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Rumor: KG says no thanks to the Nuggets

Add the Denver Nuggets to the list of teams allegedly interested in the services of Kevin Garnett. But according to Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post – Garnett has no love for Denver:

Kevin Garnett is everything the Nuggets need. Heck, his scowl alone is more intimidating in the post than all 21 feet of center on Denver’s roster.

So what’s the problem with pushing the idea of a blockbuster trade between Denver and Boston?

Wielding the hammer of a no-trade clause, K.G. wants nothing to do with the Nuggets.

Through his representatives, Garnett has let it be known he has no current interest in the Nuggets.

That’s why it’s pointless to discuss if the Nuggets’ main chip in a trade proposal would be Andre Iguodala, Kenneth Faried or Danilo Gallinari.

At 31-18, the Nuggets are the 5th seed in the Western Conference. They’re a good, young team with big upside. Would KG be enough to push them past San Antonio and OKC in the west?

Let’s play along and see who on the Nuggets roster might interest Danny Ainge. As for the trade chips mentioned in the Post story, neither Iguodala (2 years, $30 million) nor Gallinari (4 years, $40 million) excite me.

As I’ve said before, Ainge needs to secure a big man in return if he’s going to move Garnett. Faried is a beast on the boards, but he’s not nearly as talented offensively as Jared Sullinger. And you can’t build a team around two undersized power forwards.

Anybody else?

Kosta Koufos? Meh.

Javale McGhee? (Vomits in mouth)

Timofey Mozgov? Only as a throw-in.

Go ahead, play with ESPN’s Trade Machine and let me know what deals work.

At this point, you’re going to have to blow me away with any offer, because, after KG’s comments yesterday, I’m not ready to say good-bye.

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  • It would need to be McGee, Lawson and a #1 to even pick up the phone. Yeah McGee is birdseed above the shoulders but still has upside and you can’t teach size. All that said, I still say no

  • Cam

    The reason id want McGee is to play (and learn) with KG.

    Thatthe is what would be intriguing with him otherwise what’s the point

    • Yeah both teams would ideally want the mentor situation. Never going to happen.

  • Come on, February 22nd! Can’t WAIT until this trade deadline garbage is over and the C’s can get back to playing ball without being bombarded by ludicrous rumors morning, noon and night.

  • RedsLoveChild

    KG will shoot down any trade unless he winds up in Los Angeles.

    McGee? No serious, self respecting team would allow this clown to wear their uniform.

  • Bill

    Keep dreaming Celtics fans it’s never going to happen.

    • ShawnCVD

      you okay Bill? Which Celtics fan here is jonesing to ship out KG to Denver? Read the column, read the comments.

      Barring getting a young, top 20 talent (which would be dreaming and which Denver lacks BTW) KG should finish his career here. It’s been such a joy to watch the guy play in green and white. Besides KG can still ball. Let him do it here…

  • john

    Celtic fans aren`t dreaming about this unless they`re having nightmares

  • Larry Legend

    Enough of the bullshit trade talk. KG stays here. But man would I love to get Faried for bass/draft pick!!!

    • Gil305


  • I can certainly agree with KG on this one. He’s in the twiglight in his career and the last place that he would want to be is a small market franchise that has gone nowhere for the past eight or nine years. danny Ainge would have to do much better to persuade him to rescind his no trade clause, that’s for sure.

  • Gil305

    I got a Den-Bos trade: Bass for Faried-Randolph-Brewer
    The money works out…….Denver would never go for it though

  • KGino

    Bucks are shopping dalembert.. we wouldn’t need to give up too much to get him.. go Danny go

    • Danno

      Bass could go straight up for Dalembert.

  • Quest

    So tired of these Fantasy Trades. Its all Bullshit in the end.