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Recap: Celtics beat Nuggets in a triple-overtime bar fight

THAT WAS A DAMN BAR FIGHT!   After an atrocious reversal by the referees that led to Ty Lawson sending the game to overtime, this game went into a full-fledged bar fight.  It was sloppy, it was gritty, it was big shot after big shot, but eventually the Celtics outlasted the Nuggets, 118-114. So much to talk about, let’s get right into it.

The Green: First, Jason Terry was looking everything like the player we all thought he would be. In regulation he dropped 21 points on 8 of 19 shooting being the instant offense man. In overtime he was cold as ice, missing seven straight 3’s but then out of nowhere he hit a mammoth shot with 1:15 left in the 3rd OT. He also had the defensive play of the game, poking the ball away from Andre Miller and getting the steal with 30 seconds left to help close this game out.

Second is Jeff Green. He hit a big jumper in the fourth and then a huge game tying 3 in overtime when everybody else was ice cold.  That’s right Jeff Green hit big shots & Jason Terry made a huge defensive stop. He finished with 17 points, 4 rebounds and 3 blocks in 42 minutes.

I haven’t even gotten to Paul Pierce or KG yet. Truth played 54 minutes and had a 27/14/14 while making a whole bunch of 3’s including a remarkable in double OT with Andre Miller all over him. Kevin Garnett went for 46 minutes yet started the 3rd overtime hitting three of his first four shots and went 20/18/6.

The Gross: The referee reversal was bad but the Celtics managed to get a massive makeup in the second OT when the refs gave the Celtics possession despite Jeff Green appearing to be the last person touching it. Even Stevens is what Tommy Heinson called it.

But what was gross was  the Celtics’ habit of not closing out halves reared its ugly head tonight. After only committing one turnover in the first, the Celtics turned it over nine times with led to nine of Denver’s 27 points. They were being a little too fancy, unlike the quick, efficient passes that helped them get a 10-point lead after one.  The sloppiness continued in the beginning of the fourth as the Nuggets were able to go on a 8-0 run in the first two minutes to tie the game. After Doc called a time out, the Celtics got the lead back up to seven with five minutes left to play until the Celtics couldn’t get anything else to go down after that which led to Denver coming back into this and giving the Celtics their biggest challenge of the post-Rondo era.

The Greenlights: You would think that in an incredibly entertaining game there would be more videos but at least we have this gem of KG and the Manimal exchanging pleasantries. (H/T to Oakley & Allen)

And then there’s the Truth with this ridiculous three-pointer in the second overtime.


The Grid:

  •  The two teams combined to take 221 shots (Denver 113, Boston 108)
  •  Denver dominated in the paint with a 62-30 advantage
  •  The Celtics had 34 assists on 43 shots.
  • Celtics bench outscored Denver’s 51-40
  • Jason Collins is the only person who entered the game who didn’t score. (He was in for less than a minute)

I don’t care if the Bobcats would stomp the Celtics by 20. That game was totally worth it. Have to give Denver credit for continuing to push the ball and not giving up. This was the Celtics biggest challenge of the post-Rondo era and they managed to get the W.

Box Score

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  • Chris

    KG didn’t say that to Faried. He said it to Koufos. Why would someone spice those videos together?

    • Fgjfgj

      Nah he never rejected kufus

    • B

      Um, no. He said it to Faried. He did say get that weak shit outta here to Cous-Cous as well.

    • BtbT

      LOL he did barked that to Faried. You can actually hear it when it happened during that play. What game were you exactly watching?

      • Shawn

        He said it twice in that game to faried ahaha

    • Alex

      Um… are you watching the same video? Faried is clearly the one who gets blocked… >_>

      • Cam

        Haha he said it 2 times in the game once to faried and once to Koufos. I remember.thinking the koufos one was funny cause hes white

        • JR99

          KG’s always been an equal-opportunity disser

    • omitasub

      he said it to both, he blocked koufus, and faried.

      • KGino

        If this is your first time hearing KG yell get that shit outta here n**** then you must not watch many celts games!!

  • Boogie

    lol…… love KG

  • kobe

    Celtics are tough!

  • kobe

    i don’t think any team would wish to face the Cetlics in the playoffs, they are tough to beat and would take too much even for the Heat.

  • $tepanie

    Now is the time to blow it up, when our stock is sky high.

    • Chris 2.0

      Now is the time for you to go bury yourself in a snowbank and we’ll see you in late-May when it melts.

      • LAF

        i think she’s being sarcastic.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    I wish we had Manimal instead of Bass

    • Me

      Brandon Bass (32:33minutes = 4 Rebounds) Vs. Kenneth Farried (38:31minutes = 12 Rebounds)

  • Rain

    Can’t agree with you more with the last paragraph!

  • Paul

    DeJuan Blair for Jason Collins and a pick. He doesn’t even get off the Spurs bench so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind losing him too much while he would come in to Boston making an immediate impact being the first big off the bench. Throw in a pick for the Spurs to entice them a bit more and everyone’s happy.

    • Alex

      Paul, this isn’t a VIDEO GAME. Spurs would like something good out of the deal. >_>

  • Incredible game! The crowd was nuts, KWAPT, were you there?

    The C’s got out-hustled a bit in the 4th, but never gave up. That’s one of those games that you just don’t want to lose… glad to see Jeff Green playing well every night.

    Andre Miller is a crafty old man.

    • JR99

      But Miller is apparently universally despised in Denver. This from sampling Nuggets’ blog…..

  • eddysamson

    Well that ended a pretty damn awesome day. Went snowboarding. Had a first date with a girl who can get me free Celtics tickets, and the C’s won god triple overtime against the Nuggets!! Hell yeah I’ll take it.

    • eddysamson

      also i have no idea where that ‘god’ came from but im also half asleep that may be why

    • Fhyghj

      Free celtics tix.

  • JETson

    I can’t say enough about The Truth

  • Nate

    Free Barbosa vs the Bobcats!

    • tristan barbosa


      • Garnett’sGrl

        Could not agree more…….

  • zippittyay

    I about had a cow when Wilson Chandler traveled TWICE in the same play and they refused to call it.

    • JR99

      Refs were out of their minds in this one. At least they swallowed their whistles most of the time. But when they went to the video…. wow, never seen a group get some many video replays wrong

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    This team has grit, this team has balls!

    One of the best games I’ve watched in a looong time. Amazing, I couldn’t go to bed because of the adrenaline.
    I’d rest KG and PP tonight against the Bobcats, more minutes for Barbosa and Wilcox.
    And even if they lose, I’ll be still reading the message the Celtics sent yesterday: we’re here for the ECF!!

    GO CELTICS!!!!

  • OlSkool1972

    Doc needs to pull a Gregg Popovich and leave KG at home instead of playing him on a back to back against the Bobcats.

  • Garnett’sGrl

    Gotta Love This Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TommyPoints


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