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Your Morning Dump..Where KG is going to retire a Celtic

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Quite an exhilarating evening at TD Garden last night. I got to watch the Celtics rout the Lakers, see some of the best Celtics basketball of the season and was there to see Kevin Maurice Garnett score his 25,000th career point. After the game, KG reiterated his comments made earlier in the week about finishing his career in green. Via Gary Dzen of the Globe:

 Kevin Garnett ended his postgame press conference Thursday night with an unprompted message to reporters that he’d like to stay in Boston.

“I just want to say that I love my situation here,” said Garnett. “I don’t know what all your sources are, or whoever’s making up this [expletive] articles about me getting traded to Denver and all these other places.

“But I bleed green, and I will continue to do that. And if it’s up to me I’m going to retire a Celtic.”

And thankfully, due to his no-trade clause, it is very much up to KG. Some fans have cried “trade him now while he still has value..”. While others, like myself, see absolutely no reason to trade the heart and soul of this team-especially when his play continues to be so solid.

KG was also asked about the recent win-streak, and why the Celtics have been playing better without Rajon Rondo. And in classic KG style, he used a great analogy:

Garnett scored his 25,000th NBA point in the second quarter of Thursday night’s game. He said his daughter was in attendance (“Thank you for snow days”), a rare occasion, and he thanked every coach and teammate who had helped him along the way. While in a reflective mood, Garnett went back to a familiar metaphor — cooking — to explain why the Celtics might be playing better in the absence of Rajon Rondo.

“Rondo does so many different great things for this team,” said Garnett. “You can kind of get lackadaisical. It’s very similar to when you have someone cooking for you, and you’re expecting that every day. But as soon as you start to feed yourself, all of a sudden you start making these gourmet dishes. You start having more people to the house. And you never know you really possessed that. It’s kind of like that.”

So there it is. Thank you Kevin Garnett for breaking it down as only you can. The Celtics’ recent “gourmet cooking” has them three games above .500, and now as the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Dessert anyone?

video via Trags

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  • Jayfox

    There was a :49 second sequence where you saw everything you wanted to see the Celtics do all year. JT three, force a turnover then JG dunk. A JG block on the other end and finally a long PP 3 point shot. Best basketball all season!

  • KY Celts fan

    that is a brilliant metaphor from KG.

  • kobe

    why would you want to trade KG? that’s just dumb

    • Danno

      Fantasy sports league following “impartial” stat citing dumbasses. The sportscenter ideologs. People who’ve been convinced taht rooting for your home/regional team is uncool, and you ahve to be a fan of individual superstars, because no one wants to be a “homer” Basically, every sports fan under 25 these days. Welcome to the participation trophy generation. Everyone is a giant pussy, and everyone gets ice cream after the game, and nobody ever loses.

      • Curt

        Why don’t you go kick a puppy or something? Stop with all your BS.

        The people who want to trade KG don’t understand what makes him great.

        • Danno

          The people who want to trade KG have been raised to think ideas like team loyalty takes a back seat to political correctness and impartiality. The kind of people who live in Boston their whole lives, but who buy Lebron jerseys because it’s what is popular on the internet, and because they don’t want to look like a “homer” in front of their idiot friends. As if rooting for your home team is a bad thing. Why bother Identify teams with cities or regions anymore? Just use corporate sponsors so no one feels bad that their local team sucks.

          This country has raised an entire generation of indistinguishable dimwits who spend more time “Liking” things on Facebook than they do playing sports and learning about proper competition. Soft. Lame. people who are completely unprepared for adulthood in the real world. everybody is friends. Nobody loses.

          These are the kind of people who want to “Blow it up”. The ones who have no patience or understanding of team dynamics. They don’t care who actually wins the game. They just want Dwight Howard on their team because he Dunks and yells a lot and it looks cool on your X-Box background.

          Everybody wants to play GM. Everybody thinks they know what’s right because they have a fantasy sports account with a not-so-clever team nickname.

          • Reggie35RIP


      • thekid

        Completely untrue about the under 25 statement and if you want to get to the root of the problem it would 100% be the older generations fault for pushing these principles and fighting to implement the everyone gets a trophy phase. Of course your not smart enough to understand this phenomenon.

        • Curt

          Amen, kid. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to start some political conversation. Let’s just drop it.

        • Danno

          If you’re going to call out someone’s intelligence, best to at least run your reply though spell checker first, bro.

      • CoachBo

        Why would you want to trade KG?

        For idiotic reasons that seem oddly indigenous to Celtic Fan.

        There are parts of this fan base – and entire blogs, in some cases – who have been jerking off for six years to memories of that 24-win 2007 team.

        Which begats an incessant stream of shit, in the form of “Bring Delonte back from the asylum for the 11th time” threads, along with “KG, Pierce, Green and the rotting, fetid corpse of Russell for Big Al” threads.

        There’s some pathological obsession in some Celtics fan minds with stripping this franchise down like a grasshopper in a wheat field, then obsessing over every suck-ass player who wears the Green in the meantime.

        Never mind wins and losses.

        • Danno

          It’s not indigenous to Celtics fans. It’s all of sports fandom in the Fantasy Sports Leagues era. Everyone wants instant gratification.

    • eddysamson

      I think the ONLY person in the NBA that could replace him would be Kevin Love, but we’d never get him.

      • Curt

        He couldn’t…he has had more injuries this season than KG has had in his entire career (hyperbole).

        No one can replace Kevin Garnett. There was Larry and Magic, then there was Jordan, then there was Kevin Garnett. All the bigs are emulating the game he brought.

        I can’t think of one healthy big that could wear his shoes. None. HE IS THE ****ING MAN. HE IS A CELTIC.

        • eddysamson

          ah I forgot about that, you’re right.

        • Danno

          I think Tim Duncan might disagree with you just a little bit.

        • kobe

          yup, no one can replace KG just look at what he has done in points, rebounds, blocks, steals he is all alone.

  • Trevor

    Would it be nice to get some young talent for KG? NOOOOO! IT would be gut wrenching watching him hit the turn around jumper for another team, I can’t even watch old Timberwolves highlights! 🙂

  • LAF

    I don’t understand why KG has to learn how to cook. He has money. Can’t he buy a Big Mac or something?

    • Reggie35RIP

      You need a picture of Javale McGee to go along with that comment.

  • KGino

    Hell yea KG, tell these plastic bassholes what’s good

  • Noori

    Is there doubt in anyones mind that KG is going up in the rafters with Paul and Ray Allen is most assuredly not. No matter how much he says “he will always be a Celtic…” Bull shit Ray, what KG is doing is what it means to always be a Celtic

    • Curt

      Because we all know all the little details about what happened.

      If you ask me, Ray is doing a good job of not burning anyone. He gave the media enough to get through the Summer and didn’t ruin anyone’s reputation.

      • LA Flake

        One of the most satisfying aspects of last nights win against the Flakes was that you just knew Ray was watching and probably wishing he was still here instead of playing in front of nobodies down there in Cuba.

      • Danno

        He ruined his own reputation. He left to go to a bitter conference rival, for half the money, to ride the pine. His number won’t be retired.

    • celtsfan75

      If some future owner/GM ever retires Walter Allen”s # I’ll climb the rafters and cut it down myself!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    A six game winning streak sure does make you feel good huh? Helps you forget about 0-6, about being sub .500, about Rondo, about Sully. Doesn’t change the facts, but it’s nice to enjoy while it lasts. Hopefully they can climb to the #4 seed and have homecourt in the first round.

    Yeah, I am doom and gloom, because most of us old enough to remember the 90’s saw doom and gloom. Will Rondo be a step slower with no jumper (it was improving), will Sully always have back issues, will KG or Paul retire (or get hurt) and if they do, can we attract a superstar free-agent? No one wants to play here, they wan’t to play in LA or NY/NJ or Miami. We’re not getting James, Durant, Howard, CP3 and so on. We need to get young talent and draft picks and hope they turn into all-stars.

    But that no trade clause will mean we all go down with the ship, which is fine, I’ll never jump off the ship, it’s just going to hurt watching the doldrums again. GO CELTICS!

    • LA Flake

      sounds to me like you already jumped ship…or at least are dying to but wondering why nobody’s rushing to join you. If you’re wondering I’ll tell you why: Celtic Pride.

      look it up, bleeder.

    • CoachBo

      I’d love to forget about Rondo, his penchant for ballstopping in the halfcourt, his fascination with personal statistics and his unwillingness to stay in front of anyone more mobile than the casket of Red Auerbach.

      In fact, given the true Celtic basketball that’s been played since his fortuitous injury, I already have.

      Trade. Rondo.

    • Jim

      Nobody want to live in Dallas or San Antonio either.

  • Shane

    Kevin Garnett continues to have the best analogies in the league.

  • Dutchgreen

    Man, I love KG – I wouldn’t want to trade that guy if he couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean anymore. He should definitely write a cookbook once he retires, though…

  • Roy

    all this talk about cooking has made me hungy

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  • paul

    Funny how none of the Haters have any problem with the rest of the team playing like crap when Rondo was hear, and suddenly turning their games on when he was gone and explaining that it was all his fault. They knew when they signed on that he was a ball dominant pg, but never mind, all they had to do was wait Rondo out. They had no responsibility to make it work with him. Why did Terry miss shots? Rondo’s fault. Why couldn’t lee run the floor or move without the ball or hit gimme shots? Rondo’s fault. At least KG is man enough to indirectly admit that just maybe he should have worked a little harder when Rondo was here. Now he actually will fight for position, something he almost forgot about doing during the first half of the season. Pierce screwing up to lose us two of the three last games? Rondo’s fault.