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Good afternoon Celtics fans. Fan Friday will return next week. But don’t fret-I’ve got something to get you excited for the weekend. It’s a compilation of all the best pics & GIFs from last night’s fantastic win by the Celts over L.A. I’ve got KG eclipsing the 25,000 point mark, Paul Pierce getting the Garden crowd fired-up and the Big Ticket & pals enjoying some Gino Time. So if you’re hunkered-down on the East Coast like myself, enjoy a huge batch of great media from Boston’s 116-95 win over the Lakers.

C’s are now off until Sunday when they’ll face the Denver Nuggets. Tip-off is set for 6pm EST at the Garden. Pics/GIFs courtesy of HoopChina.

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  • LAF

    i love this team so much i’m suffering from withdrawls already. they’re so fun to watch! come on, sunday! get here now!

    • KWAPT

      Amen. Very interested to see how they do against Denver. Nuggets are an extremely talented offensive team and have won 8 straight. Will be a nice test for these “new and improved” Celts. Thankfully, the Nugs will be on 2nd of a back to back which may slow them down a bit. Either way, can’t wait!

      • LAF

        8 in a row? Don’t matter. The Nuggets are about to get shredded to pieces by the Celtics! Beantown beatdown, baby!

      • Nate

        The Nuggets and Rockets are probably the only teams who don’t lose steps on back-to-backs. It’ll still be more than a challenge for the Cs

  • Justsomeffinguy

    Hunkered down at my hotel watching the Snowmageddon out my window. Looks like I’ll be in town for a few more days so I went ahead and got tickets for Sunday’s game against the Chicken Nuggets. Might be able to fit in Wednesday’s game against the Cows….

    • LAF

      You mean the Pink Slimes?

      • Swissflix

        Sigh….how i envy you guys…being able to decide spontaneously if you want to go to a game…me, it takes me months& tons of money and holidays to make it happen :p

    • Keep your receipt. Celtics have only cancelled one game due to weather that I can remember, but Logan Airport still shutdown and could be until tomorrow evening. Denver may not even make it here. They rarely cancel games, but this city is freaking shut down right now and the snow is not stopping..sucks.

    • KWAPT

      Good news-looks like they’re trying to get Logan back on track. Nuggs should be able to fly in: http://bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/02/09/logan-airport-digging-out-from-blizzard/9yJ4FfbxSimr5UVBcMJ5iO/story.html