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Your Morning Dump… Where Pierce still believes

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

While there are technical reasons the Celtics are playing better now — better ball movement, more fast-break opportunities — the questions most often asked them are about the dynamic in the dressing room.“I just think you have good character guys in here who respond well to adversity,” Pierce said. “That’s why we’re able to play well through the injuries.“We’ve come together. We’ve become even closer. A lot of people don’t have any expectations for us right now, but we have expectations, and we understand what they are in this locker room. We’re going to continue to thrive and play to our expectations. I think it’s just bonded us together even more. That’s pretty much the most I can say about that.”

The Celts clearly aren’t daunted by proclamations of their imminent demise.

“I mean, they were writing us off even before the injury,” Pierce said. “It’s probably enhanced even more since the injuries, but, you know, people are going to say what they believe and what they feel.

“But, like I said, at the end of the day, we have our goals in this locker room. We have our beliefs, and they really don’t coincide with everybody else’s belief.”

Boston Herald – C’s invest in bonds

One of the more interesting dynamics of the KG-era Celtics has been the ‘nobody believed in us’ mentality of the team.  Even dating back to the inaugural (and championship) season, you got the sense from the team since Day 1.  Critics said it would take a few years, that beyond the big three, there were more questions than answers.  Using the outside critics as fuel for the fire inside the locker room, the Celtics have routinely surprised everyone outside of the New England area by the time the playoff fog of war has been cleared.  No, they haven’t won it all since 2008, but it seems like each year they go further than anyone seems to predict they will (save for KG’s 2009 knee injury and Rondo’s 2011 elbow dislocation).

So maybe, just maybe after losing their superstar, super playoff performer in Rajon Rondo as well as their abnormally consistent rookie in Jared Sullinger, the ‘us-against-the-world’ theme will carry them further again.  Paul Pierce has never been one to lack confidence, swagger or even some cockiness as evidenced above.  Neither has KG or newcomer Jason Terry.  All three are NBA champions and they have been rubbing off on the team now.  Not much is expected of them now and it looks like that is giving them all they need.  It sure has been fun to watch.

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  • terlo

    a win tonight brings 6th seed tomorrow night. atlanta plays dallas where c’s @ charlotte tomorrow

  • RedsLoveChild

    “…superstar, super playoff performer in Rajon Rondo”.

    Jay, whatever the hell you`re smoking…I want some!!

    • NateB

      Absolutely – Rondo is far from a superstar; and while the lazy media fawned over Rondo’s stats in last year’s playoffs, those of us who actually watched the games know that for every stellar Rondo performance there was a game where he laid an egg

      • LAF

        this pro-rondo stuff is just becoming comical. it’s as if rondo’s mom and sisters and his agent have taken over the blogosphere.

        i told ya mofos that we’re going to explode when rondo went down and that y’all were retards for counting KG & PP out. some of you laughed when i said terry’s gonna find his game and take off after rondo’s injury and declared the team dead. so let me ask y’all something, einsteins. if rondo could return from injury THIS SEASON, would you want him to?

        • p funk

          Absolutely i would want him to come back. I’m not a rondo guy, i’m a celtics guy. I bitched as much as anyone about his matador defense this year (and last)…but he is still our most talented player. If anything, i believe he will study a lot of film and realize that his effort needs to come on both ends. He will come back with a vengeance, and this injury will be better for rondo and the c’s in the long run. Yes, the rest of the guys have certainly stepped up in rondo’s absense…but who’s to say they wouldn’t have woken up with him out there too? Truth is, none of us know what would have happened. I believe 100% that we will miss rondo this year, especially in the playoffs when the games become grindfests. Sully’s work on the boards will be missed too.

          • LAF

            I’m tired of debating Rondo but articles after articles confirm my suspicion that guys were indeed sick and tired of playing with Rondo even more than I was watching him pound the ball to death and getting burned on D by the Luke Ridnours of the league. But that cancerous element is gone from our team now.

            We’re gonna miss Rondo in the playoffs? Yeah, keep saying that shit. I bet my house that PP & KG will be out to prove your ass wrong. And frankly I’ll take their leadership over this generation’s Antoine Walker any day of the week.

  • Chris

    Please don’t forget about the 2010 Perkins Injury. I am still confident that we could have taken Game 6 or Game 7 in L.A. with him

    • Nate

      2009 was in the bag before KG’s injury

      • LAF

        yup. the big three could have won FOUR championships if it weren’t for injuries. this year, however, we could go all the way because our weak link has been removed due to an acl tear.

  • paul

    Pierce is loving the absence of his rival on the team. Hasn’t been this happy in years.

    • Danno

      If they are rivals, then they should not be on the same team. That is 100% Rondos fault. Rondo seems to have issues with everyone. Paul, Ray, Delonte, Doc, Danny, Nate, 100% of the NBA refs, etc…

      Sometimes the simple answer is also the most obvious one. Rondo is an asshole and people don’t like him.

      • Larry Legend

        How do you know Pierce doesn’t like Rondo? That’s irresponsible…I’m by far and away not the biggest rondo fan, but it’s wrong to make assumptions like that and state them as facts…complete bullshit

        • Danno

          I don’t. I’m just going on what Paul said.

          • Larry Legend

            Therein lies the problem danno. Not your fault, but Paul states that as a fact and you take it that way. It’s just irresponsible. Regardless the Rondo banter on this site is over the top. Wish people would get on board with the team as constructed and stop debating about rondo.

            Oh and can someone please get us a rebounding big that is a presence at the rim? Thanks

          • Danno

            I don’t disagree. I’m tired of hearing about how important and how great Rondo is, since he is essentially irrelevant until next year.

            But everybody feels the need to defend his honor. I find it amusing when I can point out things that make their argument seem silly.

          • LAF

            i can’t recall another player so polarizing since antoine walker.

  • Nic

    I think this season will improve everyone’s character greatly and next year they will all realize their full potential. Especially Jeff green

  • $tephanie

    The media NEVER believes in them until they start kicking butt then they jump ship so quickly. That’s the main reason I tune the “experts” out.

    Like during the playoffs, when it got to the Heat series, and Stephen A proclaimed they would get “steam rolled” and Magic and Bill Simmons were all doubters. Then when they were up 3-2, they completely changed their mind and said there’s “no way” the Heat are winning blah blah blah.

    I don’t know how far they’ll go, but I’m enjoying seeing them make a little noise. Oh and someone’s streak is ending tonight. Hopefully it’s Denver’s!

  • DonaldTower

    Unbelievable what you guys are saying about Rondo. Just, wow

  • SF Celts fan

    Rondo has been an absolute warrior in the playoffs. There’s no doubting that. My only hangup is the jumper. If we had more confident jumpshooting out of him, we would totally dominate. Hopefully as he’s rehabbing his knee, he’ll work on the jumper.

  • tim

    rondo was playing worse in that series before he dislocated his elbow do ur research u scram watch some vidoe and dont just look at stats

  • john

    Rondo`s midrange jumper has been near the top among point guards this year, but don`t any of you Rondo-blasters let statistical evidence get in the way of your preconceptions.I don`t understand why it`s necessary to constantly criticize an injured player instead of just enjoying what`s going on.Some of you act like the popular girls clique in high school.

  • Me

    Brandon Bass (32:33minutes = 4 Rebounds) Vs. Kenneth Farried (38:31minutes = 12 Rebounds)

  • Chris H

    Rondo is like Kobe in this one particular way: he changes everyone around him in their approach to the game. While he does amazing things, he has a tendency to freeze others games to do so.

    He also, in his worse moments, has the tendency to do what Bill Simmons calls the “clog the toilet” play over and over.

    You still want him on your team, but I would hope he would see the free ball movement and how his teammates are allowed to thrive. I hope he sees that and will seek to modify HIS game to allow for both styles of play.