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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny Ainge explains the difference w/o Rondo

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“We are different without him,” Ainge explained. “We’re running better now because five guys are running. Honestly, I think we rely on Rondo too much.

“For example: With Rondo out, you see Jeff Green grab a rebound and push it up the court himself. If he gets a rebound when Rondo is playing, he just gives it to him.

“That’s not Rondo’s fault. It’s only because he’s a great player and guys see him in that role.”

So how can Rondo rectify that when he returns next season?

“So, when Jeff Green gets the rebound,” Ainge replied, “Rondo has to take off down the court in that situation. Then Jeff can take two dribbles and hit Rondo. Now you see Rondo attack the basket in the open court. He is unguardable in those situations.”

ESPN Boston

A fairly simple explanation for the Celtics change in style of play over the 6 game winning streak. While it’s convenient (and lazy) to “blame” Rondo’s style and attitude for the team’s mediocre start, it’s not accurate. Yes, I’m still beating this drum. Maybe, just maybe, Ainge’s rational, intelligent explanation will resonate with some fans.

For those who want to fast-forward past the remainder of this season and speculate on whether the team can play this freely with Rondo:

He’s not one of those guys who reads a lot,” Ainge said. “I do think he sees the team winning and playing really well. Rondo is a terrific talent. So the question is, ‘Is Rondo doing this, or are we allowing Rondo to do this?’ Are we as players, as coaches, as management, relying on him too much?”

I don’t want to waste another second speculating about next season’s team chemistry.

While Rondo might not be listening to all the criticism, his agent hears it:

“I don’t really have a reaction to that,” said Bill Duffy. “But if those people think they can win a championship without him, I think that’s shortsighted.

“I mean, this is the regular season. This guy’s a playoffs superstar. So I think you can take a lot of what happens in the regular season with a grain of salt.”

Playoff superstar. Doubters with a short memory might want to watch this.

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  • mike

    Danny Ainge:
    “So the question is, ‘Is Rondo doing this, or are we allowing Rondo to do this?’ Are we as players, as coaches, as management, relying on him too much?”

    great question…. I’d say it’s a little bit of both. i think the coaches, etc had Rondo as the person everyone needs to get the ball to and run the offense through…. BUT at the same time…. that necessarily did not mean Rondo needed the ball or fast breaks. Rondo would disrupt the flow of a fast break by calling for the ball on any rebound.

    • CoachBo

      Agreed. it is a little of both.

      Of course, none of what Ainge says addresses the halfcourt offense, which is also better because there is no one at the point dominating and stopping the basketball.

      The ballhandlers are moving it.

      So any attempt to totally absolve Rondo in this scenario is just fanboy nonsense, as predictable and tiresome as the sun rising every morning.

      Others are indeed asserting themselves, as Ainge points out. But Rondo’s not dominating the basketball, either. And the guards are actually staying in front of their man, something Rondo lost interest in a long time ago.

      • LAF

        Spot on. The bottom line is that Rondo, a PG, didn’t know how to play with his talented but not HOF-caliber teammates. He certainly didn’t know how to make them better and his matador D was costing us games after game after game and wearing KG out.

        Rondo is this decade’s Andre Miller at best, a hybrid of Antoine Walker & Ricky Davis at worst.

    • Danno

      I honestly think its only really a little bit of both because they know how he gets when he’s told what to do, or told that what he is doing isn’t good for the team. Letting Rondo do things his way is the lesser of two evils, and shows that Rondo how complete control and is ultimately responsible for their lackluster play with him on the court.

  • The Truth

    This article and Danny Ainge are spot on. I loved the video at the end that reminded us of how Rondo should play and can play regularly. He needs to be aggressive offensively instead of just waiting for someone to pass the ball to. he needs to get to the rim or otherwise he is a liability on offense.

    If he is aggressive like he ws against miami in the playoffs and also like he played in 2010 against Orlando in the playoffs then he is a superstar. Otherwise he is harmful when not aggressive

  • sarahluree

    Rondo is a skilled point guard with a lot of talent. I’d love to look back at the stats for the past few seasons and see how taking Rondo out of the game would have affected Pierce’s stats. And KG’s. I think that might serve to shut some haters up. I’m not a Rondophile by any stretch, but he contributes positively to our team. That being said, I’m incredibly proud of my boyz for pulling it together and busting out a win streak without #9. Players come and players go…. I’m not a fan of a player. I am a CELTICS fan.

    • Justsomeffinguy

      Exactly, sarahluree! People forget that a player’s influence on the game is impacted by how the team responds to him and works with him. We have played a certain way with Rondo. Now we’re learning to play a different way without him. All this “better with or without” chatter is short-sighted nonsense. The Celtics are a TEAM.

  • Ed

    As predictable as CoachBo calling out his imagined Rondo fanboys for critiques they didn’t make. The same tired strawman every time to assert the same tired opinion.

  • creative andy

    The team’s playing better of course, but we have to remember last year, when rondo left for a couple of game at mid season, where Avery Bradley stood up against J. Nelson and the Orlando on a back 2 back.
    After that, C’s made a push after all star break when Rondo came back after missing a few games.

    if Rondo’s injury would be much less this season, and would’ve come back after a week or two, imagine how this team would be? Every season we should let the bench to step up, after all, its just regular season…

    Gregg Popovich does this regularly, heck, he let his bench play against the Heat… wouldn’t hurt a bit to experiment for a while…

  • Quest

    “He’s not a guy who reads a lot.” So what does this mean?
    Downloading responsibility to Rondo was the game plan ….right Danny. Wasn’t it everyone’s reponsibilty to monitor the situation and adjust or is it easier to deflect everything onto Rondo.
    Rondo is in a no win situation. He is dammed b/c he took control and now he is dammed b/c he took too much.

    So Does Rondo get traded or does Rondo say take this and shove it I want to be traded. He has what a 1 1/2 yrs on contract. Danny planning to use him as a trade bait like Ray and Pierce anyway. Thank heavens KG has a no trade clause.

    Not liking the way Danny handles things. Being an aggressive GM to upgrade team is one thing but the unstablity of the team for the last few yrs with the revolving door is one thing.

    The celtic organization is becoming a soap opera. Thankfully there is stilll football.

    • Shawn

      He was alluding to the hate articles and stuff people are posting about him calm your tits

      • Quest

        F^ck off

        • Brick James

          I second that, calm your tits.

  • Ed

    Was Rondo playing during that other 6 game win streak? The one that included Indiana, Houston and NY?
    Not taking anything away from the current streak, but how quickly people forget.

  • JG

    It’s not just the win streak. It’s the way that they are winning. I don’t know if you recall, but the celtics played miserably in 3 of the 6 wins in that other streak. Also, they were 20-23 with rondo this year. There was a bigger sample size to look at that cannot be ignored. If the celtics go 20-23 without him, I will concede that they are not better without him, but they still look more fun in their style of play.

    • Ed

      Did they play well against the struggling Clippers and mediocre Raptors? A PP bailout 3 instead of a fumble out of bounds in that case. Reverse those final plays (neither Rondo’s doing) and the picture looks mighty different. Perfunctory against the D-:League Magic.

      • Danno

        Yes. Ignore that they beat the fully healthy Heat and Knicks without Rondo as well.

      • Chuck – Reds Army

        I hate it when wins are minimized. Those mediocre Raptors just beat Indy.

        • Ed

          It isn’t minimalizing so much as offering perspective that the way they won those games isn’t so different from the way they won in the previous 6 game win streak, and more importantly, the way they lost some games.

  • stephanie

    Rondo is the worst shooting pg in the league. Trade him

    • Ed

      This is factually incorrect, but ok.

    • Rondo is 9th among PG’s in FG%
      From 16-23 feet, Rondo is shooting 48%, same as Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, & 8th among PG w 20+ games.
      He’s not the worst shooting PG in the league.

      • LAF

        then why does every single team routinely plays 6 feet off of him?

      • zippittyay

        Credit Rondo for improving dramatically in this area.

    • sarahluree

      Check your facts before you spout opinions you can’t support.

    • Reggie35RIP

      He’s not the best, but he’s certainly not the worst. He has obviously worked hard on his jumper in the off-season and he’s making teams pay for hanging off him now. I think he gets a little more respect from teams these days, but teams are still going to take Rondo shooting it over the rest of the team. His shot is only going to get better.

      • KGino

        Rondo was amongst the LEAGUE LEADERS in mid range field goal percentage a month and a half into th season… numbers don’t lie.

  • Stephanie

    It’s a bit of both. I think the main problem started when they publicly declared him as leader. It was almost like it was forced to everybody that this is “Rondo’s Team” Personally, there was no need to do it because the actions would show on the court.

    I think he really took it to heart that this is my team so I need to do everything, instead of having the trust in some of the new guys to make it happen. Now that he’s seeing that they can win hopefully he can integrate that into his style of play. He has the IQ, now he just has to be willing to commit to it full time.

    It’s actually funny because on ESPN, last night, they were discussing Rose coming back to team the way it’s constructed now and having to tone some of his explosiveness and change his style for the team. I’m sure Rose will adjust as well.

    • Stephanie

      Looks like I need to add something to my name because it looks like bi-polar comments..from me and the other

      • Kash

        Lmao I was very confused

      • Reggie35RIP

        $tephanie. 😉

        • Stephanie

          Yep I’ll use

  • RedsLoveChild

    Rondo`s Celtic career is basically over! Every attempt will be made to trade RR for a rebounder/shot blocker. In other words, guys who are actually “vital” to a team`s success.

    Ainge knows that there is NO such thing as…a stubborn, temperamental, 6`1″ ball-hogging, defensively-challenged, crappy shooting PG….who at the same time is considered essential to a team`s success.

    RR`s agent is a HOF bullshitter…RR is no “playoff monster” {44% FG, 64% FT, 14 PPG}. In 2008, RR was about the 5th or 6th most important Celtic {behind KG, PP, Ray, Posey, Perk}.

    Trade him for a guy who actually can help us win a ring. It`s shame Milwaukee has good guards, because Larry Sanders is the answer!

    • Ed

      Pretty glad you aren’t running the team.

      • RedsLoveChild

        You want Rondo, not Rings…I get it!

        • Kash

          When saying he’s a playoff monster I highly doubt he’s talking about 2008. He’s a game changer, did you forget about his monster SERIES against Miami last year? It’s crazy if you forgot, since the highlights are part of this article.

          • RedsLoveChild

            So, when RR is referred to as a “playoff monster”…we should ignore all but 1 of the 15 playoff series that he`s ever participated in?

            Ok, let`s talk about that 1 series. The Celtics lost that series to Miami, despite having the “playoff monster”. The “monster” shot a staggering 48% FG, 70% FT in that series.

    • Justsomeffinguy

      Um….did you watch the Celtics in the ’80’s? Danny Ainge WAS a stubborn, temperamental, 6`5″ ball-hogging, defensively-challenged, crappy shooting PG.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Ainge was a crappy shooter….on what planet?!?

        Don`t even try to compare RR`s shooting skills to Danny`s…it`s not even close!

        Four {4} years Ainge shot over 40% from 3-point range…Rondo has a career average of 24%, never having exceeded 31%.

        Ainge was an 85% FT shooter for his career…Rondo has never reached 65% in any given season.

        • Justsomeffinguy

          As much as I’d like to let this conversation go, I just need to clarify for the record. You want to compare RR and Ainge? Fine. Try this. Let’s make it a fair comparison…. not stats from some random four years of Ainge’s career. Here’s how they stack up comparing their first 6 years playing for Boston: FG% Ainge – .472, Rondo .481. 3% Ainge .301, Rondo .241. FT Ainge .849, RR .621. Ast Ainge 3.83, RR 8.3. ST Ainge 1.1, RR 1.9. TO Ainge 1.5, RR 2.7. PTS Ainge 9.6, RR 11.1. What does this tell me? You said RR was a selfish ball hog? Not with that many assists. You think he’s a crappy shooter? His #s aren’t all that far off Ainge’s. And of all the insults thrown out there, you focused on the shooting %?! Which, when you look at SIMILAR YEARS in their careers, is really pretty close. And RR has the ball more often because he’s the POINT GUARD. That doesn’t make him a ball hog. It means he’s doing his job. Would it have been all that different if Ainge had been the PG? How about stubborn and selfish? I think that describes an early 1980’s Ainge pretty well….

      • frickenWaaaltaaah

        Not saying they are identical because there’s plenty of difference, but the obvious 80’s Celtic to compare Rondo to is Dennis Johnson.

        • Celtic Geezer

          You people weren’t watching basketball in the 80’s. What a bunch of know-nothings. Danny Ainge and Dennis Johnson are not comparable to Rondo at all. Neither was really a point guard, neither hogged the ball 15 seconds into every clock and neither was defensively-challenged (Ainge was a little slow of foot but he worked his ass off on defense, often getting his opponent to lash out at him for playing him so hard. And DJ made it to the Hall of Fame based on defense.). Rondo, on the other hand, is capable of playing defense but chooses to troll for steals and play so unbalanced that he gets beaten off the dribble by grannies with walkers. Danny Ainge could shoot the lights out and DJ was a respectable outside shooter, though not lights out. And both closed to the basket on every fast break.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Well, at least you`re right about Ainge having been an excellent shooter.

            However, your memory/knowledge of DJ is a little bit shaky. DJ was, indeed, the point guard on those Celtic teams.

            DJ changed his style upon being traded to Boston. He was no longer the shoot-first, high-scoring guard he was in Seattle or Phoenix. His assists went up, and his FGA dropped noticeably.

          • Celtic Geezer

            My memory is fine. I didn’t say DJ didn’t pass or play team ball. The Celtics HAD no point guard on that team. Both guards brought the ball up the court and both guards would either pass or shoot. Cousy was a point guard. Tiny was a point guard. All the others were just guards.

    • KGino

      Funny how lovechild was ready to trade pierce and KG and now hes moved on to rondo…just proof that RLC sways whichever way the wind blows, maybe the least credible celts fan on the site!!

  • greenman

    We aren’t better without Rondo, however we are playing better team ball with out him. This is not his fault but the fault of the scheme we were using with Rondo still playing (everything going through him). If you want to point a finger then it has to go at Doc. Hopefully this resignates in the future upon his return. Rondo can create with the ball but he cleary doesn’t need to be the only guy on the team doing so.

    It reminds me of when Kobe tries to take over and the other four guys on the floor stand around and weight for something to happen.

    • Mike C

      Well said! Its shocking that people believe that rondo cant be an asset to this team. The offensive game plan just needs to be tweaked while he’s in there. This team is winning right now because they push the ball up the floor on every possession. This creates alot of easy buckets during the course of a game. Which also makes it easier physically on our older guys, since they dont have to work the entire shot clock in some lame half court set. Got to say Bradley is an absolute beast on defense too.

  • Larry Legend


    • Larry Legend

      Just get me a rebounding big…can we just do that? That’d be great…thanks

  • The bob

    3 way:
    Bos gets: deandre Jordan & billups
    Utah: rondo
    LAC: Al Jefferson & fab melo

    • Kash

      I wouldn’t do that trade, but I’m definitely gonna start a franchise in 2k with rondo on the jazz now, that sounds mean.

  • JR99

    Do you REALLY believe Danny Ainge is going to tell reporters his true, full opinions? There’s a clause in his contract, says: “Thou shalt always bullshit the media.”…. don’t you know? Seriously… the fact that he said as much as he did is a surprise.

    It’s interesting to note how the Rondophiles — including the OP, whose opinions are obviously one-sided — are the ones who are most belligerent and usually downright offensive, often saying nothing on point, just attacking some imagined enemy.

    There are very few true Rondo haters. Anyone who really is one is an outlier. WE ARE ALL FANS. We want this team to do well. To that end, we see reality and we make conclusions we think are reasonable. You can disagree, but to throw around epithets like “hater” is silly, and pointless.

    Rondo is a highly talented player. That’s obvious. Rondo this year was an albatross around this team’s neck DESPITE his talents. It wasn’t all his fault. Doc had a lot to do with it, as he did not see what is obvious NOW, while Rondo was playing. He almost cost us this season with that blindness.

    The HOPE is that Rondo will return and be able to plug himself right into this new system, make it sing even better. The hope is that he will never be that prima donna again who is ABLE to throw a crazy pass instead of taking the wide-open layup, or dance around center-field instead of staying in front of his man on D. If all that happens, this team will be unbeatable.

    Btw…. reports are that RR has ALREADY accepted the new paradigm, and is eager to help in it. That’s what Donny Marshall reported in the post-game show after the Lakers. If true, that’s great news, and bodes extremely well for next year and beyond.

    Meanwhile, these Cs have their jobs cut out. There’s a championship to win out there. Let’s go win it.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    It’s easy to forget how Rondo can just mess around and get a triple double. He has 10 in the playoffs alone. And he is a tough SOB. If he just had the jumper in his bag of tricks, he’d be right there with Chris Paul.

    But, I’m all for trading him, if it makes us better in the long run.

    • Paul

      Ya’ll are crazy. I don’t think that ya’ll be looking at the same games. Rondo is a beast. He does everything on the court but the problem is not his play but moreso the other guys on the team. First of all, don’t tell him his the leader of the team when you have two other potential HOFers =, who have proven themselves. Secondly, Terry needs to shoot with confidence and thirdly, push the ball and pass the ball around so that the shots are easy and not buzzer shots. When that happens, they play better no matter who on the court.

  • Danno

    The difference without Rondo?

    21-7 over the last two season. Enough using the excuse that the sample size is too small. 28 games out of 120 is a large sample size. More than enough.

    Two things I think most ardent Rondo defenders are missing here:

    1. Without a doubt, they are a more Talented team with Rondo. No Question.

    2. They are clearly a better motivated and cohesive team without Rondo. 2/3 of the time they win without him often by double digits. This rarely ever happens with him playing.

    Rondo’s motivations are as an individual. Hence why 90% of his famed triple doubles happen when they are in National TV.

    • Over the past 2 seasons, the Bulls are 48-29 without Derrick Rose. Are they better off without him?

      • Stephanie

        The point is, every celtics player plays better without rondo. Rondo holds the ball until 8 seconds left on the clock then dishes it out, it’s not working.

        • I’ve heard that “holds it to the last second and dishes” thing so much… and it’s such crap. I’m not saying he doesn’t sometimes wait too long for plays to develop, but characterizing it as all he does is just ridiculously wrong.

          This is what gets me about the anti-Rondo stuff I see and hear. I’m perfectly willing to acknowledge his shortcomings and have debates with people who don’t see him the same way I and others do. But back it up with legitimate facts. Pretending that he ONLY passes with single digits left on the shot clock pulls all the steam out of your argument.

          Rondo also runs. Rondo also moves the ball. And yes, Rondo will also wait for plays to develop, sometimes to a frustrating point. But we’ve got to stop pretending that’s all he does. It’s insanity.

          • JR99

            I think “blogger’s license” should apply here. I’m sure that if the prior poster has known these comment would be so dissected, they would have included a qualifier like “often” or “too often,” et al.

            I don’t think reasonable folks, here or anywhere, question the fact that Rondo runs (a lot!) and passes and drives. No one in his right mind would claim he never does those things. The question is: how often does he do the various things he does?

            I can tell you that on defense, MORE OFTEN THAN NOT he wasn’t doing his job right. He’d wander off his man, allow the drive-by (matador-like), and/or he’d jab from behind… and he got our bigs in a lot of trouble, often.

            RR’s offense was mixed. But always he remained in complete control… thus killing the creative abilities of the rest of the team… and that was on him AND on Doc, who should have helped Rondo find the right path a long time ago. But Doc failed to do that — Doc failed to see then what is obvious to everyone now — and to some extent, Rondo’s taking the blame for that unfairly now.

            Bottom line: whatever you think of Rondo, there is NO question anymore that the team is playing better ball now. That needs to be explained, in whatever position you happen to take. If some conclude that Rondo’s presence in the past was holding this team back — that is not so unreasonable as to justify labeling all those holding that opinion “haters.” I think doing that is ridiculous.

      • RedsLoveChild


        48-29 without Rose is .623%

        Chicago was 62-19 {.765%} in 2010-11, and 32-7 {.821%} in 2011-12 WITH Rose.

        • Still…. not a huge drop off. They clearly can do pretty well without him. They should probably trade him so they can add some bench pieces and picks for the future

          • RedsLoveChild

            A healthy Derrick Rose {which we will soon see again} would bring Chicago in a trade any NBA player not named LBJ or Durant.

            As talented as he is, Rondo is way far lower on the NBA food-chain than any of those guys.

            Just give me Larry Sanders for Rondo and other throw-ins, and I`ll be beyond ecstatic! Too bad the presence of Ellis & Jennings make it moot.

          • Larry Legend

            John rondo is good ball player, but he isn’t in Derrick Rose’s class. Look rondo is uniquely talented. Tremendous rebounder for his size, athletic, and bright. But he’s defiant to a fault. He dribbles way too much, and what he does on the defensive end is downright criminal. Yes he gets some steals, but he’s extremely lazy and puts the other 4 guys in really vulnerable positions. And he doesn’t make guys better. He just doesn’t. Doesn’t mean he’s not a good player in his own right, but he Does Not make his teammates better. Trust your eyes John…these guys feel unchained without him. Free and easy. Doesn’t mean this winning will continue but the dIfference in body language and performances of guys like terry, Lee, and green is undeniable. So is the fact that this team so much more fun to watch lately. Why is it so impossible to believe, that although a very talented player, he may make this team worse? Not every guy fits on every team. Regardless, I can’t handle anymore Rondo talk…it’s so tired. Just really excited to see these guys try and keep up the momentum. Please get us a big and I’m as happy as a pig in shit. Thanks

          • you must not think highly of all these players if they’re so put off, unhappy, and unproductive around Rondo. I keep hearing all this stuff and I don’t understand why people don’t understand that you’re really, really shitting on the mental aptitude of these other guys by implying that they just can’t function with Rondo.

            It’s SUCH a ridiculous premise to think one player, even the point guard, is such a negative influence, that the ENTIRE team flies into a funk when he’s on the floor and the ENTIRE team is soooo good without him.

            It’s specious logic. It requires Rondo to be an omnipresent demon and the rest of the team to be meek victims.

            The truth is the entire team, probably except KG, can bear some of the burden, and the difference between this team with and without Rondo is much more complicated than simply him being absent.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Although I`d love to see the Celts trade Rondo for a “big”, there are lots of traits about him that would be missed that seldom get discussed.

            I love Rondo`s stoic, yet very determined, demeanor…he lack of tatoos…his clean-cut nature…he keeps locker room matters inside the locker room…he never gives out bulletin board quotes the opposition can seize upon…he never makes off-the-court headlines…never gets arrested, or has ugly run-ins with fans/media.

  • sarahluree

    You can find fault with any player on any team. And since Rondo is out, likely for the rest of the season, maybe we could stop debating the non-issue of whether or not we are better with/without him and focus on the mission at hand: Banner 18.

    • Justsomeffinguy

      Well said, sarahluree! Let’s stay focused on the goal: 18.

  • Jesse

    Rondo hangs his head on the court when an outlet pass it thrown to a player other than him, he also pouts when Pierce pushes it himself and yells at him to get out of the way.

    The team may depend on him too much but that’s because he’s constantly standing next to them yelling for the ball.

  • Larry Legend

    Please understand that you take everyone’s point and then make baseless, overly generalized accusations. It clearly has gotten personal with you. Never once did I say they can’t function with Rondo. Secondly, yes it’s very easy for a Jeff Green, or Jason Terry to play worse because Rondo controls so much of what goes on out there and thus they become more passive and defer. Which isn’t just ROndo’s fault it’s the fault if Doc as well. Third please stop being so dramatic about omnipresent demons and the like never once did I imply that…i readily give him his due for his talent. Rondo is a good player, but he’s not the leader and he is not the guy who wins the game late for ya. Those guys are named Garnett and Pierce. Rondo is a good PG who needs to have people stop making it “his” team and realize he’s a complimentary player. And you have still not come up with a suitable defense for Rondo’s defense. He flat out can kill ya with his generally half ass effort on that end. Yeah he sloughs off and make a steal, splash play, but how bout how many times the guy gets his doors blown off and puts KG, or Bass, or whoever in a bad predicament. Then we kill them for not rebounding. Of all the things rondo does good and bad, that stands out to me as much as any…I don’t care how big a rondo fan you are, that’s unacceptable.

    • Larry Legend

      Also can somebody get me a rebounding big? Thanks..

    • I don’t take matters like this personally. It’s basketball.

      The only thing I want to do here is make sure everyone understands the entirety of the situation. Pinning the entire season on Rondo is inaccurate.

      • Larry Legend

        Who’s pinning it all on Rondo? And who said you’re the person to make sure everyone understands the entirety of the situation? To me that’s rather arrogant. You bring up good points, but so do others and you seem to be rather intolerant of anything said about rondo u don’t agree with. The fact is this: celts playing the best ball they’ve played all season and it’s markedly different than how they looked with rondo. For the better. Might not last who knows, but I think it def has something to do with Rondo’s absence, and Doc just letting em play

        • first, there are plenty of people pinning it all, or almost all, on Rondo. Read the comments, listen to the radio… it’s out there. Second, it’s not arrogance, it’s called running this site and determining what a large percentage of the content is. I’m one of the people to explain the entirety of the Celtics situation to anyone who chooses to read this site… whether it’s 1 person, or 100,000 people.

    • LAF

      Tho you made none of those claims about Rondo, I have. And I stand by’em!

  • Greenmachine

    Rondo was great in that video clip, but he is not playing like that this season. Just look at his defense, it’s really bad.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      I’d only agree far enough to say that a string of mediocre defensive efforts was a warning sign people missed.

      The injury did not have to happen. Injuries can be random bad luck, but they happen more often because of chronic weakness due to lack of adequate recovery time. Weak muscles don’t do their jobs properly and eventually something breaks because of it.

      Rondo needed a few days off and to play fewer minutes in general.

  • KGino

    Yawn … Can we talk about something else now?