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Recap: C’s ride vintage KG, clutch Barbosa to disjointed, ugly win

Allow me to be the first to reference a “turn back the clock performance” by Kevin Garnett.  KG put up 27 and 10 to carry the Celtics… and he did it in just 32 minutes and 18 shots.  Leandro Barbosa chipped in 14 points, 12 in the 4th quarter, to erase a 10 point Raptors lead to start the 4th, and steal a 99-95 win.

How night-and-day was this game?  The Raptors won the 1st and 3rd quarters 57-39.  But the Celtics won the 2nd and 4th quarters 60-38.  So basically, Boston’s half of a game was better than Toronto’s half of a game.

The Green:

KG…. vintage

(Chris later corrected that tweet… it’s the 4th highest.  Still… damn)

Pierce made up for a shitty shooting night (more on that in a second) by grabbing 11 rebounds and dishing 6 assists.

I hope more people make note of Jeff Green’s rebounding… which was big when the C’s were making their comeback.  His 3 4th quarter rebounds all came in the first 4 minutes as part of a 12-2 Boston run.

Courtney Lee carried the Celtics in the first quarter.  He scored 8 of his 15 points in the 1st, and kept the team within striking distance so they can go on their 2nd quarter run.

The Gross:

Paul Pierce shot 2-11, and had only 2 second half points… both of which came on free throws.

Jason Terry only took 3 shots… and scored just 2 points.

The Greenlights:

Courtney Lee with the clear path for the dunk

KG with the crazy behind the head shot (Thanks @MetroDee)

The Grid:

  • The Celtics managed to win despite being outscored 44-36 in the paint, 17-6 on 2nd chance points, and 18-10 in fast break points.
  • Rudy Gay shot 8-24
  • 8 of the 10 Celtics who played scored
  • 7 of the 10 Celtics who played  got an assist
  • 9 of the 10 Celtics who played got a rebound
  • The win was Doc’s 400th as Celtics head coach. Congrats, Doc.

There was nothing pretty about it, but it was a win where it looked like there would be a loss.  Now on to the Gasol-less Lakers tomorrow night…. where the C’s could match their season-high 6-game winning streak.

Box Score

Go to bed, boo boo

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    How about we send KG to Clippers, Caron Butler and Bledsoe to the Kings, and we get Cousins and Tyreke Evans. It looks good:

    Pierce would have to go first, so maybe to OKC for any of there three 1st round picks and maybe Lamb or Perry Jones? Or grab Perk, and picks, and see if Cousins can play power forward?

    • stephanie

      So we want to talk about trading KG after he has a big night? Oh ok..

    • omitasub

      how about, you choke on a dick.

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        Yeah stephanie

        • LA Flake

          So Sac sends out one of the most talented young bigs and a talented young combo for an above average PG and an aging small forward who is injury prone? Just as they are relocating and need to attract new fans?


          What else you got, bro? Please tell us more!

    • Sheets

      I would do that deal in a second, these trade haters are going to be kicking themselves in the ass when PP or KG tear something and that’s it they’re done and nothing in return. And then here come the 90’s again.

      • Nate

        We’d get cap space in return.

        I know, just blew your mind right? Now stop acting all high and mighty

        • KGino

          Thank you Nate

    • Shawn

      5-game winning streak = Lets BLOW IT UP!!!!! lol. No one wants to face us in the playoffs and I would not trade KG for anything. If we are serious about developing Melo I want KG there to do it.

    • Caterpillar from Italy

      I hope this f***** trade machine breaks down and leave you guys in the middle of a street at night!

      Sick and tired of dumb trade scenarios involving our best players, even after a nice win, the fifth in a row.

  • May have been ugly, but I’ll take it. Man KG was so huge tonight…27 and 10 in 32 mins. Good Lord. That spurt by Barbosa right when it looked like the Raps were going to blow it open was key as well. Glad Doc letting him get some playing time now, even though he has not much of a choice. Now if he would just let Wilcox play a little more. Beat L.A.

    • SamR

      I do find it insane that Collins had 8 minutes and Wilcox had 4. Just give all 12 of those minutes to Wilcox.

      • KWAPT


  • RedsLoveChild

    KG not only scored 27 points…he played like he was 27 years old!

    Very impressive.

  • john

    jeez, is there anybody on the Celtics you root for, bleeder?

    • omitasub

      he’s from LA so Loyalty has no meaning to him

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        Loyalty to my team, not to any player. I root for all of them, and I would root for new players too. Don’t be so nostalgic, if you don’t think about the future there won’t be one.

        Pierce and Bradley are the only guys on this team drafted by the Celtics (Green too, but was immediately traded for Ray who is gone). Rondo came from Phoenix, KG is a Timberwolf transplant, Sully is out, Melo hasn’t came up yet, etc.

        2008 was amazing, 2010 was a great finals, but losing to L.A. really hurt, and we’re not going back again, so let’s rebuild, plain and simple.

        • Shawn

          Rondo was traded for on draft night so the basically drafted him and KG made this his home.

        • Matt W

          Uh… The entire Celtics ethos is built on nostalgia, dude.

  • This was what I expected from the C’s this year….that there would be nights they would play sub-par and still win.

    KG was a joy to watch tonite. I dread the day he’s not in the line-up. Also glad he only played 32 minutes.

  • Will

    KG is still the Heart & Soul of this squad. & we are talkn about trading him…. GTFOH. Bleed Green!

    • Amen. A guy with that kind of spirit, loyalty & heart you hold on to for as long as possible..then you make him an assistant..prob not in KG’s case as he says he’ll “disappear…”. lol

  • Chris 2.0

    HUGE win right there, especially since the playoff seeding is close eight now. Could have folded when Toronto went up 10 in the 4th but pulled out the grit and balls and made it happen. Fraudulent celt fans need to put the trade machine down and enjoy what this team is doing right now with the odds completely against them.
    I’m loving this up-tempo offensive by the way in transition or even after the other team makes a basket. AGGRESSIVE on offense and defense and this team is finally starting to believe in each other.

    FIVE IN A ROW! GO C’S!!!

  • thekid

    Love this win, kg is a beast. I dont think we should put the trade machine away just yet though. The celtics may have to add a player or two to be serious contenders come playoff time.

  • Quest

    Don’t you get the feeling that this is the last year for KG. He’s playing his heart and guts out leaving the game and league on a high note before ” fading out to Black”. I sure will miss him trash talk and all. He’s my favourite player.

    • Fatz

      I doubt it. KG just goes hard every game. They was saying it was his last run during playoffs last year.

  • Nate

    Trade Bass and leave the rest. Annoy the living hell out of whoever we play in the postseason and I’d be happy

  • Starters all in double figures 😀
    Leandro Barbosa another nice game

  • Every game, I try to just soak in what Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are doing and marvel at their ability to still put it on just about every up and comer around the league. Sure, the moments are fewer and there are also more instances than there used to be where they show their age a bit, but what they do for the team, for the fans, goes so much deeper than trading them for this scrap or that stud. These guys are Celtics and, yes, they bleed green and they should be allowed to wear the jersey until they don’t want to be here anymore. Certainly, Paul has earned it and Garnett, I think most would argue, has as well. No trade is going to make us better this year. We’re either winning this year with what we have or we’re not, and neither Dwight Howard nor Jose Calderon is going to make the difference up or down this year. Let’s just lay back, enjoy the ride and remember that anything is still very much possible.

    • NateB

      I agree that we should enjoy this season with KG and Pierce. We don’t want them to be our mainstays when they inevitably fall off the cliff though. Beginning next season, guys like Green Rondo and Bradley are going to need to move to the forefront, and if the Cs can trade KG or Pierce in the offseason for players or picks that will help the team, they should do it. One or both of those guys might retire aft this season as well.

  • swissflix

    Barbosa is both the nerdiest dribbler and the coolest & smoothest layup creator at the same time…ever…

  • Me

    Boston Gets
    Timofey Mozgov
    Anthony Randolph

    Denver Gets
    Patrick Patterson

    Houston Gets
    Brandon Bass

    • Celticsfanatic


  • tim

    rondo for a center and a first round pick and we have a chmapionchip this year

  • Danny

    Blowing it up isn’t a some bonafide solution, youre going to lose casual fans, TV money, and a host of other things. Basketball is a business, stars make money, Forbes rated the Celtics the NBAs fourth most valuable franchise. No way the owners give up our star power for role players and mid first round picks in a weak draft. Groubeck would fire Danny before he allowed that to happen. Losing KG and Pierce alienates your casual fan base and potentially drops you into another 10 year abyss of irrelevance where nobody wants to come here and nobody gives a shit. The owners are not going back to the days of free ticket giveaways, and 2/3 empty home games.

  • KGino

    To anyone still trying to trade KG, mother&$?! you.

    I don’t care if your loyal to the name on the front of the jersey, we all are. But I’m a REAL Celtics fan who understands what it means to be a Celtic. KG personifies it. How can you not be loyal to a dude who is so loyal to us? I just don’t understand all your stupid trade scenarios.

    If you’re really thinking about the future HARD, and KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT, you would be able to see that there is no guarantee that we’d be better off for the future by trading Pierce & KG now. Keeping them and letting them retire may very well be the best move for this teams future.. If you just think about it.

    Everyone needs to stop with the blockbuster trades. Danny needs to make a move on a solid big man who isn’t a household name, someone like Amir Johnson or Dalembert or Hickson would do wonders for us. Stop trying to hit home runs and try to hit a friggin single, we can still be in the thick of it this year with a few minor upgrades (ie bass for Dalembert) .

    I want to strangle these POSER Celtic fans who want to trade KG. Go away, you have no clue what it means to be a Celtic.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    This is my office and tattoo

    You want to challenge my dedication and passion, you better check yourself first. That tat is from 1998, when the Celtics still sucked (kinda needs a touchup) and I’ve been a diehard since 1984, when I was 8 years old. AND this is coming from a kid who was surrounded by showtime Lakers crap and the Kobe crap now.

    Trade KG while we can, I would like Pierce to retire a Celtic, but if that’s the only way to get better in the future, so be it. Yes, I understand we won’t be good this year, it’s called a rebuild and it’s been looming for quite some time. It’s much better than getting bounced in the 1st round, and turning into the post Bird era Celtics.

    Get a clue bandwagon fans!

    • eddysamson

      Nice cat castle you’ve got there haha

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        Thanks, it’s my wife’s cat, but this is her safe haven from my dogs. You can’t challenge my love of the Celtics or animals!

        • KGino

          I don’t question your passion, I question your knowledge and understanding.

          If KG & Pierce retire with us, we lose our two BIGGEST contracts.. which allows us to sign someone GREAT to a BIG contract.

          Trading them now only gets us crappy market value in return and doesn’t free up as much $ in the future as letting them retire in green would… so by jumping the gun now, you’re setting us backwards FARTHER than if you just let them retire with us!

          Also, from one long time Celtic fan to another.. how can you even think about trading KG? Red may have held on to his stars too long, but that didn’t stop us from being the All Time winningest franchise (championships wise) in SPORTS HISTORY.

          After that interview with KG the other day.. and knowing that trading him now doesn’t even necessarily make us better off in the future.. how can you want to trade him? There’s a CODE for being a Celtic that you must have missed somewhere in the last 30 years.

          Red would roll over in his grave if we traded KG for the shit players involved in the rumors.

        • I bleed green in L.A.

          And yes I love the cat, but she’s getting old, and I would trade her for a Boston terrier puppy in a heartbeat

          • eddysamson

            Hell yes Boston Terriers! If only they were Green and White haha.