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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics are winning with good confusion

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Sure, the Celtics were far from perfect on Wednesday, particularly when they came unraveled at the end of the third quarter and allowed Toronto to open a double-digit lead. But it’s how they responded in the fourth frame, showing some oft-unseen resolve that speaks volumes about the inspired ball this team is playing at the moment. Turnovers killed Boston — it committed 14 overall for a whopping 28 points — but gave the ball away only twice in the final frame. Without a pure ballhandler to lean on down the stretch, that’s solid damage control.

“Tonight was tough,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers told reporters in Toronto. “These are the games when you really miss [Rondo] because you needed to get organized a couple times. But our guys did it. We wasted a couple timeouts to get them organized every time I thought they were not. And there’s no ballhandler. We come out of timeouts and you don’t know who’s going to bring the ball up on our team right now. Hell, I don’t know half the time, and it’s good. It’s good confusion.”

ESPN Boston

You could attribute some of the confusion to the unique lineup that played nearly all of the 4th quarter; Barbosa (12 points), Terry (2), Pierce (2), Green (1) and Garnett (11).

While Garnett carried the team, Barbosa’s impact was huge. Not only does he benefit from ball movement generated open looks, but the guy can improvise when the shot clock is winding down. He also worked his ass off on defense.

I don’t want to dwell too much on that horrific 3rd quarter, but we can credit Jason Terry for helping set the guys straight:

“Jason doesn’t talk a lot, but he let guys know, that’s not the way we should play, the way we played for three quarters,” said C’s coach Doc Rivers.

“We fell back into some of our old tendencies,” Terry said. “We weren’t moving the ball well, and defensively we weren’t helping out. It’s so obvious from watching film of our last four or five games, when we play the right way and play Celtic basketball, it’s night and day. It was a wake-up call for us. We didn’t play our best game tonight but found a way to win by playing the right way.”

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  • Larry Legend

    Great win. Why? Cuz they didn’t play well yet when it mattered most they found a way to win it late. Barbosa continues to be huge for this team. And KG?… What can u say…guy is a true pro. Going to lakers game tonight. Can’t wait to see KG get 25,000 tonight. Go celts!!!

  • Greenmachine

    Great win!

  • Stephanie

    Every win won’t be pretty, but it’s how you respond to adversity. The 3rd qtr was night and day from the 4th.

  • Danny

    So Im watching the game with my girlfriend last night and with Andrea Bargnini at the line she turns to me and says that guy looks like he belongs on Jersey Shore more than in the NBA. Got a good laugh. Keep the wins coming.

  • celtictx

    How many more does kg need Larry?

    • Larry Legend

      Tx- I wanna say it’s 6-7 pts…I’m almost positive it’s single digits

    • RedsLoveChild

      KG needs 6 points

  • LAF

    Ugly ass game but am absolutely impressed with how they just found a way to win. What a weapon LB is turning out to be. That guy is a keeper.

  • tim

    win is win lets keep at it 5-0 since rondo tore his acl… the team is much betetr without him and as they get more and more used to playing without them the Celtics will only get better… imagine after the next two weeks of letting the team gain chemistry and knowing whos bringing up the ball how good this team could be

    • tim

      playing without him*

  • Art

    5-0 without Rondo. This is more evidence that either Doc doesn’t know how to coach with Rondo playing or Rondo is uncoachable and therefore should be traded. I believe the earlier six game W streak also started without Rondo playing.

  • greenman

    Terry made the trip to Toronto? I didn’t notice…

  • john

    Can`t have a conversation without at least one tiresome Rondo bash.–sigh