, you see this game? This is what happens when don’t do what we’re supposed to do.”

The Greenlights:

Jeff Green goes baseline, and the Bobcats let him

Chris Wilcox… with some power

The Grid:

  • This was Kevin Garnett’s 5th double-double (16 points, 13 rebounds) since losing Rondo.  3rd since Sullinger went down.
  • The Celtics had 26 assists on 32 baskets.
  • Byron Mullins line:  25 points (10-16 fg, 4-5 3pt), 18 rebounds (5 offensive), 4 assists.
  • Pierce & KG:  9-25 shooting.

The loss isn’t the worst thing in the world.  I sort of chalked this game up somewhere in the first OT last night anyway.  What I’m mostly concerned with now is Barbosa’s knee injury.

The MRI is set for tomorrow… I do not expect good news.

Box Score

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  • Brad

    Rondo out…Blur out…time to give Delonte West a call.

    • Hartz

      Seriously – I actually wouldn’t mind that at all.

      • Jester00


    • That’s exactly what I was thinking

      • Chief

        Yeah I agree, man these injuries are killing us.

    • OlSkool1972

      Yeah I don’t know why Sherrod Blaklely is talking about them getting somebody from the D-League. Delonte is the obvious guy to bring in now.

  • Mike C

    The Bobcats? REALLY,…WOW. I know they were dead tired from last night, but really? Bobcats with a record of 11 & 39, end our streak? I dont even know what to say? Guess I’ll try to focus on last nights great OT win, and keep my fingers crossed that Atlanta drops a game tonight also. This Celtic team really likes to keep its fans guessing.

    • Michael

      ·····Maybe you should watch the game.
      You will see why

    • Josh

      I wasn’t that upset with the loss. I was surprised that Doc chose to play Bass over Green for much of the 4th, b/c Green had 18 points on only 8 shots plus 7 of 7 from the line. Bass is the only guy on this team who has continued to underperform since Rondo went down.

      But really, once again we were in a situation where we needed a Pierce 3 to tie and this one didn’t go down. I wasn’t that upset. Start a new streak Wednesday.

      Also, please fill out the roster. Barbosa’s injury makes this more necessary, since anyone we pick up is probably going to be more injury-prone since they haven’t played this year.

    • Frank

      Mike you serious? They lost some focus when up by 4 late in the game. They were tired, it’s hard to get up for the bobcat and they seen another team mate go down, it’s the NBA man, they’ll be OK but they will drop some games, 3 key rotation players out


    I honestly dont mind this loss as much as others when we have played down. At the very least, we have played our god damn hearts out for over 2 weeks and spent 3 hours playing quality basketball against a contender last night.

    For having such a loyal fan base I am really sick of the bitching from “Celtics loyals” its been a lot, a whole lot worse than this.

    Ante up.

  • eddysamson

    this was my reaction to Barbosa going down:

    (and yes that works)

    SHIT MAN, this stinks. We can be damn sure Lee isn’t going anywhere now…

    • kobe

      Hey Eddy what’s the name of your girlfriend that give you free Celtics tickets? Lennay Kekua

    • Curt

      that is amazing, Eddy

  • TNCeltic

    Last night many of you were saying, ” I don’t even mind if we lose tomorrow after that awesome win.”. Well, it was obvious they were completely exhausted. Can’t win ’em all. Go Green!

  • kobe

    dust off the trade machine here we go!

  • 00dc2

    NBA needs to stop doing these back to back games. Its just too hard on the players if you want them giving 100% each night.

    • Mike C

      Couldn’t agree more! Celtics would crush the Bobcats nine out of ten times, on fresh legs. Bobcats can thank Denver for the win tonight. So YES, @Frank, I’m serious.

  • celtics33

    Doc’s postgame interview was all about the team being tired and he could see it during the game. Celtics wore down late and just kept shooting jump shots.

    That’s why it makes ZERO sense that Jeff Green played only 24 minutes tonight. He was aggressive in driving to the hoop and is built for playing big minutes. Yet Doc leaves him on the bench for half the 4th quarter.

    Poor game management by Doc tonight. Celtics should have been able to hold onto a 4 pt lead with just over a minute left against the sorry Bobcats.

    • kobe

      well for the past years being a coach we all know that Doc Rivers isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but still a tool

      • Mike C

        Didn’t Lebron set a franchise record the other night against kobe and the Lakers? OUCH, thats gotta hurt.

      • P Funk

        Hey Kobe, Last time you blocked someone…you were online

        • kobe

          Lakers may lose tons of games but would never lose the the Bobcats. lol

          • Mike C

            We may have lost to the Bobcats, but at least we’re going to make it into the playoffs. You and the real Kobe will have something in common. You’ll both be watching the Celtics in post season from your couch.

          • kobe

            yup, courtesy of the weak East

          • KY Celts fan

            Except you have. Lakers all-time record against the Bobcats is 9-8. So you’ve lost to them eight times. So you’re pretty ignorant of your own history.

          • Curt

            Well they got their asses drilled by the Celtics. That’s all that matters.

            Don’t feed the trolls.

  • The bob

    Is it not ridiculous that Green only plays 24 min when he was the 2nd best player on the floor (after Mullens)? I love Doc, but his rotation weakness is ridiculous!

  • M Barr Env Att

    I was too busy giving a handjob to see the Barbosa injury. How bad was it?????

  • KGino

    Oh Celts, like always, up for the big teams and down for the crap teams. Hopefully they’ve silenced all u idiots who thought they wouldn’t make the playoffs by now. We’ll be a tough out for anyone and no one wants to play us.

    • LAF

      but that can’t be the mantra team anymore. we’ve proven we can play with anybody. now it’s time to take the next step and become the team to beat. to do that, we must take care of these games we’re supposed to win. but i blame this loss on doc and doc only. his 4th quarter rotation was horrendous and i’m starting to think he should be fired for leaning on bass so god damn much.

      • KGino

        We can’t be the team to beat w all these injuries. Heat will remain the team to beat in the east. And hopefully docs just increasing bass’ trade value, cuz I can’t see us moving anyone but bass melo or picks at this point.

  • Roy

    The loss isn’t a big deal, the injuries are just heart breaking. I still say we need a big body before we add another guard but with the 3 roster spots, we should see something happen soon. At least some 10 day contracts. The only positive Celtics news for me today was my gf got me kg3’s for my bday today

  • Chief

    Sad to hear about Barbosa, he was really getting comfortable and now we lose him,wishing him the best of luck with his recovery.

  • dk

    This is ridiculous with these injuries I don’t recall a team having this many season ending injuries… I remember in 87 the C’s had a ton of injuries but atleast they went to the finals that year and came off a title.

    I know its part of the sport and that everyone says Eddie LaCerte and Dr. MacKeon are supposed to be “great” but I’m sorry, it feels like every year this team is hit with major injuries and not just to the “old guys.” After a while, it can’t just be a coincidence or bad luck. Just saying its worth the team looking into their medical staff to see if these guys are getting the best treatment, etc. during games.

    Lets hope that this team, par for this season, doesnt continue their recent trend and start another losing streak after a big win streak. I can already hear “tired legs, 3rd game in 4 nights–loss to Chicago….”

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