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Oxtails and Real Husbands on tap for the weekend

CSNNE’s Jess Camerato (and our special guest at the upcoming Red’s Army party) spoke with some of the Celtics about their plans for the blizzard. 

What did we learn about some of the guys? Jeff Green likes bad TV and Chris Wilcox likes to eat oxtail:

Jeff Green: “I’ll be on the couch, watching TV, ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood,’ ‘Modern Family,’ ‘Workaholics.’ Those are my only three shows I watch. [I like having down time], I need it.”

Chris Wilcox: “I’ve got a few movies, I’ll watch them. I’m going to cook something, sit back on the couch, and chill. I took out some oxtails so I might cook some oxtails. I seasoned them [Thursday], I’ll sear them, then I’ll put them in a Crock Pot and let them slow cook. Then I’ll stir them, mix them, get them right, and right at the end before I take them out, I’m going to put my special ingredient in there. I can’t really tell you what it is. It’s like the best-tasting filet ever. It’s so tender, it falls off the bone.”

I’ll be hunkering down with my two kids and father. Safe to say, I’ll have an IV of Blue Moon going for 36 hours.

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  • illegalblues

    oxtails are delicious. wilcox knows what’s up

  • Oxtails? Never in my life have I heard of this…..people actually eat the tail of an ox?

    • Kristovar

      The only time I come close to having oxtail is making broth for pho. Mayhaps I need to try them…

    • david

      you need to get out more, bruh

    • KGBeast

      Its actually a cow tail. I dunno why they called it ox tail